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Sign: the bat flew into the apartment

Sign: the bat flew into the apartment

For centuries, people have given mystical power to bats. Out of superstitious fear, we treat them as messengers of otherworldly forces. Maybe that’s why the signs associated with the bat, usually portend trouble?

How scary happens when a mouse flies into the apartment.

Sign: the bat flew into the apartment

Misfortune herald

Vile, terrible, disgusting — epithets reflect the emotions that arise when a bat is seen. That is the way the animal is treated in many countries.

God forbid to meet him. And when the bat flies into the house, which is our strength and protection, do not expect a good one. Not for nothing are common signs:

  1. Mouse flew into the house — soon you or your loved ones will get sick. Another interpretation: you and your relatives are waiting for failure in business, including financial ones.
  2. The bat flew into the house and fell dead — someone in your family will die soon.

What to do? — you think in a panic. First you need to catch the mouse and set it free. If it’s dead, bury it.

You can clear the aura of the house and your consciousness with the help of prayers. Their energy, created over the centuries, will not only calm you, but also help prevent trouble and loss.

Magic symbol

Our ancestors believed that bats have magical powers. No wonder they are associated with vampires, witches, sorcerers, and they are used in occult rituals.

Sign: the bat flew into the apartment

If a bat has flown to you — evil spirits have settled in your house. Consecrate your home more quickly, until the secret forces have caused you any harm.

It is believed that the souls of the dead visit us as a bat. Remember the deceased relatives and in no case kill the animal, however unpleasant it may be.

Bat at home as a lucky omen

You caught up in fear, you might think. Given the awesome and unpleasant appearance and lifestyle of the bast animal, this is easy to do. But the inhabitants of Asian countries are not at all afraid of the bat, but rather rejoice at it.

Moreover, it is a powerful amulet that protects a person, his family and home from evil spirits. Even amulets and talismans were made from the bones of the animal.

And the signs associated with the bat — happy:

  1. Bat flew into the house — to wealth. But there is one condition — the sign is valid only in summer and in rainy weather.
  2. Bat flew into the room to the girl — soon her wedding. To mark came true, the girl must catch her herself.
  3. Bat flew into the house during the wedding — to the happy life of young spouses, to the birth of healthy children and family financial well-being.

It is very important not to offend a happy animal. Gently cover the animal with a dark cloth and set it free, without injuring or damaging it.

Weather Alert

Bat — to the heavy and pouring rain. If only she hit the window glass of the house. Yes, some people consider the animal so practical.

If you managed to see a bat over your head, then wait for good weather in the near future.

The last weather forecast is easily explained: the mouse is very sensitive to changes in the weather and does not leave its sheltered dwelling before the rain.

Bat in a dream

If the bat flew to you in a dream, wait for a stranger. The meeting will be a landmark in your life and will lead to change.

Good or bad to expect from a stranger? His role depends on how you treat him in a dream.

If a stranger causes fear, then be careful in communicating with others.

A dream can conceal a different meaning: if a flying animal randomly moves around the room, then soon you will have to go on a journey. The more mice, the longer it will be.

A bat can bite you in a dream — someone from the inner circle is trying to lead you.

Safety regulations

What if the bat bit you in reality? Hurry to go to the hospital because these animals are often carriers of rabies. If time does not begin treatment, then you can die.

Maybe this is where the connection lies omens and our ordinary life?

To the bat did not bite you, let it land, do not catch on the fly. Next, wear gloves, cover it with a box under which you insert a sheet of cardboard.

Now you can safely take out.

Sign: the bat flew into the apartment

Scientific approach to the phenomenon

Skeptics, without doubt, will destroy faith in omens. Why did the bat fly into your house?

Wrong or lost. This often happens, especially if the bat is a young and inexperienced individual.

It is possible that looking for a new place to stay. There is nothing magical here.

Believing in magic and omens or not is up to you. Any sign is a sign.

Good or bad? It depends on our attitude towards it and on how we program ourselves for the future.

Better to believe in lucky omens, isn’t it?

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