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Sign: crickets in the house

Sign: crickets in the house

Any kind of insect can be overlooked in the apartment, but not a cricket: his songs can even wake at night! What to do if a loud guest wound up somewhere behind the furniture, what are the signs of crickets in the house and how to evict them without damage for luck?

Sign: crickets in the house

Foreign and domestic crickets

People who, since ancient times, have shared a habitat with a diverse fauna, will not miss the opportunity to write about it will take another. Crickets do not hesitate to live close to housing and even climb into homes, so people quickly assigned them a role in the superstition system.

  • In China, crickets are carriers of a positive value, they appear to luck, prosperity and wealth. They were kept in houses in special cells or containers precisely to attract well-being. That’s because crickets in a row of some other insects are associated with the harvest: their appearance means that you need to prepare for the spring harvest.
  • Also crickets used as watchmen. If the cricket suddenly fell silent, someone else approached his shelter (in the case of the home cricket, the master’s residence).
  • Indians also considered crickets a symbol. good luck, and therefore they avoided parodying their chatter — out of respect, so as not to scare away success. Something like the well-known «Do not whistle — there will be no money.»
  • In some regions of Brazil, singing cricket is considered a sign of death. In others, the cricket foreshadows an ambulance pregnancy.
  • There are signs associated with crickets and signs depending on the color of insects. Grays report the money, black — o impending disease, green promise hope.

And in almost all cultures, killing cricket means incur troubles of different scale: from death, unfortunateness, illness to torn linen and the hordes of fellow killed insects, which make holes in clothes.

Sign: crickets in the house

Russian signs are mostly foreign. We have a cricket in the house is also a good sign (except for certain circumstances, see below).

Cricket is able to warn of impending trouble.

There is a significant difference: in our culture, cricket has little to do with material well-being, since when it appeared on the fields it was still too early to harvest, and he could not get into the meeting to take fertility (which once meant wealth). In our latitudes, the cricket in the house for the most part «responsible» for the climate of the house.

Killing cricket on Slavic beliefs is also not accepted.

Good omens

According to the signs, with his singing the cricket protects the house that he chose to live with. In rural areas — a common thing, and in urban apartments — a rarity.

So city dwellers can regard the appearance of a musical insect not as a mere accident, but as a sure sign of fate.

  • Hear the crickets at home on Christmas Eve — to a sudden profit. The only Russian associated with crickets takes, which promises material benefits.
  • For the sick to see or hear a cricket means a quick recovery. Especially if the cricket settled in the room where the sick family member rests. In severe diseases, a particularly good sign is a green cricket, a symbol of hope.
  • Chirp cricket behind the stove (in the case of modern houses and apartments — a stove) can be interpreted as a sign of good luck. But this is not the only interpretation, about the other, see below.

Family well-being

Favorite “sphere of activity” of cricket — family relations, strength of bonds and prosperity of the cell of society.

  • The cricket wound up and sings songs in the room of an unmarried girl or single boy — to a quick wedding. This is not necessarily a good sign, because many value their freedom and are not going to get married. But for men eager to marry (and also their parents, who are all waiting for the son to lead his family) and women looking for relationships, crickets in the house promise a happy fulfillment of matrimonial desires.
  • Pregnant women cricket predicts a good state of health for the remainder of the term, easy delivery and the appearance of a healthy baby. What you need twitched woman in position.
  • Widows crickets predict that the pain of loss will soon subside. According to some beliefs, the cricket is the embodiment of the soul of the deceased spouse, who came to visit the faithful and guard her sleep with his nightly songs. A cricket widowers no good.
  • If the cricket suddenly stopped chattering at night and started — in the afternoon, this foreshadows that someone from the household will leave the house. Not necessarily forever, but — for a long time. Previously, such an interpretation was much more sinister, because the integrity of the family was determined by one house, but now I can also regard it as a good sign: in the case of adult children, who are still not going to move out.

What cricket warns

Sign: crickets in the house

Crickets can determine future problems and troubles. And — get ready.

  • Suddenly silenced (left the house) cricket, before the regular vote — to long failures. Cricket took happiness with him.
  • Chattering over the stove (stove) cricket may be a sign of illness and death. Especially black.
  • If the crickets left their usual places and began to fly around the house — there will be a fire. Check the expiration date of the fire extinguisher.
  • Those who wake up at night from singing cricket, signs promise illness.

Do not scare luck

Crickets — lodgers loud, not everyone can sleep under their musical performances. What to do, how to evict them so as not to offend the fate?

  1. Keep track of where the crickets settled, gently catch, for example, cover with some capacity, and release into the street. The easiest way to find a cricket in the house at night, when he makes a distinctive sound.
  2. If this cannot be done, it is worthwhile to ensure that there is no water in the free access of insects; this will complicate their lives and drive them away. Carefully wipe the puddles in the bathroom, tightly close the taps, do not leave water tanks anywhere.
  3. The insect repellent is extreme, because killing a cricket according to signs is no good. But sometimes it is easier to suffer the discontent of otherworldly forces than sleepless nights. Before crickets then apologize.

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