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Sign: ladybug

What do the signs about ladybirds say?

In folk legends, the ladybug from antiquity is considered to be the servant of the Mother of God, thanks to which she deserved to herself a reverent and careful attitude, which was manifested in a number of superstitions and will accept. Today, there is a well-known sign stating that this insect is capable of understanding human speech and flies to the Almighty in order to convey to it the requests and wishes of people.

According to legend, the bug lives in heaven and very rarely descends from them in order to convey to people the will of God.

Sign: ladybug

A sign to see a ladybird

Now let’s talk in more detail about the direct interpretation of omens about this little cute insect. There are several varieties of divination by the ladybug, in particular, in one of the versions, interpretation takes place according to its color.

To understand what you are preparing for, pay attention to the insect of which color you saw:

  • yellow — symbolizes happiness, you should prepare for auspicious changes
  • with white specks — expect good news
  • black with red dots — you will succeed in life
  • no specks — in front of you is just a born ladybug, which predicts the imminent birth of a baby you
  • with two spots — soon you will become more reasonable and begin to make the right decisions

To see at the same time a large number of bright red bugs on the street predicts the formation of a friendly and large family. For landowners, this indicates the appearance of a rich harvest.

In ancient times there was divination by the number of spots on the back of a ladybug. It was necessary to count their number and this indicated the number of successful months of the year.

The insect was considered the happiest, with seven black dots on its back. Seeing such a ladybird, she was released, while she said: “How many dots on your body, ladybug, so that the same number of happy months will be in the coming year.”

Ladybug Rescue

An alarming and dangerous sign is considered to see a ladybird, patiently sliding on the outside of the window, and then falling into the web. This turn of events indicates that happiness is very close to you, but something or someone can scare him away. To avoid this, be sure to save the insect, and good luck will certainly return to your home.

If you do not have time to do this, you will have to make a lot of effort to achieve happiness and success in business.

Sign: ladybug

If the ladybug has sat on you

It is also important where the insect settled. The interpretation of omens will directly depend on this:

  • On hand: on the right — your cherished wish will be fulfilled, on the left — your health will improve. Also, the presence of a ladybug on your hand is an excellent reason to guess at future events. To do this, ask the little bug and carefully blow it under the wings: if the bug gets tied up, the plan will surely be fulfilled, and if it continues to roam the arm, the desire will come true, then with a long delay. When the ladybug has sat down on a hand, it is necessary to count to 22, if it does not fly away before the end of the bill, the person will be lucky to meet happy love soon.
  • On the head is a very good omen for work. You are «threatened» by a rapid rise in your career, as well as an increase in authority, but if there is some unpleasant situation, it will soon be resolved for the better. The main thing is not to chase and brush the ladybird on the shoulder from the head, otherwise the success and good luck that the insect carried with it, can easily bypass you.
  • On the face — predicts happiness in love.
  • On the hair — to finance, increase the career ladder, as well as honor and respect. If at the same time the insect becomes entangled in curls, a person can prepare for a rapid transition to a new, much more prosperous and joyful standard of living.
  • On the shoulder — in this case, no major changes are expected.
  • On the back — a quick resolution of a difficult situation will happen.
  • On the chest — get ready for a happy life.
  • On foot — you have to wait for the arrival of happiness in your life.
  • On clothes — favorite will make you a pleasant surprise.

Sign: ladybug

If a ladybug bites

Ladybirds also have jaws, although they are usually rarely used. As a rule, bugs hunt only aphids.

But if it happened that the ladybird bit you, pay attention to it. A sign warns that it is possible that there is a foe or an enemy in your surroundings who is slandering behind your back and trying to slander you.

Also, a ladybug can bite if it does not like the smell of a person and it shows it in this way.

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