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Sign: the bird hit the window and flew away

Sign: the bird hit the window and flew away

When people lived closer to the forest and the field, clashes with fauna occurred more often. For city dwellers, a sign about a bird that hit the window and flew away is a little less relevant, but still needed.

What does she mean?

Sign: the bird hit the window and flew away

The most common transcript: a bird who knocks on the window foreshadows misfortune, diseases and even death in the House. Birds are considered to be messengers from the other world, souls of deceased relatives who want to warn about the disaster, and in some cases — messengers of angels with news.

The main thing is not to be frightened at once and not to start playing terrible scenarios in my head, but to recall:

  1. What was that bird?
  2. How did she behave?

Maybe it’s not so bad.

The nuances of signs about birds

The bird hit the window and flew away — definitely not such a bad sign, as if it had broken. So you can already relax a little.

Depending on the behavior of the bird, a sign may acquire a specific meaning (up to the opposite of the original bad):

  • A bird hitting the window to an unmarried girl foreshadows quick marriage. Marriage is not necessarily happiness, but in any case, better than guaranteed trouble.
  • If the bird hit the window of a standing car — the fact that you need to be more careful on the road, because ahead dangerous journey. Riding a car is better to slow down (and the birds will fight less often).
  • Easy, fearless one-time knock — to the arrival of guests.
  • The bird hit the window several times (but it didn’t remain a bit, but flew away) — again, getting married still unmarried inhabitants of the house. Unfortunately, birds do not bode well for unmarried young people.
  • Bird hit the window — to by misfortune. Especially if there is blood and feathers left.
  • Birds fight in the windows on a regular basis — to big trouble, which will affect not one house, but the whole neighborhood.

The most accurate sign works, if the birds behave like this for no reason. If a forest is cut down next to them, depriving them of their place, or the children drive flocks, or the house was recently built, and the birds did not have time to get used to it — most likely, they knock on the windows without special significance.

Different birds carry different messages.

Sign: the bird hit the window and flew away

There are few ornithologists among us, but somehow the pigeon is different from the tit. What kind of bird disturbed your peace?

It is important for the interpretation of omens.

  • Swallow promises good news, especially those who live far from rivers and swallows rarely sees.
  • Stork foreshadows pregnancy. A separate good sign — if the stork has not broken the glass, the bird is a hefty, heavy one. Most often gets in the way of cars.
  • Swifts also promise addition to the family, especially persistent, arriving day by day.
  • Tit brings promise success and money gain. The most joyful and harmless in terms of taking a bird.
  • The sparrow hitting the window hints at loss of money, robbery, deception. It may also portend important decisions that need to be approached judiciously and wisely, it is likely that you will be fooled and left with nothing.
  • The Dove is the famous envoy of the afterworld, his knock on the window foreshadows death in the house. Or, somewhat more comforting, though also unpleasant: the deceased relative is bored and wants to warn about the possible diseases.
  • The crow is also an otherworldly bird, and its appearance is associated with by death.
  • Forest birds that hit the window (cuckoos, owls with owls, woodpeckers) foreshadow disaster, the spread of infection, mass disasters. Especially if you live far from the forest.

How to deal with bad luck?

To mitigate the consequences, to prevent what the sign promises, you need to do the following:

  1. Thoroughly, to shine wash the window where the bird hit. Especially if her blood was left there.
  2. Replace cracked glass, without delay.
  3. Feed the birds. If you notice who paid an unexpected visit, find a cluster of these birds and feed them. Sparrows and pigeons are always a lot in the city, outside the city. This is believed to appease the spirits who sent the birds through the windows as a warning.

Sign: the bird hit the window and flew away

In addition, it is necessary to attend to the obvious:

  • Omen promises a disease — pay attention to health and stock up on medications. People with chronic diseases know perfectly well what should be in their first-aid kit.
  • The bird predicted financial losses — do not take loans, make decisions like paid studies or mortgages, do not give and do not borrow, do not participate in financial pyramids and suspicious projects. Even if the friend invites and gives a personal guarantee. Even with the «guaranteed» seductive profit.
  • Omen promised pregnancy — should protect yourself in reliable ways, if the child is not in your plans. And if he is long-awaited — then start lead a healthy lifestyle and take care of yourself.
  • The crashed forest bird frightened by the prophecy of a mass disaster — it’s high time at least in general terms think about what the family will do in case of fire, flood, epidemic. Being ready does not mean causing trouble, it means increasing your chances. And catastrophes happen without bird warning.

The main thing is not to panic, but just think a little about the future. It will calm, direct thoughts, and the horrors and sorrows that the bird has promised, most likely, will not come true.

Responsible people should already have everything ready and without signs.

Why do birds do this?

Birds have nothing against people (except when people prevent them from living), they do not plan to frighten them on purpose. And not every bird crashing into a window is a sign from above.

The fruit fermented on the branches is practically alcohol, and the birds eat them with great greed. A drunk bird is like a drunk driver, does not see where it is going, and does not have time to turn.

And on the way is your window.

An unexpected gust of wind may not give the winged creature a normal maneuver. Windy autumn?

Wait awkward birds. This is more a failure for them than a sign for the people.

High-rise buildings that are erected where birds have flown freely before have been particularly affected by knocking birds in the windows. Sooner or later the fauna will get used.

City pigeons, «carriers» of the most unpleasant option, signs, in general, the intelligence does not differ. It is also worth making a discount.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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