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Sign: rain for the wedding

Raining on your wedding day is a good omen!

The sky in the clouds on the day of the holiday — many nations have reason for joy. But not to the wedding!

Such an event — and the weather brings. And yet, despite the wet dress, the rain for the wedding is auspicious sign.

Sign: rain for the wedding

Roots Signs and Variations

Rain is a universal symbol of fertility, change for the better, wealth. The rain washes away all that is bad, imbues the earth with moisture, awakens seeds to grow.

After it, the fish is better caught, and the mushrooms in the forest appear in quantities.

In general, the rain on the wedding — to a successful family life. The fertile significance of the rain hints at the speedy and numerous addition of the family.

For those who do not want children, there are other pleasant interpretations: consent in marriage, the end of difficulties in relationships and the beginning of a truly family mutual respect.

In pagan traditions, it was important to show the new family to the sun, wind, rain, so that nature and the gods would recognize the union. The weddings were played in the summer and autumn, at the time of the harvest (so that it was, than to feast), then any rainfall is an unambiguous good sign.

However, it is believed that the sky sheds tears with the bride. Well, once marriage was an involuntary affair, the girl disappeared for her family and passed into the family of her husband.

Now both parents of young people, friends, and young people themselves have tears of joy more often (those who organized weddings also have nerves), so the sky cries not together, but instead.

Different rain — different interpretation

Of the total fertile value of rain, all the rest grow: wealth, abundance, and the health of young and future children. More precisely, the view of nature about your marriage can be understood by how it rains:

  • light rain — to numerous pleasant events a young family;
  • rainfall with the sun — to joy, laugh, ease in the relationship;
  • a short rain, and then a rainbow — not only a beautiful background for photos, but also a promise wealth. Where the rainbow begins, not only Irish leprechauns hide their treasures;
  • strong, torrential downpour points to a new beginning. All offenses will be forgotten, young people (and, maybe, even their families, miracles happen) will learn to appreciate each other even more;
  • the rain that caught the wedding, and then there was at least another day (ideally — three days) foreshadows long and strong marriage;
  • the rain that suddenly went in winter traveling or changing home. Did the young family plan to move? The weather feels everything;
  • spring rain — to increase in wealth. After the cost of the wedding is the most desirable sign;
  • summer rain — to child birth;
  • bad weather at the autumn wedding — to new impressions. For modern newlyweds — a sign that the honeymoon trip will be successful, and after it will remain pleasant memories and a thousand beautiful photos;
  • if the shower went on the night before the wedding — this is to tender relationship, love and honoring each other spouses;
  • the rain that charged from early morning foreshadows news.

The only option signs when bad weather is considered an unkind sign — if a thunderstorm broke out. Thunder and lightning allegedly hint at quarrels in marriage. But this interpretation is controversial: from ancient times it is a thunderstorm — a reflection of the heavenly wedding, the union of earth and sky, and thunder — the echoes of a noisy celebration.

Symbols of contention they never carried.

Sign: rain for the wedding

Separately about the puddles. They say that the groom, who came to the wedding in a puddle, will be inclined to drink. Careful, young people!

About the bride, by the way, did not say anything like that — spank boldly through the puddles, especially if beautiful wedding rubber boots were laid up.

Rituals on a rainy wedding day

Do not expect good luck — lure her! Strengthening and affirming a positive omen of rain will help rituals.

For non-visiting young people and guests, they will act as entertainment in bad weather, defuse a tense atmosphere (when precipitation is about to fall for a holiday, it is unnerving, no matter how much rain promises advice and love).

Sign: rain for the wedding

  1. Soak a scarf in the rain and put it under the pillow on the wedding night. For decisive — to do so with a pillowcase and sleep on it for another three days. Strength of bonds and full consent, including on the marriage bed, provided. All the bad things that “stuck” on the young ones were washed away under the rain streams.
  2. Give a couple of drops to get on the loaf. This will strengthen the relationship between parents of young and families in general, make two of one.
  3. Once the bridegroom and bride were whipped with the ears of fertility wet from the rain for fertility. Those who are in a hurry to have children will find a more modern version with rice or other cereals: let the rain soak them, wrap them in a napkin and hide them under the mattress of the wedding bed. Great job for expecting grandchildren moms and dads young.
  4. To wash each other with rain water — to wash away damage, negative thoughts, someone else’s jealousy. The bride is unlikely to be glad if she is spoiled with makeup, especially before registering, so wash your hands better.
  5. Universal Ritual of Wealth: open the wallet and substitute it for a few seconds in the rain. Let the gifts in the envelopes not disappoint the newlyweds, and the family budget does not become scanty!

Bad weather, being the kindest sign, still makes adjustments to plans. Replace what did not work due to bad weather, interesting traditions and rituals.

Maybe the guests also know some?

Wedding in the rain — the best of weddings

Or a few ways, as the rain will improve the wedding day.

  1. Beautiful photos. Wedding photographer, if he is a professional, do not be confused. A picture of glass dull with drops — what could be more romantic? From the right angle, the illuminated rain turns into magic dust, and the wedding becomes a wonderful holiday in every sense.
  2. Flowers in hands, bouquets on the hood will keep freshness until the very end of the celebration, and this may be more than one day. In the heat, the flowers quickly wither, the coolness and moisture will prolong their beauty. Drops on the petals — another idea for a photo in the album.
  3. Rain — a reason to cuddle under one umbrella. Cozy and gentle beginnings of family life.
  4. Salvation for allergies! Rain nails pollen, poplar fluff that carries it. Spring or summer wedding will be much better without red eyes and a stuffy nose.

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