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Sign: to break a mirror

Sign: to break a mirror

Like cats, mirrors, in the view of our ancestors, are associated with superstitions about the other world. Ostensibly, they are the entrance to another dimension, where a world is hidden, full of secrets and a life that is completely different from our reality. It is this subject of everyday life, according to signs, restrains the penetration of demons and other evil spirits into our world.

It is clear that the sign to break the mirror at all times were associated with all sorts of trouble. However, the interpreters will consider that in some cases, cracks and fragments are not so bad.

Sign: to break a mirror

Never look in a broken mirror

In itself, a mirror in everyday life is no different from other objects around us. But world history knows many cases when mirrors attracted troubles, which then caused the collapse of lives.

Even small in size, it is fraught with great danger if you treat it carelessly.

All this is because, as the magicians and interpreters believe, will accept, this piece of glass absorbs and accumulates in itself energy, which can be, depending on the circumstances, positive or negative. In addition, psychics strongly recommend not to look into a broken mirror — this dooms a person to a shortage of his internal energy. And if it is broken, then it should be handled very carefully:

  • they do not look into a broken mirror so that they do not inadvertently come into contact with the dark forces of evil on the side of the glass;
  • long-livers are especially insidious, in which for many centuries whole generations of people looked — good and bad, in such mirrors there are concentrated tons of very different energy, and just looking at them can instantly destroy human life;
  • The best way to neutralize the destructive energy of broken glass is to place fragments in running water — this may be spring water or the most ordinary tap water;
  • finally, looking at a broken household item is breaking your own biofield.

You should not hesitate in the event that a pleasant case nevertheless occurred, whether it be a crack or splinters on the floor — it is urgent to throw them away, and plant a new one in place of the old mirror.

Sign: to break a mirror

Broken mirror condemns the whole family to unhappiness

If the mirror hangs in a house where a large family lives, then a broken one, it dooms to misfortune not only the one who became the culprit of this event, but also the one who looked into broken pieces, but also every member of the family:

  • the curse has been in effect for seven years, according to predictions;
  • it is believed that as a result of an accident, intangible creatures that are unfriendly by nature are breaking through the hole in our world from the thin shell;
  • Many psychics recommend simply not to use old items, so as not to tempt fate.

It is believed that the negative energy that has broken through — and this may just be negative, anger or serious curses — without finding a victim in its path, can be dispelled without any trace.

With this subject are associated not only sad signs, but also encouraging optimism:

  • a mirror broke — do not be alarmed, count the number of fragments, and if there were an odd number of them, soon a wedding will take place in the house;
  • a family member who is constantly looking in the mirror for a long time is ill — do not be lazy, break it and develop, thus, the image of the mask of suffering and torment that has been there for a long time, and after a quick period, the patient will be healed miraculously;

The interpreters will say that the effect of recovery will be the sooner, the sooner and more often you begin to look with a smile in a new mirror.

Sign: to break a mirror

How to get rid of the fragments, so as not to incur a new misfortune

With broken glass, jokes are bad. It is necessary to strictly adhere to a special procedure of actions in order not to have a double negative effect:

  • the fragments must be immediately collected, wrapped in something dark and impenetrable, and then thrown away somewhere far from the house;
  • special requirements are also placed on the broom, with which small fragments are swept away — it should be moistened with special consecrated water, usually stored in the house from Palm Sunday, Baptism, Easter or other major church holidays;
  • the fragments are collected strictly on white paper, there should be no talk at all;
  • It is best to take out the broken glass as far as possible from the house, stop, nine times utter a special conspiracy in a whisper and bury to the depth that is possible.

No matter how the events evolve, it is recommended to thank the household item that has scattered into fragments — then the negative immediately dissipates.

Sign: to break a mirror

How to escape from the impact of the evil forces released into the wild

Suspended for decades and centuries, the ancient mirror of psychics is rightly considered the dumb chronicler of history, which contains the energy of good and bad previous experience. Proper care makes the mirror kinder. And if you suddenly become ill — look into it is not recommended.

But when the mood is wonderful — be sure to look at yourself in the mirror image. The worst frame is rectangular, the optimal frame is round.

If, nevertheless, the household ones did not overlook, and the cherished object crashed, do not show panic. Then everything will pass without consequences:

  • do not collect fragments with bare hands;
  • if the place of the tragedy was wiped with a wet rag (recommended), then it should be thrown away;
  • the following procedure is carried out with a broom and a dustpan — they are tossed up three times, while the broom should be on the ground each time;
  • foil can be a good repository of negative energy, in which some recommend wrapping fragments;
  • burying the nodule should be so that the fragments «looked» down, it is very important;
  • choose for the «grave» a place where you will never come again.

Apparently, based on the need to flush the negative from the mirror with running water, some interpreters recommend drowning the bundle with fragments in a river or a deep stream.

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