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Sign: it is scratched the left eyebrow

Sign: it is scratched the left eyebrow

Some consider signs of unwarranted superstition. Others have their own “arsenal” of predictions and successfully use them. How not to believe in them if they come true?

It combed his left hand — be sure that soon there will be money in it. Your nose has been itching — you will not stay sober today.

And what does the sign predict that it is scratched left eyebrow? What you need to prepare and what to expect?

Sign: it is scratched the left eyebrow

Itching left eyebrow

Eyebrow protects the eye. If you keep a semantic chain from the natural purpose of the eyebrows, then it would be more logical to wait for itch of eyebrows from someone protection.

But no, luck has the opposite meaning.

If your left eyebrow is badly scratched — in front of a meeting with a person who will slander you or deceive you. Be afraid of strangers in this period. Especially try to bypass the gypsy party.

If you are afraid of them, they intuitively understand this and are sure to attack. Read silently three times prayer, calm down and tune in to give a decisive rebuff.

If the left eyebrow is scratched very much, then even a close person may be a hypocritical cheater. Bitter tears from such betrayal are waiting for you.

Be attentive to your surroundings.

Maybe it’s not the left eyebrow that itches, but beneath it? A happy omen — wait for good news.

In the near future you will receive an inheritance or a good income.

Scratched right eyebrow

The right eyebrow, unlike the left, will bring only good news. Pleasant and useful acquaintance, meeting with a friend or relative, who have not been seen for a long time and missed.

Another meaning of signs: if the right eyebrow suddenly itched it — someone praises and thanks you at this time.

Both eyebrows are scratched

An itch of both eyebrows will lead you to profit. But do not flatter yourself, it will not be impressive wealth: only a bonus, a cash gift or a prize.

There is another value — a warning about the upcoming arrival of welcome guests. You have some more time to meet them hospitably.

If itching is observed between the eyebrows, then he promises a conversation with a married couple.

Look carefully in the mirror at your eyebrows — whether they have grown over the bridge of your nose or not. If yes, then throughout life you will encounter many failures.

Unfortunately, the situation will not change if you shave at the junction.

For women, eyebrows can predict how many husbands will be. Frown and see how much was formed over the bridge of folds.

How many folds — so many husbands.

Sign: it is scratched the left eyebrow

If eyebrow twitches

There are similar signs associated with not jerking eyebrows, but jerking. If the left eyebrow twitches — get ready to meet with a close friend.

If the right — you will achieve the desired.

Scientific explanation

Eyebrows scaby dermatologists do not predict the future of the client, but as a symptom will help determine the skin disease. The eyebrows and tender skin under them may itch in psoriasis, seborrhea and dermatitis.

Pruritus also appears during allergic reactions.

Another common cause of scratching is cosmetic procedures (plucking, cleaning the skin of the face).

Eyebrows in different countries

Sign: it is scratched the left eyebrow

No wonder there are so many take on the eyebrows. Our ancestors in every way accentuated them in appearance:

  • the ancient Chinese painted them with red mascara to create a fierce look and frighten opponents;
  • girls in Central Asia had eyebrows connected over the bridge of the nose with a line of usma juice, which stimulated hair growth;
  • accrete eyebrows were even a distinctive feature of the privileged population of Asian countries; they were not allowed to wear accrete eyebrows to the lower strata;
  • Greek women connected their eyebrows over the bridge of their nose with a fat black line;
  • Egyptian women pulled a graceful line of eyebrows to … temples, and before that they completely shaved off;
  • the Japanese women, also shaving their hairs beforehand, drew new ones in black pencil, but a little higher;
  • in the Middle Ages, they preferred not to paint after the shave or to replace it with a thin line to create a pale and sublime image;
  • gradually it became fashionable to blacken your eyebrows: in Italy it was antimony, in Russia — benzoin resin;
  • in the 18th century, the lack of vegetation at the place of the eyebrows was corrected with the help of lining of mouse skins.

Today, the fashion for the shape of the eyebrows is constantly changing, but it remains unchanged that this expressive part of the face is involved in creating a fashionable image.

Joy and sadness, fear and anger — our face with the help of a pair of hairy arcs can portray different emotions. Perhaps, therefore, signs of them are associated with different human feelings.

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