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Sign: the bird flew into the window

Sign: the bird flew into the window

A sudden encounter with the fauna meant a lot to our ancestors. They conveyed to us the conviction that nature knows more than man and is ready to share this knowledge through signs.

The bird flew through the window — a sign known, what does it mean for the owner of the house?

Sign: the bird flew into the window

The two most common values ​​are:

  1. Important news.
  2. Death.

Birds are considered to be ambassadors of otherworldly forces, heralds from the afterlife, or directly — the embodiment of souls who have left the body, and because the inhabitants that side know more than us, they want to share the news.

Variations signs

You should not be scared right away: in the most general case, a bird that has flown into a house means that relatives and friends from the other world want to convey something. Not necessarily bad.

At the same time, the bird that turned out to be inside the house will be recognized better than the bird that collides with glass.

The nature of the news varies depending on the relationship of man to the bird itself. Some are associated with bad, some, on the contrary, with good.

Much still depends on the behavior of the bird — and that is why signs of such different interpretations, up to the opposite.

Every bird has its message

Most often, birds that live near people, city, living in parks and fields, fly into the house. Chances are great that the birds will climb through the window if they are lured, and the feeder is right on the ledge.

If you have a bird flock there forever, the occasional guest drop-in has less to do with accepting and more — to the fact that they have to poke everywhere.

Sign: the bird flew into the window

True sign is obtained from a random, without any reason a bird flew through the window.

  • Crow carries news of death misfortune. A lot of negative associations “stuck” on it. Wild ravens portend death more accurately than domestic ones. A neighbor holds a house raven who has gotten into your habit — most likely, it means nothing.
  • Magpies promise gossip, unpleasant talk, rumors that adversely affect the good name of the owners or their loved ones. Maybe it’s about business reputation.
  • Jackdaw also hints at angry whispers behind your back, which is already underway or which is about to begin. Someone wishes you evil, bad attitude? It may be enough for him to curse the dirty ear, and this will lead to quarrels.
  • Cuckoo — to fire. Be careful! Forest birds, who visited a person, do not mean anything good at all.
  • Sparrow — to stealing, monetary losses, of poverty. Or — to of death. Choose what is called yourself.
  • Tit — on the contrary, to wealth, wealth, sudden profits or stable well-being. Or — to the fact that you need to prepare a strict outfit, because to attend the funeral. How to interpret such contradictory omens is described below.
  • A swift sweeping through the window is a neutral sign promising a quick marriage or the marriage. Finally, a sign for young men waiting for their brides (usually superstitions about the wedding relate to girls)! Whether the marriage will be successful, the omen does not say.
  • Swallows hint at important news.
  • Poultry (ducks, chickens, geese) climbing through the window bring poverty.
  • A dove, especially carrying something in its beak, means happiness or early addition to the family. Appearing without anything — tears. White dove with someone else’s wedding, flown into your window — to good luck (the better the value of a bird in the culture, the kinder signs).
  • Nightingale — the most pleasant sign. Nightingale flies through the window to talk about comfortable old age, wealth.

What influences the interpretation will

Sign: the bird flew into the window

If the same bird means both luck and misfortune — how to understand what it is trying to say to you? And you?

  • Most likely, the omen refers to the family member to whom the bird flew into the room or who saw it first. And if she got close to a specific person, crashed into him — the news is meant for him.
  • A bird is holding something in its beak — a sign good luck. Just as if she flew without everything, but grabbed something from the floor inside.
  • What have your thoughts been doing lately? This is the sign. What did you think about first of all: about business at work, about the welfare of relatives, about a big personal project?
  • Personal signs outweigh the conventional. If it happened specifically in your house that a bird flies through the window before pleasant events or news, most likely this time it happened.
  • If at the sight of a bird you thought about someone from the deceased loved ones, it is likely that he just missed you. Mark it properly.
  • Do pets have bird memories? Ask around.
  • The sick bird who has flown to you to die is not the most pleasant event, but does not promise additional troubles.
  • If the bird is promised death, then it will not necessarily happen in the family: perhaps you will hear that a friend of your acquaintance has passed away, or someone else is at all, and you will be an accidental witness.

How to be now?

With such horrors associated with a bird that has flown through the window, the question arises: how to ward off trouble?

  1. Do not kill the bird! Do not attack it, birds, especially not predatory, rarely threaten the lives and health of people.
  2. Do not scare the bird and do not expel screams and sharp movements. Feathered scared no less than you. Open all the windows — and the guest himself will find the way out.
  3. If the bird really doesn’t understand where the exit is, you need to be very careful to take it in hand, so as not to damage the legs and wings, and release. In this case, be sure to wear gloves — what kind of infection do the birds carry!
  4. The bird behaves calmly (and foreshadows death and misfortune) — feed her. This will appease the forces that sent her. Seeds, grains of wheat and other contents of the feeders — the best option.
  5. Release the bird with a ritual phrase like: «With peace, fly away trouble» or «Fly over for a treat — do not encroach on your soul«. Rhyming is not necessary, but rhyming words are considered to have a greater effect.
  6. After the visit, the birds light a church candle at home.. The church does not support following signs, but to calm it down is a wonderful ritual.
  7. Make a personal rite of bad omen. As with signs, what exactly works for you personally will help with a high probability. For life we ​​are overgrown with personal rituals.

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