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Sign: if the day dandelion inflorescences closed

Sign: if the day dandelion inflorescences closed

If the dandelion blossoms closed during the day — what a sign? What generally can be predicted by the behavior of plants?

It turns out quite a lot (and for those who are often in nature, this is not news).

Sign: if the day dandelion inflorescences closed

Dandelions and weather

Mankind has learned how to predict the weather through plants from the moment it began to observe them. Wildlife is trying to save itself, to hide from bad weather.

Summer residents do not need to explain this, they know best of all that there is a whole Hydrometeorological Center on the flowerbed.

Dandelions bloom in early summer, one of the first heralds of warmth and coming holidays. During the day — fluffy yellow spots on the lawn, in the evening and at night — folded inflorescences.

Dandelions are one of those plants that open during the day and collect petals at night, so you can guess the time with a certain degree of accuracy (if you know when dawn is in your area, when it’s sunset).

And what if the dandelion closed during the day? A sign says: it will be raining.

Useful prediction if you are in nature!

Variants of omens

  • dandelion in the stage of a white and fluffy ball before the rain He will not let the wind rip the seeds. And even deliberately blow off will not work;
  • even if the sky is cloudy, if dandelions have not collected petals — it won’t rain;
  • dandelion closes inflorescences to cold snap.

When dandelions have reached maturity (I want to say — life wisdom) and turned from yellow circles into white balls, it is possible to predict rain on them not only by folded / open petals, but also by whether they willingly release seeds on parachutes. In the rain, the feathers get wet, and they will not fly far away, and it is important for the dandelion to spread the seeds to as large a territory as possible.

Rational grain

Sign: if the day dandelion inflorescences closed

Not all, but many omens are rooted in some scientific pattern. What is the deal with dandelion?

There is such a thing: nastias (nastical movements) — the movement of leaves, flowers, petals of plants, depending on weather conditions and the general state of the environment. Sunflowers that turn over the sun are a great example.

There are, among others:

  • Thermonastia — movement due to temperature changes;
  • Photoonastia — movement, which are caused by a change in light.
  • Noctinasties — movements triggered by a simultaneous change in both temperature and light, “falling asleep” of plants for the night.

So, a dandelion is seen in photopathy, that is, it opens the petals in bright light. Flowers of fragrant tobacco behave the opposite, open in the dark.

Sign: if the day dandelion inflorescences closed

The temperature at the same time does not affect the dandelion. And he collects petals not because he “feels” the approach of night, but because there is less light.

In nature, they are one and the same: day equals light, night equals darkness.

Except when the sky is overcast. Dandelion is not enough light, and it compresses the inflorescence.

From here originates the omen. Other plants that behave the same: chicory and potatoes (when it blooms, of course).

Shine a lamp in a gloomy weather on a dandelion — and it will gradually unfold.

Dandelions bloom when it is still quite cold outside, so one of them is bad advisers about a cold snap. They do not react to humidity.

More precisely, perhaps, and react, but not so that people could see.

The sign, by and large, works quite scientifically: if the sky is covered with clouds for so long that dandelions close the inflorescences (because they do not do this instantly), it is likely that it will rain. Hide or reach for umbrellas.

The dandelion barometers do not work or work with errors when:

  1. The evening is coming. In some regions, dandelions begin to close their inflorescences by three o’clock in the afternoon.
  2. Dandelions grow in thick shadow. But there, as a rule, they generally bloom with difficulty.

For us, three hours is another day in full swing, and for dandelions it’s almost time to go to the side. But they also “get up” earlier: in the summer — around six in the morning.

From this moment their day begins, from the same moment one can follow: will it gather an inflorescence toward the rain or not?

If there is no dandelion near, rain can be foreseen by the behavior of crocuses: they gather petals during a cold snap, and before the rain the temperature drops. Clover in the heat brings together and lowers the leaves, and when it cools, straightens to its normal position.

Plants feel more of ours!

But we do not know of a grass or a flower that would sensitively react to a change in pressure (an indispensable sign of a quick rain). It’s a pity!

We’ll do for the time being with dandelions.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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