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Sign: the pigeon flew into the window of an apartment or house

Sign: the pigeon flew into the window of an apartment or house

City dwellers are not used to the fauna. We try to drive out harmful insects and rodents from their homes, with polite neutrality with birds.

A sign when a pigeon flew through the window — mostly unkind, and not only because of the alertness of modern man regarding wildlife, but also according to popular belief.

Sign: the pigeon flew into the window of an apartment or house

Birds in the people (not only in ours) are considered to be the souls of the dead or at least their attorneys, heralds from the afterlife. news from there Of course, they may be good, but they are mostly connected with death, and it is difficult for her to come up with a positive interpretation.

In addition to death, birds, and pigeons in particular, promise a change of status, news of various kinds, warn of disasters and inform you that some of the deceased relatives have not been properly remembered for a long time.

Nuances and interpretations

A pigeon can carry very different messages, from enrichment to fire, from happy news to marriage. Determining what this particular pigeon meant by flying into your apartment window will be a close look at it:

And, of course, your reaction, the thoughts that first came to mind at the sight of a feathered guest. The news that the pigeon promises will most likely be related to what has recently been tightly occupied by your mind. A noisy bird that has flown through the window of the house will frighten anyone, but if the pigeon’s visit has left for a long time anxiety or depression, most likely he was no good.

If you (or children who feel other-worldly thinner than adults) delighted, interested — a sign, probably benevolent.

Signs of good

Sign: the pigeon flew into the window of an apartment or house

Taking a pigeon who has flown into the house for a good sign was begun not so long ago. This is due to Christian influence (the pigeon is a symbol of the Holy Spirit and divine will), the famous «Picasso Dove» and simply reducing anxiety of people about wildlife, will accept the misfortunes that they, of course, predict. Life has become easier, omens have become happier.

Besides, pigeons are now a frequent wedding attribute.

  • White wedding dove flying out the window — a sign soon good news. True, not necessarily related to marriage as such. White doves are found among wild ones, how do you know that “yours” flew away from the wedding? Unlike free colleagues, they are well-fed, well-dressed, well-groomed, often with ornaments on the neck and legs.
  • The pigeon who has got into the room to the unmarried girl hints at her marriage soon. Sign with this stretch can be called good. Not everyone is planning a marriage, but for those who are planning, marriage does not necessarily bring happiness. By the way, the pigeon predicts nothing to young men, be they three times single.
  • But definitely a good sign — a pigeon that flew into the house and calmly sat on some surface. This sign promises wealth.
  • Everyone knows that the bird «surprise» from a height — Luckily. It also works with a pigeon that has flown into the house. But dirt on the floor or windowsill is not considered a sign.
  • If a pigeon flew into a house and hit someone, it promises a person success in case there were no injuries. Notice if there is a bruise.
  • Good news and prosperity a pigeon that flew into a house with a branch or leaf in its beak.

Signs of misfortune

The pigeon bears all that predictive load, as the whole bird species. Herald of death, catastrophe and disease, which warn all seeing the departed relatives — his long-standing role.

  • The dove that has flown into the house and is behaving restlessly foreshadows misfortune
  • Dead dove in the house — only a bad omen. The pigeon flew through the window and died — to family deaths, illness.
  • A pigeon flying into a room with a sick man predicts deterioration and slow recovery.
  • Before flying into the window, a pigeon was pounding on it, or was hitting glass, unable to find its way back — to seriousfailures. Especially if there is blood on the glass.
  • The dove inside crashed into a man with traumatic consequences — a sign that follows be very careful about traveling, transport trips and especially flights. If you are already tormented by a bad feeling about flying by plane — it is better to move it.
  • Pigeon scares animals and children, scares himself, does not find a place for himself — to possible of poverty either to the fact that dead relatives are dissatisfied with something.
  • The pigeon flies into the house not for the first time, has a habit of knocking before it into the glass — it warns about fire, gas leakage, house damage. It’s time to check when the insurance for the apartment expires.

Balcony — a separate conversation

Sign: the pigeon flew into the window of an apartment or house

There are nuances here too. The pigeon flew onto the balcony — a slightly different sign than if he were right in the room.

The balcony is not considered part of the house (when the majority thought out, the balconies did not exist at all), so all the signs that the pigeon would otherwise bring are either not considered or it is worth dividing them into two. Great luck turns into a moderate, death — into trauma or a non-serious illness, marriage — into an easy affair.

But if the balcony is quite residential and is considered to be another room, you should pay attention to it.

What to do to eliminate the bad effect of omens?

To ward off misfortune and not to hurt otherworldly messengers, you need to perform several actions:

  1. Bring the pigeon out on the street without damaging the wings and paws. Best of all, if he takes off himself. If he fails in any way, it is worth catching him, be sure to wear gloves: do you remember about the “flying rats”?
  2. In no case do not harm the bird and do not let the animals kill it. Cats — big lovers deal with pigeons.
  3. The window in which he flew, wash with diligence (and detergent), especially if there is blood left. Do the same with all surfaces where the pigeon was sitting. A question and protection from bad signs, and hygiene.
  4. Air out the room where the pigeon flew.
  5. Believers — to remember the dead relatives and friends in the church.
  6. About the insurance on the apartment mentioned for good reason. It’s time to check it out, as well as your health and the condition of the family car. To the responsible people of misfortune less stick.

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