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Sign: ladybug in the house

What promises luck when a ladybug flew into your home?

The name of this insect speaks for itself: our ancestors considered this guest with red wings stained to be God’s messenger. The significance of religion can be disputed, but many are still certain: it is this tiny creature that can bring the appeal to the Almighty to the address.

Hence the signs associated with the appearance of a ladybug in the house, which some believe are associated with pagan symbols such as Fire, Sun and Spring, and also promises good luck and is a forerunner of happiness.

Sign: ladybug in the house

What is the mood — these will be the news

As soon as a ladybug flies into the house, all its tenants are sure: after these insects news about successes and well-being will arrive. Believers believe that this spotted messenger of heaven is a servant of the Virgin Mary herself. And since she was associated with the Sun, then she could make her happy with a good harvest, clear weather and warmth.

But are all the signs associated with it the same positive?

  • A messenger of heaven, according to signs, can bear the fruits of financial success only if she flew into the house in spring or summer;
  • a guest who has looked into your abode with cold weather, will bring on the wings the news of the imminent replenishment of your family or in the family of your loved ones, because it symbolizes the help in the desire of a woman to become pregnant;
  • if to you in the spring a whole flock of ladybirds appeared — do not be alarmed, this, according to signs, can symbolize the rich harvest of rye;
  • tiny red bug, sitting on clothes or right on the body — the personification of future good luck;
  • God’s messenger simply appeared in the dwelling — this hearth will always exude family harmony.

Some people are sure that the messenger of heaven, who sat on his hand, is a kind of weather forecaster, and, judging by her behavior, you can find out exactly what the weather will be like tomorrow:

  • spread its wings and flew away immediately after the weather question — wait for the warm and sunny sky;
  • long sits in one place on the hand and does not fly away — it will be an inclement time.

Few people bang in the head to try to get rid of a tiny insect, sweep it with a broom. If this does happen, to be in a marital relationship conflict.

Sign: ladybug in the house

Foreign and Russian interpretations of the appearance of the spotted bug

Not only Christians, but Catholics also deify this amazing insect. They believe that the spotted bug cannot be killed or chased away — these actions can bring great troubles to themselves and their family. Therefore, if a messenger from heaven flew into the house, they are given complete freedom of movement.

But if the insect behaves, as it seems, too annoyingly — you just need to shake your hand quietly. And the bug will soar rapidly.

Sign: ladybug in the house

In different countries, signs relating to this amazing bug, converge:

  • at Holland after his appearance, it is customary to wait for good news;
  • at Czech Republic happy events follow the spotted insect;
  • French people and consider the ladybird a talisman at all, in France the souvenir shops are chock-full of amulets with its imitation, and buyers are in a hurry to get them in order to save their children from the evil eye, so you can see children’s hairpins and ladybugs here.

AT Of Russia Many sincerely believe that the more spots on the wings of a divine bug, the faster luck comes with it. Therefore, in our country you can find talismans in the form of a magical insect.

Moreover, manufacturers are trying to put as many spots on his wings as possible: the more of them, the stronger such talisman acts.

Sign: ladybug in the house

We count points on the wings, each number has its own meaning.

Even if there are few black dots, it can bring happiness. Let’s count together:

  • if on a talisman one thing-the only spot — it does not matter, because such a charm will help in opening a new business;
  • two the speck is a symbol of the body harmony of a person wearing a talisman;
  • Availability three specks will help to become prudent and learn to make the right decisions;
  • with by four points on the wings of a bug can not be afraid of the attack of a villain or a thief;
  • at five the specks of a person wearing a talisman should reveal creative power;
  • if points six — they will help the owner of the amulet to comprehend new knowledge;
  • the divine number seven speaks for itself, personifying happiness and good luck.

However, if you do not believe in the magical power of numbers — just hang a figure of a bug on the wall, let its image decorate your home, attracting good luck under its roof.

Sign: ladybug in the house

About marriage and obstacles to luck

Yes, not everything connected with the appearance of the spotted bug can be interpreted unequivocally well. For example, a bad sign could be the appearance of an insect crawling on the glass from the street — followed by hitting it in nearby spider webs.

So, there is someone interfering with the arrival of good luck.

Therefore, it is necessary to urgently save the bug, and then there is a chance to fight for luck. Is it worth fighting for happiness in other cases? Let’s get a look:

  • warmth and well-being will breathe in the house after the messenger of God appears there, and in the house of the newlyweds this promises a speedy family replenishment;
  • little bug that turned out on the girl’s hand, can tell her when to wait for marriage, and if she is in a hurry to fly up — to be a wedding already this year;
  • bug crawling on the arm girls — the wedding should be waited for at least another year;
  • According to the signs, the girl on the issue at the mere appearance of a ladybug should try so that she sat on her hand, after which it should be taken out into the street and let go back home, where did the insect fly — from there and wait for the groom;
  • if you hold the messenger of heaven on your hand a little longer, then the insect will give the power of luck so that to find the groom as soon as possible.

Divination of girls for marriage is the following: you must keep the bug in a tightly clenched hand (but so that it does not affect the state of God’s herald), then open your fist, and if the insect soared vertically or almost vertically — the groom is very close, maybe even standing nearby.

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