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Sign: itching lips

Sign: itching lips

The lips are the most sensitive organ of the body, and our ancestors believed in their predictive capabilities. On the line of the lips, one can determine the character of a person, his features and preferences.

What does the sign say: itching lips? It turns out that by itching on the lips you can learn about many events in advance.

Sign: itching lips

Folk omens about lips

If there is an urgent desire to scratch your lip, this may mean the following:

  • soon you will kiss;
  • soon quarrel with anyone;
  • expects tasty treats;
  • expects a major conversation about the important.

People believe that the upper lip itches to talk, and the lower lip to the tasting of delicious dishes. If itching lips, then there are two possible scenarios — passionate kisses or a major altercation.

The corners of the lips itch to the joy or chagrin.

What does it mean if both lips are itching at once? The treatment will depend on the time of day when this event occurred:

  • in the morning — to a pleasant tasty surprise;
  • in the afternoon — to a serious conversation with a relative or close friend;
  • in the evening / at night — to a quarrel with a dear man.

What means itchy lips in the center? This is a signal that a tedious and boring period in life will soon come.

It’s time to find a fascinating hobby not to languish from an excess of time.

Another meaning of itch in the center of the lip — you will become the object of annoying attention, which you are unlikely to enjoy. Also, a sign may portend a forced unpleasant conversation.

Value by day of the week:

  • Monday — omen promises passionate kisses with a loved one, however, his attitude will be frivolous;
  • Tuesday — flirting, kissing, romance;
  • Wednesday — you will be condemned for a love relationship;
  • Thursday — beware, you lose your head from love;
  • Friday — love and jealousy, passion and fire;
  • Saturday — grief after kisses;
  • Sunday — a kiss with a man does not promise a long lasting serious relationship.

Now consider the meaning of itch in detail.

Upper lip

According to popular belief, upper lip in women and girls itching for passionate kisses with a man or gossip with women. In the role of gossip will be the woman who has scratched her upper lip.

If a man does not take the initiative to kiss, you can take it into your own hands — the main thing is not to be afraid.

For men, a sign has a different meaning — the arrival of a male relative.

It is believed that itching of the upper lip in the evening or at night foreshadows jealousy for no reason and grounds.


Lower lip itches to friendly kisses. It can be kisses of relatives, friends or a child.

However, the option of a kiss with a man is also not excluded, and the initiative will come from him.

Also omen foreshadows treats, sweet hotels. Perhaps you will be invited to visit or guests will come with gifts to you.

Lip corners

What will tell omens about the corners of the lips, if itching starts on the right or left?

Right corner foreshadows joyful events, smiles and compliments. According to the ancestors, there is a guardian angel on the right side, and all events related to the right side are interpreted in a positive manner.

Left corner foreshadows chagrin. Our ancestors explained this by the influence of an unclean person who is on the left side and is trying to harm a person.

Sign: itching lips

Wedding signs

What does itch the lips on the wedding day? This is a very important sign, because the wedding is a landmark event and a turn in destiny.

If a the bride’s lips itch during marriage registration and wedding feast, then the love of the spouse will be infinitely long and passionate.

If a the bride’s chin is scratched along with the lips, Alas, the relationship will not last long — the spouses quickly annoy each other.

Good value itching lips and neck — marriage will be strong and long. And if it is also décolleté, then passionate.

Bad if the bride itches lips and nose at the same time — The husband will be a drunkard.

However, itching at the wedding can also be caused due to nervous overstrain and excitement. Therefore, treat the interpretation will selectively.

Other interpretations

Sometimes itching may start above or below the lips. What do these signs mean?

  • An itch on the upper lip warns about the ingratitude that a person will have to face.
  • Itching under the mustache in men indicates a pleasant surprise — a date or a tasty treat.
  • The itching of the lips and the tip of the tongue warns you that you have to turn a little soul to lie.
  • The lip above the upper lip itches to the frivolous attraction of a special opposite sex.

Do these signs come true? If you do not like the interpretation of omens, try to forget about it. or attach the left little finger to an itchy place: the sign will not come true.

And if you like it, just start believing in it — and everything will come true.

Sign: itching lips

Physiological itching

Often, itching on the lips can be caused by purely physiological reasons and is not related to signs.

If you have itching lips due to weather conditions — extreme heat, frost, wind — this applies to physiological phenomena and requires the use of measures to eliminate discomfort.

Can itch lips due to an allergic reaction to products, odors or pollens. If this happens often, consult an allergist.

Sometimes the lips react with itching to some products. For example, Navaga fish provokes itching on many people’s lips.

Herpes is a viral disease and causes severe itching on the lips.. Therefore, it is necessary to take therapeutic gels / ointments to eliminate the disease.

Often the source of itch is cosmetics allergy, which contains aggressive substances. Toothpastes can also cause irritation.

Itching may occur during pregnancy due to a hormone shift.

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