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Sign: a spider in the house

Sign: a spider in the house

Despite the repulsive appearance, spiders, in the overwhelming majority of them, are good and not at all dangerous insects. Do not kill the spiders — this motto can be met quite often. And indeed, these hunters wonderfully catch flies and other annoying guests in our house.

But this is only one of the positive qualities of insects of this species. Numerous popular observations state that the sign of a spider in a house always brings good news to the owners of the dwelling.

It remains only to find out — which ones?

Sign: a spider in the house

According to interpretations will, the spider brings good luck into the house

The main sign that characterizes the appearance of this insect in your house is: there was a spider — followed by luck.

Such interpretations come to us from ancient times. The greatest legend is about how an arthropod insect saved Mary with little Jesus and her spouse: the spider braided the entrance to the cave, where they hid from their pursuers, and they thought it was evidence of a long absence of man there. A harmless spider settled in the house is able to bring a lot of good to its owners:

  • living next door to other inhabitants, the agile fly catcher quietly assists in getting rid of conflicts, bad thoughts and other negative everyday manifestations;
  • spider behavior serves as a basis for weather forecasts, and if you saw a spider somewhere in the most secluded corner of its luxurious cobweb — to be in a short time strong wind;
  • if our tireless craftsman engaged in weaving a very thick web — this is to drought;
  • if you came to visit someone and immediately stumbled upon a spider, do not be alarmed, and most importantly — do not frighten the occupant of this hut, because, judging by the legends, it is one of the main signs of not only well-being and wealth, but also happiness in a personal life;
  • The explanation of this predisposition to the spider tribe is very simple — it is believed that it is in the corners of the house that all the negative energy is concentrated, and since the cobweb woven by arthropod neighbors is most often there, it firmly holds all the negative, not allowing it to flare up;
  • doing cleaning, each of us tends to get into the most hidden corners where dust accumulates, it is desirable not to disturb the spider, and if they remove the woven web, then leave him alone.

Of all the other cloisters of the corners in the house, signs and beliefs of the people for some reason prefer the light colored spiders, apparently, black is still more associated with all sorts of interpreters with negative energy.

Sign: a spider in the house

Saw a spider on the bathroom floor — to change

A fairly large number will take and beliefs can be associated with the specific location of the arthropod inhabitant of an apartment or house:

  • seen in the bathroom but not in the corner, as usual, and on the floor — to the fact that you, without waiting for the further course of events, should adjust your future plans in life, perhaps something from the previously planned will be not good, but detrimental;
  • according to another version, the spider seen in the bathroom is evidence of several phenomena that pass without your attention — it is stagnation in a business sense, in matters of the heart, theft or other kind of money leaks, things, including valuables, as well as information that is not intended for open use.

He will take quite a lot, and here it is important not to run up with thoughts throughout, but to calmly sort through all possible scenarios, draw from this the appropriate conclusions. Actually, this is the main purpose of all will and their interpretations.

Sign: a spider in the house

From well-being to material difficulties at hand

It so happens that different signs in one day can contradict each other. And this is another proof of the presumptive nature of all such interpretations:

  • presence itself spider in the house — to material wealth;
  • if a spider suddenly caught your eye — wait for the exact same sudden profit;
  • but if you saw a little arthropod and were scared — this is to unpleasant news;
  • changes in life entails a spider crawling on the floor, here the main thing is to note in which direction he does it, if we are talking about the approach of an insect to you, this promises additional cash receipts, and if it crawls away, material losses are possible;
  • spider crawling over your clothes, also should not scare you, but, on the contrary, please, because such a sign means a quick update to the old wardrobe;
  • if you saw a spider, busy weaving your favorite net — rejoice, it is a foreshadowing of enrichment soon;
  • spider crawling down the web — your longing will not come true, up — wait, and in your street there will be a long-awaited holiday;
  • agree, the most unpleasant feeling when you feel a spider on yourself, but signs are considered different, for example, if this harmless insect fell on your head right from the ceiling — expect a rich inheritance, big win or, at worst, good luck in financial transactions.

Now imagine such a picture — right in front of your face on the web comes the catcher of flies, such a plot foreshadows a meeting with a very pleasant person, or just a welcome dear guests.

Sign: a spider in the house

By time of day and signs are explained differently

As in other signs and beliefs, the time of day is of great importance when you see a spider in your house:

  • morning crawling spider is a bad omen, after that it is impossible to realize the plans outlined earlier, the fiasco is guaranteed;
  • saw the spider in the afternoon time is lucky;
  • met with the spider face to face hanging on the web — there will be unexpected good news, receiving a letter with good news, promotion, getting money;
  • if the spider is very close to your face — you will be a gorgeous gift;
  • the insect has come down from the ceiling to your hand — do not pull it away, because it promises monetary gain.

But if the spider quietly dropped from the ceiling to the table — attention: the secret enemy wants to penetrate your house.

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