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Sign: fell knife on the floor

Sign: fell knife on the floor

Many signs associated with cutlery or household appliances. When the dishes broke or fell, our ancestors did not blame themselves for awkwardness: they noticed a sign.

For example, what foretells a sign: did the knife fall to the floor? Some say that the guests will come.

Others are sure that someone is missing the man.

Sign: fell knife on the floor

Mystical value of a knife and sharp objects

The knife is considered a talisman against evil forces along with other sharp objects. Sharp objects were placed under the pillow of an unbaptized infant for protection from the evil eye and the influence of dark forces.

The windows and doors were crossed with a knife so that evil spirits or witch’s witchcraft would not penetrate into them at night.

However, the knife symbol has the opposite — negative — meaning. For example, you can not play with a knife — there will be a scandal. Pick up a knife on the road can not be — die from a knife wound.

Stir the milk with a knife can not be — a cow will be poorly milked. At night, the knife can not be left on the table — the devil slaughtered in a dream.

It was impossible to keep a knife and think about something bad. It could offend him, and then the trouble can not be avoided. If you put two crossed knives on the table — there will be a quarrel in the house.

It is also impossible to cut bread with different knives — this portends a quarrel in the house. For bread should be a special bread knife.

It was considered a bad omen to leave a knife in bread — do not avoid hunger. However, a knife stuck into a wall or doorposts is able to protect against evil forces.

Many beliefs associated with a knife, and one of them — falling to the floor.

Signs about falling knife and cutlery

Many since childhood know that cutlery fall to the arrival of guests. Spoon and fork — a woman will come, a knife — a man will come.

However, not everything is so simple: you need to pay attention to exactly how the knife fell and where.

  • the knife falls down with the handle — a good friend or close friend comes, the meeting will bring joy;
  • the knife stuck its edge into the floor — a business meeting or a visit by a stranger;
  • the knife fell with a blade in the direction of a man — the visit of the ill-wisher;
  • the knife fell off the blade of a person — use caution when communicating with a guest.

It is considered a bad omen if the knife went deep into the floor of the room — this portends a serious illness of a loved one or even the death of a family member.

Value marks about knife

The knife is a symbol of the negative, like salt, it warns of misfortune and quarrel. Therefore, it is necessary to handle it very carefully, be careful.

This applies not only to injury by negligence, but also the fall of the object from the hands.

Bad if the knife broke during the fall one way or another — the handle or the blade itself cracked. This foreshadows a black stripe in life, home scandals and troubles.

Sign: fell knife on the floor

How to take trouble away from home

Our great-grandfathers knew the rites by which it was possible to get rid of the negative effects of omens. To cheat death, it was necessary to raise the knife silently and knock three times with the blunt side of the blade on the edge of the table.

This simple action took trouble away from home.

If the fall of the knife foreshadowed the arrival of uninvited guests, it was necessary to knock three times on the table with the back of the blade and say: «Stay home, do not go to us.» What happened after this rite?

Visitors appeared urgent business, they were not to the guests.

If a the knife fell while cutting bread, in the old days, such a sign was considered very bad. To neutralize the negative impact, you need to lift the object silently, knock silently with the blunt side of the blade on the table and silently put it on the table.

After this trouble will not affect you.

You should get rid of a knife broken during the fall: it will become a magnet to attract various troubles to the house. Before sending the knife to the trash can, it should be said: “The knife breaks, but my misfortune does not concern me”.

How else can you neutralize the negative impact? In some regions of Russia the blade of the knife was burning over the fire. This procedure was also subjected to all sharp objects that fell on the floor.

It was believed that any negative burned in the fire.

In other regions of Russia the blade of the knife was rinsed with holy water with prayer. The knife after this wipe was impossible. Same neutralizer of negative is salt — put it on the blade and hold for 5-7 minutes.

After that, the knife can be rinsed under running water, and the negative will go away.

All of these ways of getting rid of a negative are effective and safe.

Sign: fell knife on the floor

Does the sign always come true?

Dining facilities fall on the floor in every family, however, guests are not always announced after that. Why it happens?

Because dining items can fall for different reasons, for example, due to inattention of a person or just a bad mood.

therefore should not focus on bad omens and experience prematurely. Just think, why did the knife or fork fall out of your hands?

Perhaps you were passionate about talking on a cell phone at this moment? Any event can find a logical explanation.

However, if it is logically impossible to explain a knife fall, then it is worthwhile to look at the meaning of the signs by the interpreter.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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