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Sign: the bird ran into a window

Sign: the bird ran into a window

Since ancient times, the belief that birds are the living personification of the souls of those who lived before and went into another world is in circulation. Therefore, the sign that the bird crashed into the window, most interpreters of superstition correlate with this wording.

Hence the opinion: in itself, the bird is a carrier of information from otherworldly forces. However, the information may be about events that will soon happen in the world of people.

Let’s get acquainted with all sorts of variations of this signs.

Sign: the bird ran into a window

Heard the sound of a bird hitting glass — wait for the news

Any bird, by definition, mages and interpreters of superstition, is a herald. Since ancient times, when our ancestors in the pre-Christian era belonged to the pagans, various species of birds were venerated by the ancestors of the tribes. Then all the birds were divided into carriers of the dark (sparrows, crows and others) and light (swallows, pigeons, storks) forces.

As you can see, even now interpretations can gather a lot.

Let’s see how intricately these or other signs are explained today:

  • the sound of a bird hitting a window is heard — Signs good, kind, with a positive shade, you are waiting for great news;
  • exactly the same promises news of a speedy resolution of a long-standing problem or a long-standing issue;
  • after hitting the glass, the feathery herald flies into the house — this is very bad, such a sign promises a quick misfortune that will happen in your family.

Disorder in this situation will not help. Just be vigilant and be wary of everything, for the warned person is protected by armor of timely received information.

Sign: the bird ran into a window

Bad predictions of events, and how to counter them

Signs — this is a kind of predictions, warnings that are sent to us at the behest of Fate. Thus, a person gets an opportunity to better prepare for what may happen in the near future, for example:

  • the feathered herald who struck the glass does not want to fly away and winds nearby — a bad omen with a good subtext, she speaks of a possible bad event, but the bird herself is in a hurry to warn you about this so that you are vigilant and careful;
  • another sign of a feathered creature hitting a window and then penetrating it is interpreted in the house as soon as possible the news of the death of someone close to you, and possibly yours, especially if this creature is a swallow.

There is a very effective, from the point of view of the interpreters, counteraction to the development of events — the bird must be given food and drink, and then let it fly at will, in which case misfortune will bypass your house.

With such a “cure” for misfortune, another superstition is connected — that people who have free birds caught in all sorts of traps are languishing in a cage are not doing well. There are professional hunters who feed on such not quite decent work.

Keeping a caught bird is in itself an unclean thing. There are quite a few breeds that feel good at home.

So they should be purchased at pet stores, they are pleasant interlocutors, and with their singing they create a wonderful atmosphere in the house.

Sign: the bird ran into a window

What signs can lead you to unhappiness

If you picked up a bird on the street with a broken wing or it is a pigeon chick that fell out of the roof — take it home, feed it, heal it, and then let it go free. This will give you the opportunity to cultivate mercy and selflessness — the best human qualities, which are manifested with good signs:

  • a feathery herald made her nest next to your window, to which it flies up from time to time — an excellent sign, it means that your house has a positive, kind energy, and people live in it, filled with cheerfulness and happiness;
  • noticed a flock of crows circling over your house or noisy jackdaws — wait for diseases or lead a healthy lifestyle, so that the ailments are not terrible for you;
  • after the strike the feathered creature fell to the ground and broke — very bad, to misfortune or to the same diseases.

Sometimes we ourselves do not know which events can be interpreted as a good sign. «Littered» you flying in the height of a bird — you are annoyed, swearing. But this is a sign that soon a great happiness will knock at our house.

Sign: the bird ran into a window

From ill omen there is always a reliable «recipe»

You have noticed that a chirping bird slammed into the glass of your window. Show indulgence to the feathered creature, do not regard it uniquely negative and know in advance what to do in such cases:

  • first look — didn’t she hurt herself, if she needs help, if you need to — provide, feed, and then release to freedom;
  • carefully examine the window, and the place where the blow fell, be sure to wipe;
  • if there is a crack on the glass — as soon as possible, replace it with a new one, and get rid of the old one without delay;
  • very desirable to arrange after this incident a small feast for the birds outside the window, and it is desirable that they be of the same breed as the creature that visited you, just to make it as far as possible from your home.

It will not be superfluous to visit a spiritual temple, but choose a weekday for this, put a candle, say a word. Even if misfortune could not be avoided, you will gain confidence that you have tried to avoid it.

Sign: the bird ran into a window

Different breeds of birds carry different messages.

As follows from the division of all feathered creatures to their belonging to dark and light forces, news from different breeds of birds can be directly opposed:

  • Swift heard the sound of hitting the glass — Good news brought from your relatives and close people;
  • the same kind messenger sits on the windowsill and bangs his glass — Do not chase, he brought you your happiness, it may happen in the family replenishment;
  • blue tit rushing to your window with luck;
  • sparrow it is not worth complaining — to the loss of his visit
  • dove granted — the news of someone’s death carries.

It is necessary to show curiosity — and you will learn about a lot of new things about bird signs, and tell each one for yourself with benefit.

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