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Sign: the fish jumps out of the water

Sign: the fish jumps out of the water — it will be sunny tomorrow!

The expression “like a fish in water” appeared due to the fact that man does not possess the ability to move under water as efficiently as freshwater, sea and oceanic representatives of the Earth’s fauna do. Meanwhile, man and fish are somewhat united by the ability to jump, including in length and in height.

And if a person has motivations to move in this way — a myriad, the behavior of fish is more predictable, although not as well studied as we would like.

Sign: the fish jumps out of the water

Anxiety and jumping — to a thunderstorm, rain or a general change of weather

Let’s watch together the swift movements of our smaller brothers, especially since they are truly flawless and beautiful in their natural appeal:

In all the observations, the restless behavior of the fish was considered to be a precursor of a change in the weather or simply its deterioration:

  • even for aquarium fish, the manifestation of anxiety is associated with the expectation of bad weather;
  • by the same example, decorative catfish behave before thunderstorms, but they remain immobile for a considerable time, and then begin to fussily rush from one corner of the aquarium to another, occasionally rapidly rising to the surface.

In wildlife, the behavior of fish jumping out of the water is more diverse. First of all, it is necessary to dwell on the signs that explain such jumps — swift in their beauty:

  • any fisherman can fool around, predicting the weather, because if the fish just splashes on the surface, it portends good weather, and if the rain approaches, the air becomes more humid, the wings of the insects grow heavy, and they descend to the water itself, where the upper head starts to catch, chub, ide, asp and other fish of the carp family;
  • accordingly, by the approach of rain, one can judge its intensity, if prolonged bad weather is expected, the midge descends to the surface itself, and if it rains lightly, the fish jumps higher.

Such behavior is not typical of all freshwater inhabitants of river and lake depths.

Sign: the fish jumps out of the water

Jumping exotic species of fish — a fascinating sight

In the world there are many breeds of fish, whose jumping over the surface of the water in sunny clear weather is a beautiful sight:

  • the shooter fish catches its prey by shooting at the “target” with a water jet, as well as in a dizzying vertical jump;
  • in the branches above the surface, jumping out and curving in the shape of the letter S, the Arovan fish fishes for itself;
  • jumps of flying fish, dipterans and four wings, cause the particular delight; in this species, the ventral fins hypertrophied into wings;
  • the inhabitants of African rivers feel great in jumping over water, bow-and-butterfly fish and some kind of hatchet deliver true pleasure.

Sign: the fish jumps out of the water

Salmon spawns — bear waits for prey

In the regions of the Far North, as well as Siberia and the Far East, there is a different type of jumping over the surface of the water. The rivers here are different, large and small, and in all the waters in the period before spawning a red fish salmon rises to the shallow mouths:

as well as the beauty of fresh water — the queen-salmon. The principle of this annual journey is to find a quiet shallow stream with running water and sweep caviar. In many kilometers of wanderings, schools of fish overcome huge obstacles, making wonderful jumps over dams and stone ridges.

This beautiful sight patiently watches the bear, as well as other taiga predators. Climbing into the water, the clumsy bear hunts for the salmon jumping out of the water — he suppresses his paw, and then with claws tows the prey to the shore.

Sign: the fish jumps out of the water

The fish went wild — you have to wait a few sunny days in a row

In general, the revival on the surface of large and small fish is a guarantee of long-lasting excellent weather:

  • such a sunny day — and not one — happens if large freshwater specimens move to the very edge of the coast, during these periods you can successfully catch the “big fry” with ordinary float tackle with a spinning reel;
  • often in fine days one can observe how a fish jumps out of the water, speaking about the presence of predators, and for the fisherman it’s time to uncover the spinning;
  • Perch hunt by a brigade of several fish, they “by the whole team” are driving a flock of fry, which, like splashes, crumbles in small jumps on the surface, trying to sneak out of the greedy mouth of the striped hunchback;
  • the traditional inhabitant of the Volga asp also hunts collectively, driving the fry, but in this case the predators themselves jump out of the water, setting the motion vector; spinningists are guided by such bursts;
  • an active “rampant” above the surface is characteristic of a fast-moving chub, this strong sporting fish hunts for insects by jumping out of the water, it’s time to throw fly fishing gear or a regular float rod with a grasshopper or a fly on a hook.

In general, observing zhor of various breeds of fish in close proximity to the surface, one can say: the fish rejoices at life, showing this feeling with delightful jumps.

Sign: the fish jumps out of the water

«Candles» of carp and carp — to the active bite of fish

The same carp or carp, if good weather is expected, does not limit itself in the expression of emotions. Jumping over the surface of the water of this strong, sporty fish by themselves cause a storm of positive emotions:

  • at such moments preceding, according to signs of fishermen, excellent biting, the fish accelerates in the upper layers of the reservoir, and then with a force, like a powerful torpedo, appears above the water edge, the jump is accompanied by abundant splashes and a characteristic “pop” at the moment of contact of the body with the surface;
  • such jumps are called “candles”, and if there is a massive “view” on a river, reservoir or lake, you should soon wait for the active carp of a carp or its domesticated counterpart — carp.

Of course, with this expected great sunny weather, with a slight breeze.

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