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Sign: the bird flew into the house

Sign: the bird flew into the house

In human life, omens have always played a huge role, this trend continues to this day, despite significant technical progress, there will always be a belief in various «signs of fate.» Many scientists tried to establish the reason forcing to tirelessly believe in the otherworldly, the unknown and try to explain many of the events of their lives with the help of superstitions.

A sign about a bird that has flown into a house does not refer to the most favorable prediction, it can significantly spoil the mood of particularly sensitive people. But do not be in a hurry to get upset — there is always a way to neutralize the negative value of belief, we will tell about it further.

Sign: the bird flew into the house

Interpretation of omens

Since antiquity, birds have been a symbol of the souls of departed ancestors. Therefore, when the bird flew through the window, it was interpreted as transmitting news from one of their deceased relatives.

On this basis, it was concluded that a bird flying into a dwelling means a message. And good or bad — her breed already indicated this:

  • swallow and swift, as a rule, symbolized a quick marriage or marriage;
  • nightingale — money;
  • magpie or jackdaw — the spread of gossip concerning privacy;
  • crow and sparrow considered bad sign.

The belief has gained such an interpretation, probably due to the negative role of birds in human life. After all, the birds caused great harm, destroying the crop.

Usually people tried in this case to go to church and put candles to the Virgin, and also to ask her for protection and protection.

Special case — dove

Played a special role dove, flown into the home. The bird symbolized any news, both good (the birth of a child) and bad (the death of a relative).

A pigeon can also point to various family problems, gossip, strong nervous shock.

One can speak of a positive interpretation of omens if a pigeon holds something in its beak (for example, a twig or leaf).

In general, our ancestors, when a bird flew into the house, they tried to order the service in the church to respect the memory of the dead.

When not to be afraid of omens

In winter, the bad messengers are often tits and bullfinches. But we should not forget that these birds are seasonal and their arrival, most likely, is a kind of cry for help and a plea for food.

In the cold, poor birds live very hard. Tit and does is a very «sociable» creature that seeks closer to man.

And the popular plastic windows in turn attract birds to dwellings even more. This phenomenon is very easy to explain — in the process of installing PVC windows, use mounting foam, which is very attractive for tits (birds peck it out and make themselves cozy nests). In this case, the houses are perfectly protected from all sides, and even in severe cold they reliably hide birds from the snowstorm.

Therefore, you should not always strive to catch a negative value on arrival of a bird. It is better to show compassion and help the birds by making a feeder for them.

If the bird is sitting on the windowsill

Signs in which birds sit down on windows or window sills differ in completely different meaning. Of course, there were also no negative interpretations here, if you want to find out what your bird’s arrival means, pay attention to one small detail.

It is important in which direction the head of the bird is facing — on the street, or through the window. In the first case, you can calm down — the bird simply heats up under the rays of the sun or rests, there is no hidden meaning in it.

Sign: the bird flew into the house

And in other situations, the bird, sitting on a window or a window sill, will act as an envoy from the other world. The interpretation also depends on the species of feathered:

  • blackbirds — foreshadow the death of a family member;
  • crows — carry bad news on their tails;
  • pigeons — indicate career growth, success in various areas of life.

If the bird is sitting on the window, this will in any case indicate a significant financial loss (various breakdowns, unexpected expenses, and so on are possible). It is not necessary that they were ambitious, but, nevertheless, you can not not feel them.

Also, this sign can be interpreted as the appearance in your life of major changes (as well as positive and negative). In order to reassure all those who have already begun to worry, we hasten to bring the elimination of the negative meaning of belief.

How to neutralize bad value

Do not attempt to drive a chick who has accidentally flown onto a window or balcony. As practice shows, in most cases the birds are quite able to get out of the “trap” on their own, just as they got there.

Help should be rendered only when the bird begins to actively beat against the closed glass, at the risk of breaking it and cutting.

Sign: the bird flew into the house

Wait until it calms down, and then very carefully, so as not to frighten, take it gently with both hands. If you are afraid of touching the bird, you can use a large sheet with which you need to cover the feathered, and then open the window wide open, release the bird to freedom. The following words are pronounced:

«You, chick, fly-fly, take away all the trouble from us.»

When the birds leave the room, pour a handful of any cereal outside the window with the words:

“Fly with good news, ask us for bread, but don’t touch our soul.”

Our ancestors believed that with the help of these conspiratorial words you would alienate the birds carrying bad news from your home.

Yet you should not get too hung up on the negative meaning of omens, it will be much better and more effective if you shift your attention to the positive and instead of experiencing help the feathered to your feast. We wish you to believe only in the good and that this good must happen in your life!

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