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Sign: cows are crowded in the herd

Sign: cows are crowded in the herd

A cow is a faithful friend and helper of man since ancient times, a wet-nurse and a feeder. In India, this animal is considered sacred.

Signs and beliefs associated with the cow have been preserved in the villages to this day, and scientists have noted its ability to accurately predict the weather for tomorrow. What does it mean: cows crowded in a herd?

Consider this and other signs about cows.

Sign: cows are crowded in the herd

Features of the behavior of the cow in different cases

People noticed that animals can behave differently depending on the upcoming events. In the highlands, a stampede of animals warns of an earthquake; on the plains, animals can predict the weather by their behavior.

Everyone knows that cats can “namyvat” guests, and curled fluffy little ball foreshadows bad weather and cold.

Weather prediction

  • before the storm, a herd of cows begins to roar, raise tails and worry;
  • before a shower, the milk in the hearth always froth, and the yield falls;
  • if the cow strikes the fence with its tail, then it will be clear warm weather;
  • if the cows are lying on the ground, then the heat is near;
  • before the first frosts, the flock itself is sent to a stall without the shepherd urging;
  • if cows greedily eat grass, it means to be rain;
  • if in front of the herd there is a black cow — to bad weather, if white — to fair weather, pest — to the rain;
  • if a burenka scratches horns during milking, be thunderstorm.

Misfortune prediction

  • If a cow moans all night long in the barn, the family will be in trouble.
  • If a Burenka threw a man three times straight in the face, he only had a few days to live.
  • If a black cow looks in the window to a sick person, he will not get up.
  • If the cows from the meadow come into the yard not through the gate, but break the fence — expect trouble.
  • If the cow calved motley twins — wait for the fire.
  • If a cow throws grass on itself while eating, be hay crop failure.
  • The cow moans for a long time at dawn — to sad news.

Sign: cows are crowded in the herd

Other signs about a cow

  • If a Burenka licked a man’s face, he will not get TB.
  • It is impossible to sing in the barn — do not eat milk.
  • They do not allow strangers into the barn — cows will stop feeding.
  • If the cattle lost the horn, it must be found and thrown into the well. If this is not done, well-being will leave the house.
  • When a cow becomes calf, people don’t give anything out of the house.
  • If the cow is gone, you need to rub your back on the fence — she will return home.

To prevent the cow from getting lost and always returning home, a special ceremony is held in the spring. They put a belt on the threshold so that the animal crossed it, and they say: “As the belt holds on me, so does (the animal’s name) stay in the house”.

In order for the Burenka to always return home, they also conducted such a rite. On the threshold put a stick in the nail, so that the animal crossed over it.

Subsequently, this stick always drove the cow to pasture.

Sign: cows are crowded in the herd

In Scotland, a protective rite was held on cows at the summer solstice. It was necessary to pour over holy water on the throat of each cow and read the Symbol of Faith.

  • In order for the cows not to be sick, the hostess must defend service in the church with peas, and then put it in the barn.
  • In order for the buren to give more milk, they visited her while walking in the meadow.
  • In August, 22 numbers of cows were not allowed to pasture. According to beliefs, on this day snakes could drink all the blood from the cows.

In the old days, peasants were afraid of witches, because they knew how to direct damage to livestock. If a cow is milked with blood, then the witch lives next door.

The animal was cleaned with holy water and prayers, aspen branches were thrown at the corners of the courtyard.

In February, the 19th day celebrated Rev. Vukol. On this day, the owners fumigated the barn with thyme, so that the cows would bring a big yield.

Thyme smoke protected small calves from diseases.

To milk after calving was delicious, the hostess cooked porridge on it and read the special plots. Plots and read on the health of calves, rich offspring and milk yield.

White cows and mystic

They knew about the antics of evil forces in every peasant house, therefore people observed all signs — it saved from harm. June 30 was considered a bad day when the sun was stagnant at the zenith.

On this day, evil spirits activated and could bring people into trouble.

On this day, a white cow of extraordinary beauty could appear at the gate. However, it was dangerous to let the animal into the yard: under the guise of a cow an impure person was hiding.

If the owners allowed the cow into the barn, the unclean milk spoiled the cattle.

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