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Sign: sprinkle sugar

Sign: sprinkle sugar

In ancient times, omens were not invented, as many people think (people simply did not have time to write), but were created on the basis of the experience gained for subsequent generations. They were a kind of conclusions obtained from the results of observations.

Similarly, there appeared a rather popular sign to sprinkle sugar, the relevance of which has not been lost until today. We will talk about its sacral meaning, as well as various options in our today’s article.

Sign: sprinkle sugar

Signs of sugar

Takes on sugar, in fact, there is not so much. What is the reason for this? In ancient times, sugar belonged to expensive products, which far from all people could afford, but only very well-to-do.

After all, the basis for the manufacture of sugar used to be only sugar cane, which is a rather exotic product that is sold exclusively in designated areas at a high price.

A similar state of affairs could have reached our days, but people invented a method for producing a sweet substance from beets. Growing this vegetable in the conditions of the Slavic agricultural industry was quite simple.

But even despite this, low-income people have not been able to buy sugar for a long time. Most likely, for this reason, mainly signs associated with sugar, denote the sweet life, luxury and pleasure.

Why wait for a sugar sprinkler

Did you accidentally sprinkle sugar on the table or on the floor? You should not worry too much about this — omen promises you a sweet life. How to understand the interpretation of the term «sweet» in this situation?

This means that your life will become comfortable and cozy, and all the adversities and sorrows will always bypass your tenth road.

Below we provide the most popular interpretation options for omens from crumbling sugar.

  1. In the very near future you will receive a substantial amount of money, which will please you with its size. It should also be noted that the source of income will be very unexpected. Either you will receive an addition to the salary, or successfully complete the transaction, you will receive a long-awaited inheritance from an unfamiliar, but influential relative.
  2. What else can testify sugar scattered on the floor or on any other surface? Quite often, he points to increased attention from members of the opposite sex. Girls can prepare for beautiful actions and pleasant romantic dates.
  3. If sugar wakes man, he should gain courage and take on the conquest of the lady of his heart. Even if the latter is extremely intractable, you can count on getting success.
  4. If you managed sprinkle a whole jar on the floor this sweet product, if you couldn’t find a common language with someone close to you for a long period of time, the situation associated with it will noticeably improve. You will be surprised, but mutual understanding and respect will come to your relationship very soon. In addition, sugar scattered on the floor indicates the attainment of inner peace and mental balance.
  5. If the sugar spilled unmarried girl, it is likely that in the very near future she will meet an attractive member of the opposite sex who will be able to win her heart. In order for this belief to work without fail, you need to draw a heart on the spilled sugar. After that, if you believe, accept, married ladies will receive increased attention from her husband. Their relationship will once again become romantic with the advent of hot passion.
  6. Also omen about scattered sugar on the floor promises good luck in business.
  7. If you burst the bag, in which you keep this sweet substance, get ready for the appearance of pleasant news.
  8. I would like to dwell separately on raffinad. It can not be scattered, but it is quite possible to crumble into pieces. If a sugar cube crumbled before you bit it, it indicates a speedy material well-being. And when a piece of refined sugar falls out of hands, falls to the floor and breaks into small pieces, this indicates a succession of happy events in the near future.

Sign: sprinkle sugar

Where did you spill the sugar

There are also certain differences related to the interpretation of omens concerning the place, where did you scatter sugar. As a rule, he is on the table because of inaccurate handling of the sugar bowl.

  • If you are forced to collect scattered grains from the table, In the near future, you can expect that your financial situation will noticeably improve.
  • In the case when sugar falls out of hands and turns on the floor, Feel free to prepare for a love adventure.

Taking into account the information that the sign of the crumbling sugar in all cases denotes any pleasant events, we can conclude that the cost of sugar used to be far less than the cost of salt. In some situations, the sweet substance was even scattered on purpose — for example, at the wedding, not only rice was usually sprinkled, but also sugar.

It was a wish for well-being and a happy family life.

Another sugar is the exact opposite of salt. If the salt symbolizes quarrels and misunderstanding, then sugar means reconciliation.. There is a sign that if you sprinkled salt, but you want to protect yourself from a quarrel, you should sprinkle it on top with 3 pinches of sugar and everything will be fine.

But if a husband and wife quarreled sugar in a quarrel, then soon they must reconcile.

Sign: sprinkle sugar

Perhaps a different attitude to the signs. You can believe in them, or you can be a frantic skeptic, but the fact that they really work has already been repeatedly verified by many people and it is very difficult to argue with that.

Beliefs are based on many years of observation of our ancestors, which means that we should not ignore them, because sometimes they can really bring us significant benefits.

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