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Sign: the pigeon hit in a window and flew away

Sign: the pigeon hit in a window and flew away

Of all the birds, it is pigeons that mostly fight through the windows, which often provoke panic attacks and various unpleasant thoughts in people. There are a huge number of signs associated with birds, with many of them differing in their opposite interpretations. A very interesting sign when the pigeon hit the window and flew away.

The time has come to find out what she is able to foretell you and what news you need to prepare for.

Sign: the pigeon hit in a window and flew away

Interpretation of omens

Our ancestors believed that every bird flying into a dwelling has its specific purpose.

So, for example, magpies on their long tail bring news, and owls testify to the imminent tragic death of someone from the family members into which they fly. There are also several options for interpreting the belief about a dove that beats out the window:

  • if very recently (less than 40 days ago) died close for you a man, in the shape of a pigeon his not repentant soul could appear to you. If you believe you accept, then in this case a pigeon with colorful wings or a snow-white dove will fly;
  • black dove, who frantically beats the glass, points to bad news;
  • if the pigeon behaves calmly — walks on the windowsill, while not showing anxiety, this may indicate news that will not give you negative emotions, but at the same time be sure to surprise.

The bird hit the window at work

It may be a situation that your workdays will be disturbed by the appearance of a pigeon in the window. What is it for?

Many people are quite skeptical about such an event, not seeing any mystical sense in it and, on the contrary, considering it a warning about the upcoming changes.

Those who believe in omens about birds claim that the white dove that has appeared foreshadows good news. The black pigeon hitting the window and flying away at once indicates a problem in the working area, a possible reduction.

Sign: the pigeon hit in a window and flew away

Death pigeon that hit the window

Sometimes there is such a sad end to this situation, which can not but suggest bad thoughts about future events. A superstitious person will necessarily interpret this as a bad sign and a forerunner of very bad news.

Skeptics immediately begin to look for logical explanations of such situations and will come to the conclusion that the pigeon simply did not notice the window glass and crashed into it.

Whatever it was, if you saw the death of a pigeon and are very worried about this, be sure to pray to the health and well-being of your loved ones, thereby taking away possible troubles from yourself.

Parallels from the parallel world

Our ancestors believed that a dove was the soul of a deceased person. And if she suddenly appeared to you in the guise of a bird, you should pray for soothing the deceased and order Sorokoust in the church (you can just put a candle for the rest).

This belief is due to the fact that the pigeon since ancient times is a biblical bird. It was the pigeon who brought Noah and his family the good news of the imminent salvation during the Flood.

Sign: the pigeon hit in a window and flew away

At the beginning of the last century, the dove symbolized world peace, and its image was associated with the May holidays. Oral folk legends associate a couple of birds with lovers, so there is another sign that a pigeon creasing near the window may indicate a quick fight or separation from a loved one.

If the bird hit the glass, but is not in a hurry to fly away, you should not show aggression towards it. Watch carefully what will be the behavior of the feathered herald.

It is likely that it will make for you a kind of sign from above.

If a dark-colored bird desperately fights through the window, emaciated it speaks of bad news, you must be morally prepared for possible trouble. The wizards advised at this time to seek help from the depths of their subconscious, which would answer whether it was a mere coincidence, the folly of a bird, or a message from parallel worlds.

It is very bad if a pigeon beats on the glass before the appearance of blood — soon a person will be sick, even the death of a close relative is possible.

If the dove hurt itself

Also noteworthy is the appearance of a pigeon that beats strongly against the window and breaks the glass. Although this is a belief, if skeptics are to be believed, it goes far back in time, because today, strong windows are usually installed in homes.

If a bird hit the glass and lost a lot of its feathering — this sign has a certain number of interpretations:

  • there will be significant changes that divide your life into “before” and “after”, you will have to go through a lot of things and it’s likely that your outlook on life will change a lot
  • should prepare for bitter regret and disappointment
  • Get ready for the distant news that will make you jittery.

To believe or not to accept the dove is only your own business. No one has the right to impose their beliefs on another person, but in any case, it will not be superfluous to at times listen to popular wisdom, carefully preserved for centuries and carefully transferred from one generation to the next.

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