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Sign: sparrows bathe in a puddle

Sign: sparrows bathe in a puddle — interpretation

Sparrow — a gray, nondescript bird — everyone knows. For a long time, sparrows lived in close proximity to humans, and people even learned how to predict the weather on the basis of certain actions of these birds. For example, one of the most famous is folk omen — sparrows bathe in a puddle .

Sign: sparrows bathe in a puddle

A sign — sparrows bathe in a puddle: interpretation

Bathing sparrows in a puddle is an extremely funny sight. Sometime our ancestors also noticed this.

And soon after that, it was observed that the air temperature was rising, the sun was starting to burn more strongly, and the rains had disappeared somewhere — in a word, a drought had set in.

Thus, by observation, people realized that if sparrows bathe in a puddle, it does not promise anything good. The onset of the dry pore foreshadowed a poor year, and this extremely upset the simple peasant, whose life was completely dependent on agriculture.

As for the present, people have long ago learned how to successfully resist adverse weather conditions and save grain crops, therefore bathing sparrows in a pool now causes no alarm for the future. Rather, the opposite is true: those whom this folk omen is familiar with start to rejoice on the eve of the onset of warm sunny weather, because along with the warmth the sun will bring the opportunity to spend time in the fresh air, take a walk, sunbathe and swim.

The season also influences the interpretation of omens, when the little birds wallow in the pool with pleasure:

  • if it happens in the fall, then warm and dry days are waiting ahead:
  • if it happens in summer, heat will set in.

It is believed that sparrows, like many other representatives of the fauna, are able to anticipate changes in the weather, so they begin to take water procedures before the air temperature rises.

What to expect if sparrows bathe in sand or dust?

Sign: sparrows bathe in a puddle

Another common sign — Sparrows bathe in the dust or in the sand . The people give it a completely opposite interpretation. If suddenly you notice how the passerine flocks with ecstasy are swarming in the road dust or in the sand — it’s time to prepare warm clothes, rubber boots and an umbrella. Dusty or sandy baths taken by gray birds promise cooling and prolonged rains.

Surprisingly, this sign is very rarely mistaken.

The scientific rationale will take

If ordinary people still listen to the signs that sparrows give, ornithologists do not find anything mysterious in the behavior and actions of these nimble birds.

Sparrows, like other birds, live in nests, which are fully accessible to various small parasites — they easily move to the feather cover and give the birds a lot of inconvenience. In a puddle, sparrows bathe before warming, because the activity of parasites reaches its peak just in hot weather.

Hygiene procedures such as bathing in dust or in the sand also help the birds to clean their plumage from small pests and, thus, keep it intact. If the sparrows had lost most of their feathers due to the puff-eaters, the ability to fly and the ability to lead normal activities would have been lost with them.

If you accept — sparrows bathe in a puddle — you can pick up another, quite logical, explanation. Before the onset of drought puddles warm up under the rays of the scorching sun and, for sure, the birds like to splash in lukewarm water.

And if a cold snap begins, it rains on the way — the water in the puddles also becomes unpleasantly cold, and bathing in warmer and more dry sand (or dust) will be much more enjoyable for sparrows.

Sparrows are swimming in a puddle: watch a funny sight in the video:

Other folk signs associated with sparrows

Other folk omens and beliefs are also associated with small sparrows. Conventionally, they can be divided into 2 categories:

  • omens giving meteorological forecast;
  • omens and beliefs that illuminate other aspects of human life.

Signs with sparrows about the weather

Want to know the weather for the near future? Watch the sparrows.

  • If the birds decided in the morning to start building and arranging their nest — wait for the heat and the sun . Bad weather definitely will not — at least until the end of the day.
  • Sparrow flocks fly almost above the ground — rain is coming , maybe even with a thunderstorm .
  • Sparrows rassichirilis and made noises in the winter day — precipitation is expected in the form of snow .
  • Birds began to chirp loudly on a summer day — in three days there will be shower .

Sign: sparrows bathe in a puddle

Other signs and beliefs about sparrows

Sparrow has earned fame not only a good forecaster, but also became the main character of some popular beliefs related to human life.

In the old days, sparrows were attributed to male symbolism. As a result, it was believed that the sparrow settled on the roof promises the arrival of matchmakers and marriage to the brides for marriage , in this house living.

If the girl is already engaged to her betrothed (or married), the sparrow in this case warned of the appearance of the ill-wisher, under whose influence a rift between the bride and the groom (wife and husband) can occur.

A bad sign was considered if the sparrow flew into the open window . This meant that the house soon knock trouble , or the disease will destroy someone from the household , or even someone living in this house will go to another world . The bird hit the window or knocked several times on the glass — to the bad news. If the sparrow got into the house in some other way — you should wait for trouble .

You should be careful on the road if a bird has flown right over your head, — there will be failure in the way .

Some beliefs concern the dead sparrows. So, the people of antiquity believed that it is impossible to kill this small bird (even accidentally, unwillingly), so as not to cause trouble . Bad Sign — to see a dead (dead) bird: get in trouble .

But if sparrow you had a dream in night dreams — you can rejoice: you soon favorable changes await . Your life will be filled love and harmony .

Various signs and superstitions about sparrows were formed on the basis of folklore. Of course, the fame of this small gray bird is not very good, but sometimes it is very useful to observe the behavior of the sparrow.

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