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Sign: three-colored cat in the house

Sign: three-colored cat in the house

Cats are considered mystical animals, with which many will be associated. Everyone is afraid of a black cat running across the road, they consider this a bad omen. In fairy tales, Baba Yaga certainly lived a black cat.

And what does the sign mean: tricolor cat in the house? Fortunately or not?

Let’s see what the interpreters of the people will take in different countries.

Sign: a three-colored cat in the house

Tricolor cats in the house — fortunately

It is believed that the tricolor (tortoise) cat brings happiness to the house, especially if the selection of colors corresponds to white, red and black. The listed colors have the following interpretation:

  • white — is a symbol of purity;
  • black — absorbs negative energy;
  • red — brings prosperity, prosperity and happiness to the house.

Tortoiseshell cats are not such a rarity, it is more difficult to find a tricolor cat. If you managed to become a happy owner of a rare talisman, consider that fortune will always be addressed to you.

According to the testimony of the owners of tricolor cats, they always had money in the house. If someone tried to harm family members, they immediately received punishment from fate.

The tortoiseshell cat is a living protective talisman for its owners.

Cats in Japan

The inhabitants of the country of the Rising Sun are especially respectful of cats. Tourists from all over the world bring home the famous maneki-neko statuettes, symbolizing a white cat with specks.

The movable foot of the maneki-neko is mounted on a special spring: the cat lures happiness and luck into the house. Figures are placed immediately at the entrance to the house.

In Japan, maneki-neko can be seen not only in private houses, but also in cafes and restaurants: they lure visitors.

Some maneki-some figures hold a pink or gilded pearl in their paws — it is believed that the talisman is able to increase the financial flow and open up additional sources of income. There are also talismans designed to protect the health of its owner and increase life expectancy.

Sign: three-colored cat in the house

Wedding Signs

From ancient times tricolor cat is considered the patroness of the family hearth. If a homeless beauty with a tortoise coat suddenly appeared in the yard, then the wedding is just around the corner.

If a tricolor cat sneezes while dressing the bride, then family life will be prosperous and happy. Even the mere presence of a cat next to the bride promises happiness and harmony in relationships with her beloved.

Wedding signs belong not only to the fair sex, but also to a strong half of humanity. there is sign of a quick marriage.

If the guy drinks the last glass from the bottle during the feast, and a three-colored cat will sit under the table — he will certainly marry until the end of the year.

Not many people know the rite to be performed after this event. A father or elder brother should pour milk into a bowl for the kitty and say: “Milk to you, and (name of boyfriend) good wife”.

Mystic abilities of cats

According to popular beliefs cats are brownie helpers. However, brownies do not accept all cats, but only those whose coat color is the same color as the owner’s hair.

Therefore, tricolor cats are considered happy — her coat matches any hair color.

The most famous helper of the brownie was Cat Bayun. This mystical animal was marked by two spots of different shades on the back. Cat Bayun guarded the dream of his masters, especially cared for a quiet sleep of young children and drove away the Night Night.

Parents always asked Bayun about protecting babies in a dream.

At this, Bayun’s magical abilities did not end there — he knew how to tell fairy tales, direct a wraith on evil people and avert his eyes. The cat had clairvoyance and foresight: he could tell what was happening hundreds of miles from home.

There is one condition when you are given kittens of any color — by all means give the donor a penny or a ruble. If this is not done, the kitty will not be able to carry energy into the house of well-being. The symbolic board opens up a mystical channel, guided by a tricolor cat.

It is believed that magical power has the tip of the cat’s tail.

The owner, in whose house a three-colored cat lives, may have clairvoyance. This was repeatedly noted: the cat promotes the opening of the third eye. When a cat rubs against the owner’s legs, it shares astral power with it — this is how esotericists think.

The aura of the cat is so large that it covers the whole house and the territory adjacent to it.

Cats can exorcise the ghost or the lost soul of a deceased person. Also cats can cast out evil spirits, However, the owner must help the tail in this difficult task — to read a prayer over the place where it shows signs of anxiety.

Sign: three-colored cat in the house

Other signs

If the first three-colored cat is launched into the new house, prosperity and well-being will come along with it to the house. The cat is the conductor of these energies.

Not only the cat is the carrier of the energy of well-being, but also its offspring. If the tortoiseshell cat gives birth to a red and black kitten in one litter, then the black one should be left in the house.

This kitten is able to heal those living in the house from various diseases and banish evil spirits.

  • If the cat is washing, it means guests will come soon.
  • If the cat stretched towards you, wait for a new thing.
  • The tricolor beauty curled up — wait for bad weather.
  • The cat has a fluffy tail — to be a blizzard.
  • Three flowers licks itself against the coat — to bad weather.

Especially happy is the sign of a stray three-colored cat. If fate brought this beauty to you, take three white coins to the crossroads — it will be something for the happiness that has come to your house.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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Sign: three-colored cat in the house

The fact that a three-haired cat in the house brings happiness — everyone knows. I had such a case in my life. Six years ago, a three-haired cat began to ask us to our home.

My husband is not a big fan of cats. At first we just fed her.

And then she settled with us. I note that she went to the toilet on the street. Problems with the cat did not know. Two years later we bought an apartment.

And we were very surprised that the cat calmly moved the move. And I also went to the toilet outside, despite the fact that we lived on the 5th floor.

I accompanied my daughter to school in the mornings, went with us to the forest. In short, she was following us everywhere.

We could not enjoy our beauty. But after six months of living in a new apartment, she began to trickle. The husband did not suffer for a long time and removed the cat.

Since then, we have no street cat took root. With the birth of a son, our daughter persuaded us to buy a gray kitten. To our surprise, there were no problems with it.

From the first day I began to go to the toilet. And the son guards better than me, even in the bathroom with him washes.

The only thing — with that cat, our life was in bright colors. and now it has become some kind of gray and every day is similar to the previous one.

Sign: three-colored cat in the house

For more than seven years, the three-flower-baby has arrived. We then had two. I didn’t want to take this one, but I was sorry.

The toilet understood, affectionate, it was a good girl. Seven years have passed, those cats are no longer alive, and our tricolor lives with us, and even two cats have already been given adults nearby. Last year, changed their place of residence.

Now tricolor tray does not understand. Already three trays are in different places, but poops nearby.

And where to go? We tolerate, we remove. Now pribludilas smoky-white-pink.

Month lives with us. Little, it was about two months when we came to us, wept loudly under the porch. My heart could not stand it.

But she also leaves next to the pile. What is it?

It is a pity to throw out the street. She is so fragile and not at all street. She will not survive there, even if I feed her near the entrance.

I feed a dozen of them under the porch and see how some take root, while others die, the contingent is constantly changing. And it’s not true that cats have 9 lives. Those who write are not related to them.

Cats perish from cars, from dogs, and from teenagers, because the gullible ones are very. A separate topic. For forty years, cats and cats have lived in our home.

There were tortoiseshell, and red, and white, and Siberian, and gray, and black and white, but none of them got up to it. The tray knew exactly, some even went to the toilet.

So I was disappointed with three flowers. I already several times in different years picked up small three flowers, but then I added them to the private sector due to ignoring the tray. And it is impossible to teach them …

Sign: three-colored cat in the house

All truth about tricolor cats. We lived with a girl in a rented (then still) apartment.

The three-colored cat has arrived. Because I then worked very hard, and the future wife was engaged in housekeeping, they decided to take to brighten up her loneliness while I was working.

As described in the signs, we soon signed, life and material began to gradually improve. Now I work less, I have more time for my family.

The circle of interests has changed. He began to put a lot of effort into the implementation of plans and hobbies that had long interested me.

Tricolor cat — fortunately and to luck … Our Musya goes to the tray, but does not like when dirty. 5 years — regularly in a tray, although there were also a lot of moving and rental apartments.

I do not agree with the previous comment in this regard. All good.

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