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Sign: the bat flew into the house through the window

Sign: the bat flew into the house through the window

Unusual occurrences would also like to give supernatural significance, to predict the future from them. So superstitions appeared.

What do they say signs that the bat flew into the house?

Sign: the bat flew into the house through the window

Bats are considered guides of evil. No wonder: scary-looking, active at night, and some species drink blood.

There is something to fear!

Therefore, our ancestors interpreted the appearance of a bat as a sign:

  • fast death;
  • unhappiness;
  • upcoming epidemics.

And, oddly enough:

Either someone will die, or it will drizzle — a rather inaccurate (and troubling) prediction! How to find out what the bat “meant” really?

Look at her behavior.

Nuances and Variations

People have a strong need to know everything accurately, and omens are overgrown with details. The bat still promises misfortune, but, depending on the circumstances, its different shades.

  • The bat flew into the house where someone had died — ghosts let her in, and she foreshadows fast death in the family. The sign works only for old houses and apartments, where more than one generation was born and died. In new buildings, while clean from deaths, the bat means something else.
  • If a bat has flown into a house where a wedding celebration is going (or is being prepared) — to trouble and unhappy or short marriage. But not only the newlyweds are in danger: the bat at the wedding foreshadows the misfortunes of both families and guests. How nice that they rarely come to people!
  • The bat shows on someone a wing — promises to this person fail.
  • A bat entangled in someone’s hair is not only an unpleasant incident, but also a sign that a person has health will deteriorate.
  • The mouse flew into the house and made three circles around the room — to death funeral. A sign more true, than the mouse which has simply flown in a window. Be sure only to count the circles correctly.
  • The bat flies from corner to corner: to fire.

Another interpretation of the signs depends on the time the code saw the mouse.

  • The bat that flew into the house during the day is exclusively bad omen. All that is bad, which means a mouse (failure, death, epidemics), it foreshadows the day.
  • A bat’s visit at night softens the meaning of signs: no additional bad values. Most likely, she brought rain.

When a bat is a good sign

There are two cases in which the arrival of a bat in a house is not for goodness, but for good.

  1. The bat flew into the house and sat down on a man (sat quietly, did not attack and did not get stuck in the hair) — this is a sign good luck and success in business for the lucky one.
  2. Early bat visit — to great weather.

Some rare, not always validated values:

  • Like the bird that has flown into the house, the bat promises fast wedding unmarried girls in the family.
  • For households of fertile age — addition to the family. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the blood of a bat should be sprayed with a pillow, and a barren woman can sleep on it, and then she will be able to get pregnant. The mouse itself flew into the house — no need to go far for the ingredients.

Personal relationship

Sign: the bat flew into the house through the window

Most importantly, what a bat means to you. Someone she once appeared on the eve of a joyful event — and since then its appearance means the proximity of joyful news.

Signs tend to repeat, with which you associate a bat — and it will bring.

I use different parts of the bat (wings, blood, teeth, dried wings) in witchcraft, as good luck talismans. That is, the bat still carries some positive value.

Signs with a bat are so negative mainly because it is an ugly-looking night animal. Even volatile, and birds and everything flying is considered connected with the other world.

For lovers of bats (especially those who want to start their own), it is rather a pleasant sign.

Man now knows more about the world and living nature than in ancient times, and everyone can interpret omens, guided not by fear, but by personal observations.

Foreign mice

In China, the bat — the carrier good luck, she is depicted on talismans. You live on Feng Shui — maybe the mouse flew into your house with exactly this value and promises strong body and healthy mind.

In Japan, bats were considered immortal hermits by the people, and their visit hinted at long life.

Maya Indians believed that a bat that flew into the house to a sick person promises him recovery.

In Judaism, winged mice — a symbol impurities, and seeing them did not bode well for the soul.

How to proceed?

All of us are active people, and, of course, we don’t want to completely entrust ourselves to fate and passively wait for our fate. How to mitigate the negative effects of omens?

Sign: the bat flew into the house through the window

  • Do not kill the bat! It is believed that the one who killed her shortens his own life span.
  • Do not chase her around the house, do not scream. An evil attitude can offend the ghosts who invited the winged messenger as a warning.
  • Carefully escort the bat out and promise her treat.. The winged guest is unlikely to return, but otherworldly forces will be pleased.

How to remove the bat from the house so as not to hurt either himself or her? These animals, as a rule, fly inside by chance, in pursuit of insects, get scared of people, chase furniture or fly around the house in panic, and it is very difficult to catch them.

  1. Take off the white clothes. The bat loves white color very much, takes it and swoops on its back.
  2. Gloves — surely, the mice spread diseases, volatiles are not an exception. No wonder their appearance is considered a sign of epidemics.
  3. Wear a hat, so that the mouse does not get tangled in the hair, flying, otherwise it will frighten both itself and you, and it can scratch a lot.
  4. Do not lure out of the furniture in any way. — wrap the squeegee handle with a cloth and carefully pick it out with the guest. She clutches claws into the fabric, fastens on it, it will be easier to remove.
  5. If the bat hung from the ceiling or on the furniture and hiss, if you touch it — let it hang a little, and open the window — maybe it will fly out by itself.
  6. Spread a white pillow case on the floor (on the balcony). The mouse will sit on it sooner or later. Carefully fold and carry the guest out onto the street.

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