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Sign: the bird flew to the balcony

Sign: the bird flew to the balcony — what could it mean?

In real life, birds fly into the balcony only in two cases: in the summer — out of sheer curiosity, and in the winter — because of severe frosts. But the omniscient interpreters will consider that such meager formulations are few.

Therefore, it makes sense to take a broader look at the phenomenon under consideration and to give an explanation from the point of view of psychology and folklore.

Sign: the bird flew to the balcony

Is the phenomenon under discussion considered a sign from above?

There is a point of view, giving the interpretation of a feathered guest flown onto the balcony, as an omen of the heavens. At the same time, it is assumed that the bird among pagans and representatives of some other denominations is considered to be the envoy of friends or relatives who have already died.

They say such a phenomenon is the fact of an attempt to transmit news from the next world.

Sign: the bird flew to the balcony

Accordingly, people immediately have numerous questions, which we will try to analyze:

  • interpreters will unanimously shrug their shoulders on the question of whether this phenomenon is in itself good news or bad;
  • if the guest who has flown in has begun to walk along the balcony with a view of the hostess and still say something bird-like, it means that this person who lived earlier in this apartment gives a sign from the next world, they say, why don’t you remember about me;
  • such a question does not mean the need to panic or worry, you just need to order the appropriate service to the church officer — so that the soul may rest in peace;
  • some tend to explain this phenomenon by the imminent arrival of a family of sad news, such an interpretation is definitely negative, especially if the feathered guest “knocked” its beak on the glass before flying, they were literally asking for shelter.

Often, interpretation is mixed with everyday reality. It is well known that our ancestors divided all birds into birds with a bright soul (pigeons, swallows, storks) and dark birds (sparrows, ravens, owls), some of them were considered pagans by our ancestors. It is from here that the interpretation of birds originates as the personification of the souls of the deceased.

Say, if you go for such a bird that suddenly catches your attention, it can lead you to where its body now lives — to the other world.

Sign: the bird flew to the balcony

Dove for a single girl — a symbol of the wedding

No one can prove such a version with accuracy — just as there are no arguments that completely refute it. However, until now, we are beginning to feel at the mention of such a hypothesis an inexplicable fear or just a slight alarm.

And with her, we are trying to give an explanation to the fact of the bird on our balcony. Here are some examples for clarity:

  • A person may experience the most fright at the sound of a bird hitting the glass, in this case fear cools the soul — from where this unexpected messenger came, not from the world;
  • if a random pigeon appeared on the balcony (it is these birds that most often drop in on a person “at a light”), then it’s time for an unmarried girl in the family to get ready — a quick wedding is coming;
  • we should not forget that bird vision is not as “attentive” as human eyes, therefore they beat on the glass more often than a person can explain it;
  • another explanation for the unexpected pigeon is a secret sign from above that the apartment (or the house as a whole) is not threatened with fire;
  • the same dove, but already flown on the balcony with something in its beak (twig, feather or other object) is a symbol of future well-being.

We should not forget that there are many birds, and with different breeds. And each something means yes:

  • a swallow that knocked on glass or flew into the room — in any case, brought with it good news;
  • the same feathered guest brings with her the news of forthcoming luck and prosperity;
  • if not the visit itself, the swallows, then the small pebbles obtained in its nest will bring luck to their owner;
  • if the swallow flew into your house for the first time, hurry: the first one who saw it, who had time to wash with milk, and not ordinary water, will become handsome (or beautiful).

In other countries, judging by the signs, graceful swallows are not as friendly as in Russia. For example, the Irish believe that the blood of this cute bird is “enriched” with three drops of devilish blood.

And if this feathered guest knocked on the window to the Belgian, then this is a sign from a relative who had died before, informing that his soul had finally found a heavenly tranquility.

Sign: the bird flew to the balcony

In a dream to see a blue tit knocking on the window — to the arrival of guests

Dreams of flown birds are somewhat different from the interpretations of their visits in real life:

  • in case you had a dream in which a titmouse is knocking on your window, guests should be expected, in addition, this restless winter guest is a representative of the “light” feathered squad, and therefore personifies a whole bunch of excellent news;
  • infrequent, but still a guest on your forty-sill sill — like her fabulous prototype, she wears on the tail of the news about the soon visit of friends or relatives, and also, of course, gossip, besides, she “promises” the speedy end of the illness to the sick;
  • if a bird of another breed beats into your window — this is for the upcoming material costs, but small;
  • the personification of the dark force — the crow — the forerunner of the death of one of the family members, a different interpretation means to lead from the next world.

A crow flying onto a balcony rarely does it unconsciously. We should not forget that it is this bird in fairy-tale folklore that is a symbol of wisdom, and in life it is quite easy to train.

Many of our compatriots, knowing this firsthand, tame the birds. Therefore, crows who have flown to your balcony can be not only wise, but also tame.

That is why you should not worry in the case of an unexpected visit of a black-winged guest. The interpreters will authoritatively declare: not a single superstition applies to the hand bird.

But the crazy sparrow on the balcony is a bad sign, this is according to the legend of Christ. In pagan Russia, this bird was a symbol of the groom — young and beautiful.

Making a nest means a man will come, who will eventually become a son-in-law.

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