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Sign: the bird hit the window

Sign: the bird hit the window

Wildlife, unlike humans, has not lost touch with subtle matters. Sometimes, in a good mood, flora and fauna give clues to the person.

For example, a bird hit the window — a sign clear and well known for a long time.

Sign: the bird hit the window

The most widely known meaning is: misfortune and death. No matter what happened to the bird, our ancestors did not see anything good in the incident.

But if you look, the gloomy prediction will not be so frightening under certain conditions. Nature can be very specific and will indicate where to expect troubles, how to prevent, and sometimes no harm was meant. It all depends on:

  1. which bird hit the window?
  2. what happened to her?
  3. what kind of knock was it?

Memorized all the details — the lucky ones, your interpretation of the signs will be the most accurate.

It should be remembered that more than half of the signs of the Universe are more rational to attribute to natural circumstances. If the birds crash into the windows from time to time, the case is most likely in the place where the house was built, the air flows, and that the forest is felled across the road and entire flocks are being driven away.

The hint of higher powers is a sudden event with no obvious explanation.

Variants and interpretations

Birds, depending on specific beliefs (which differ from locality to locality very much) are messengers of God and angels, souls of deceased relatives and friends, heralds of the other world. Accordingly, the first thing that comes to mind when a bird knocks on the window — close death in the house.

But the news from the other world (or from the heavenly palaces — the choice of the interpreter), there are others.

It is also important which window the bird hit.

  • Knocked out the car window indicates the fate of the driver and passengers and predicts hazards in transit. Blowing a bird into a car is a danger in itself, especially if it is a stork weighing three kilos at a decent speed.
  • The bird hit the window of the house — it has something to say about the fate of the inhabitants of this dwelling. Also, a sign refers rather to someone who heard a knock and saw a bird, or else to the owner of the room, the window of which the bird chose as a target.

Each bird with its own value

Even a city dweller somehow distinguishes a raven from a swallow, and more is not required.

Sign: the bird hit the window

  • From the crows and start. Uniquely associated with death, the bird does not say anything good, only misfortunes, sickness and demise.
  • The dove, to which the souls of the dead often turn, also flew in to inform: dead relatives waiting to come. Or that they are bored. It’s time to remember them, otherwise the dead will be offended and sent diseases.
  • Sparrow as the most famous «thief» among birds predicts monetary loss, theft, deception. Keep your wallet closer to your body and do not trust “exclusive offers with a saving of 200%.”
  • The stork confirms its role as a carrier of children and predicts pregnancy. Joyful is news or terrible, depends on the chadoly of the owners and the readiness for addition.
  • Swallow — to news.
  • A white wagtail hit the window — a sign tears, yellow sign fun. To distinguish them by eye is very simple: yellow — bright, like a lemon, in contrast to the faded companion.
  • Tit hit the glass — a good sign, a promise happiness and income.
  • Swifts hit the windows — to addition to the family, like a stork.
  • Owls, owls, woodpeckers, cuckoos, other forest birds are very unhappy messengers, they predict epidemics, cataclysms with great sacrifices. It is worth remembering that the sign was created in those days when the disease walked non-stop and the epidemic was two years later the third.

The bird is broken

The unfortunate feathered creature and the owners of the house do not foretell anything good: the bird that crashed against the window severe illness. If this happens often, it is worth thinking: who wishes you harm?

Who could damage or curse?

The bird flew away

A soft, one-time knock that no one in the household scared, softens the meaning of omens. So, a pigeon quietly knocking on the window and immediately flying away is more likely a sign that close (living and dead) remember, than the promise of death.

If the bird hit the glass so much that it cracked — this Unfortunately. Even if she flew away after that.

The blood and feathers at the «crime scene» are not good.

The bird stayed and continues to knock

Sometimes it happens. A good way to understand what kind of news the bird has brought is to take the child to the window. How does he react?

It is believed that children thinner than adults feel supernatural and have a connection with the next world.

The child was scared — the bird reports misfortune. The child is calm or happy — the bird is with you good news.

Also, repeated knocking on the window means the speedy exit of unmarried inhabitants of the house. get married. It is not known whether it is a good omen or bad.

It doesn’t work with the young men: with persistence the bird digging towards them does not hint at the wife, but simply annoying.

How to proceed?

Whatever the fate of a person, he controls his behavior, and hence the consequences. What to do if a bad omen about a bird hitting the window does not allow you to live in peace?

  • Thoroughly, with detergent, clean the window. Let there be no trace!
  • To prevent incidents from recurring, remove all food from the window-sill — birds are beating through the windows in search of food. AND
    Sign: the bird hit the window

    it is better to temporarily hide the feeder from the eaves.

  • Replace damaged glass as soon as possible.
  • A dead bird must be buried as far from home as possible. Do not take it with your bare hands! Gloves are required, birds spread the disease no worse than rats.
  • Hang a red ribbon on the frame — it repels evil.
  • To ward off misfortune, go to the crossroads and pour a few coins on the ground: money absorbs energy, and you get rid of the bad.
  • For believers: go to the temple, sprinkle holy water on the house, pray and so on. The church will not accept (and cannot be responsible for countering them), but this is a good way to cope with anxiety.
  • Feed the birds — «cajole» the forces that they were sent.

In addition, it will not be bad to prepare for the fact that he promised the omen. Buy medicines and protect health, look after children and old people, be careful on the road.

Responsible people are not afraid of bad omens, but mobilize.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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