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Sign: to bite tongue

Sign: to bite tongue

Our ancestors invented a huge number of different signs, beliefs and superstitions, each of which has its own sacred meaning and is able to tell about the events of the future. Since ancient times, it was common for people to pay attention to how pets behave, on the state of the environment, as well as on any events occurring around them.

All this helped to make a certain forecast.

As time progressed, more and more attention was given to the body: the nose was combed, the ears and cheeks glowed, the heel or hand itches, they bit our tongue — all this played a huge role for our ancestors. The sign of the bitten language has survived to the present day, we will try to deal with its detailed interpretation.

Sign: to bite tongue

What does it mean to bite the tongue during the meal

There is often a situation when a person bites his tongue hard while eating. Although you are unlikely to experience positive emotions in this case, it is a sign to hurry to console you: The Higher Forces simply send you a sign to shut up and not to carry the extra information out to avoid quarrels and troubles.

If someone bites the tip of the tongue, the belief says that the person is lying or planning to lie. Extreme caution should be exercised in dealing with the «injured» person and «keep your ears open.»

Other interpretations of this omen

There are many interpretations of the signs of bitten language. In one of its variants, this means that the person with whom the described trouble happened is amenable to regular discussion and slander.

Based on this, we conclude that such a person has a certain circle of envious spitters.

It may also happen that a small pimple suddenly appears in the tongue, delivering strong pain. This is also interpretable and means that a person does not know how to control himself and, as the saying goes, “does not hold his mouth”, is distinguished by increased talkativeness.

It is worth being more restrained in expressing your feelings and emotions and not saying what you think, especially to unfamiliar people.

Sign: to bite tongue

When you know what the sign of the bite tongue means, you can protect yourself, as well as your inner circle from all sorts of troubles, as well as empty revelations in communication. You should never forget that absolutely every word dropped by you in the strength to play a very bad joke with you.

And the people around you do not always have the ability to keep other people’s secrets and are very often ready to blab out the information just received to all of their surroundings.

As a form of language is associated with a person’s character

Not everyone knows that the form of a language can tell a lot about the character traits of a particular person. This is verified repeatedly by a large number of people.

So, the owners of a broad language have a good nature and are ready to turn the soul inside out, if the need arises.

A narrow and elongated language, which sharpens towards the end, indicates that its owner (or owner) is far from being the most pleasant person to communicate, so it would not be superfluous to limit any communication with such a person. People with such languages ​​have an increased desire to spread gossip.

Sign: to bite tongue

Your partner bit your tongue

In this situation, the meaning of omens will not change at all. He will simply be transferred to your interlocutor.

It can mean the following:

  • you are facing a lie right now;
  • a person has just told you another gossip that hasn’t been confirmed;
  • your interlocutor is being actively discussed by other people right now — he is the object of slander;
  • In some situations, a bite tongue may indicate a carefully hidden excitement. Probably you like your buddy.

After reading the interpretation of omens, you should not immediately blame a friend in Krivodushia. You do not know, and suddenly he today visited the dentist and had not yet managed to move away from local anesthesia?

If something significant has sounded for you, try to double-check the information received for possible reliability.

Eliminate the bad effects of omens

If you want to stop the slander that happens behind your back, according to legend, you need to sprinkle your tongue with hot pepper or salt. It should be noted that this idea seems not quite humane, especially if you bit yourself to blood.

It is much more effective to rinse your mouth with a decoction of chamomile or hypericum and attach a piece of ice to the injured area. And another sign will help you to eliminate enemies — you need to take a rope or string and tie a strong knot on it.

Judging by the reviews, omen really works well.

If you constantly bite the tongue, it is worth fighting with increased talkativeness and learning to control what was said. This skill will be very useful for you, even if you put all the signs far to the side.

But, of course, we should not forget that in our world quite often there is such an elementary thing, called ordinary chance. It is likely that our body, the Higher Forces and the so-called fate regularly try to give us signs and direct us to move along the most correct route. It will not be superfluous to pause at times and listen to these signals, analyzing your behavior with the environment.

But in some cases, a bitten tongue is just a bitten tongue. Therefore, it is necessary to refrain from extremes and to observe the measure in everything.

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