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Sign: to bring down a cat by car

Sign: knocked the cat on the car

Since the time of the ancient Egyptians, the cat tribe was perceived by man, almost as a representative of otherworldly forces. Mysticism and all sorts of omens surrounded these graceful animals, it was believed that the human body and soul can be properly healed only with the help of feline «therapy.»

There were ancient texts that claimed that these mammals can move in both worlds, living in parallel.

Even in Russian folk tales, the legendary Baba Yaga always had a black cat in her hut on chicken legs. Based on such serious beliefs, it is clear that the omen to knock down a cat in a car does not promise the unlucky driver anything good, even if he has no doubt that everything happened by chance.

Sign: to bring down a cat by car

Do not harm the sacred animal

If a cat was credited with tremendous power in suppressing the negative energy of any home, what to speak of the heavenly punishment for someone who directly or indirectly wanted to take away her life:

  • there is a sign that a dying cat needs a few moments before dying, to send evil forces on the driver, who himself or by chance took her life;
  • according to various documents that have come down to us such a punishment was valid for a period of 3 to 7 years, during this time, the driver had serious problems, a black line was advancing in his life;
  • among drivers there is a very persistent sign, everyone knows her who at least once sat behind the wheel of a car — if you knock down a cat, then the dog will be knocked down by you, and then the person will turn;
  • it is clear that such terrible consequences will not be in vain for the culprit of an accident with an animal, so motorists are always closely watching the road, trying to skip ahead not only cats, but also dogs.

Such a sign has its justification, mobilizes the driver, who may not be attentive at the wheel, chat on the phone, look at billboards with advertising at the curb or be not particularly mobilized before the «zebra».

Sign: to bring down a cat by car

From the sex of the animal depends — from which side to wait for the misfortune

There is a great variety of signs that strictly share the consequences of the most different nuances in the process of knocking down an unfortunate animal with a driver who is being harassed:

  • if crushed cat — it means that the motorist is waiting for serious disappointments from his beloved woman or simply from the fair sex;
  • in the case when the asphalt is cat — Disorders, with all the ensuing consequences, should be expected from a man from your inner circle.

In general, knocking down a mammal on the road should, at a minimum, alert the driver because now it is necessary to closely monitor the phenomena occurring around you.

Sign: to bring down a cat by car

Other signs refer us to cases where a woman or a wedding procession turns out to be the cause of the accident:

  • beautiful avtoledi at the wheel, but here’s the annoyance, an innocent animal dies under the wheels — it means that a motorist is on the way an insidious and malicious rival, and even a candidate for the position she occupies if she is a successful business woman. After such a characteristic accident, it is necessary to pay more attention to the beloved man — what the hell is not joking;
  • in the accident is the car where the bride and groom — The sign is even worse, because in this case the young family has only a few days left to be.

Of course, the interpreters do not get tired of reminding about this, a sign is like a weather forecast: it may or may not come true. And if a young family will be careful and attentive to each other, live in peace and understanding, then they will not be afraid of any black sign!

Sign: to bring down a cat by car

What color is the color of the cat — such is the sign waiting

As a rule, interpreters and the majority will accept not particularly picky in numerous colors of the animal, only white or black prevail — with all the predictions that follow:

  • black knocked down a cat on the road, there are no more spots and “tan” on the animal’s body — someone from your closest circle has attracted a woman, and tries, thus, to manipulate you;
  • white the animal is not so dangerous, some special signs are not foreseen here, however, no matter how insignificant the accident may seem, it is necessary to go to church and put a candle to the keeper, after that you can be calm;
  • Another sign associated with the cat “advises” the motorist if he does not feel guilty, just stop and think about your life;
  • spread animal on asphalt — Sign of Destiny that something is not quite right in your life, as the Almighty wants, so he sends a sign, and if you are going to meet with a friend — cancel the meeting, if you are going to make a purchase — wait, or even leave this venture;
  • Many interpreters agree that the sign of fate is not an accident, it is always a reason review their views on life, their plans for the near future;
  • One of the most radical ways offered by all sorts of magic books is to early sale of a car, burning a driver’s license and spending the remaining days in prayer, it is clear that an adequate person would hardly like such a scenario.

Sign: to bring down a cat by car

The most interesting way of “atonement for sins” in front of an undeservedly beaten animal was thought up by motorists themselves. After all, they, especially such professionals as taxi drivers or truckers, have in their sad experience not one or two ruined souls of animals.

Their advice is to buy a big stick of good sausage from time to time (favorite cat treat) and feed it to homeless four-legged people wandering around.

Judging by the allegations of quite serious «sources», this method works flawlessly.

There are also some more practical advice. Christians offer, without further ado, to carry out the rite of consecration of the car, which is important in connection with the abundance in the cabin of almost every car of all kinds of icons and amulets-amulets.

Motorists advise after an accident to stop immediately, go to the unfortunate cat and listen — maybe the luckless animal breathes.

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