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Sign: the button was torn off

Sign: the button was torn off

Should we believe the national signs? Since ancient times, people believed that there was no chance.

Everything has its own pattern and basis. If a button on clothes is cut off or lost, then higher forces warn of some kind of event. What can happen?

Consider the topic — a sign: a button has come off. For good or trouble?

Sign: the button was torn off

Mystical significance of buttons on clothes

What does the button have to do with mysticism? It turns out the most direct: it symbolizes the protection of man.

When we fasten a coat or shirt, buttons play a locking protective role.

If the clothes suddenly unbuttoned, it means that the button did not cope with its task or performed it. In this case, it is believed that the protection on the person has weakened, and he may be subject to a magic blow — damage or to the evil eye.

In ancient times, buttons served as talismans, which protected people against evil. To do this, it was necessary to sew a button from the inside of the clothes so that it was near the heart.

The location of the threads when sewing buttons also mattered:

  • threads in the form of a square — to mental equilibrium;
  • threads in the form of a cross — to health, longevity;
  • I-shaped threads for luck and good luck.

On the button did a love spell. To do this, it was necessary to secretly sew it to the clothes of a husband or loved one. If it was found or torn off, the love spell lost its power.

Hence, signs about the negative impact of a torn button on a person’s life originate.

On the clothes of the deceased, on the contrary, all the buttons were unzipped., so that the soul can freely part with the body. It was believed that any clasp on the garment of the deceased keeps him in the world of the living.

In antiquity, the deceased made a special shroud by moving the needle away from itself, without knots on the threads.

Sign: the button was torn off

Signs on the days of the week

People have noticed the relationship between the day of the week and the torn off button. It is noteworthy that the interpretation is not always negative: sometimes a torn off button foreshadows good.

Over time, well-established signs about this event:

  • Monday — to favorable events, you can safely implement the plans.
  • Tuesday — to good luck in love, you can safely put up with your loved one.
  • Wednesday — to a quarrel with a friend: the event happened in the morning — you start a quarrel, in the afternoon — a friend will be the initiator, in the evening — to an empty quarrel.
  • Thursday — all hopes will come true without fail.
  • Friday — to treason between lovers.
  • Saturday — to the alarming news.
  • Sunday — to meet a new person who will become a good friend.

Bad omen is considered to lose a black button — it portends separation from your beloved. Day of the week does not matter.

Button color

Folk beliefs determine the value of a torn off button according to its color:

  • Bright color symbolizes the desire for higher worlds, spiritual development, and also foreshadows the end of trouble;
  • white color symbolizes the purity of thoughts — if you miss it, think about it;
  • black color — you lack optimism, do not dramatize events.

If a button is torn off

What does this event mean? In the people it is considered that a button, accidentally cut off by another person, speaks of his good intentions towards you.

If the button was in the hands of a person during the discussion of joint affairs or plans — they will be successful.

If you accidentally tore off a button of an unfamiliar person — he will soon become a reliable friend or a great business partner.

Sign: the button was torn off

Other signs about buttons

If the button comes off, wait for significant events in your life. The button fell into the water — the events will be positive, the button fell to the ground — to the obstacles on the way.

If the button has come off at a wedding celebration, event foreshadows harmony and happiness in family life.

If a button hung on a string, but did not come off — a person is not free in his choice and thoughts, something oppresses and restrains him.

Happy is the sign of the loss of buttons, which made a wish — it will soon be fulfilled.

Failure promises a button that came off in the morning — you will stick in the wheel. Even if you sew the buckle into place, the day will still be unsuccessful.

If a the button flew off in the evening, The next day will go down the drain — everything will fall out of hand, starting in the morning. However, this sign concerns small troubles, it does not promise global change.

Good changes promise button torn off on the eve of the New Year — happiness awaits you. However, one should not make a talisman out of it — the button should be thrown away, and another one should be sewn in its place.

Find a torn off button on the road — soon there will be a long journey. Pick up a button can not be — it will bring on you big problems.

The color of the found button has its own meaning: white — to the good news, black — to the sad news, green — to the money.

If the clasp is lost — Wait for the attack of detractors. Someone is plotting against you intrigues and intrigues.

If a button is lost, but there is no spare button, you should determine the direction of the path, identify life priorities and the system of values.

Button lost unknown where — you miss something important in life because of your carelessness.

The button came off in a dream — you underestimate the importance of any initiative. That it will bring success and benefits in the future.

A dream also foreshadows the onset of a new phase of life, a new turn of events.

What if there was a trouble with a button? A sign warns not to make any changes. You just need to wait for a favorable time to resolve pressing issues.

For example, it is possible to postpone the signing of a contract to the next day, or not to ask for a wage premium from the chief today.

Remember the important: thought is material. Try to move away in thoughts from the bad, so as not to double the problems in life.

Even with a bad interpretation of omens, it may not come true or be partially fulfilled. There is such a belief: a torn off button promises good luck in the current day.

What signs to stick to is up to you.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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