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Sign: a pimple on the lip — why does a pimple jump out

The pimple on the lip popped up again — stop swearing

Thanks to the ubiquitous advertising, even the little ones know about these small but insidious creatures — pimples, which can jump up at the most inappropriate moment and bring a lot of mental suffering to their owner.

Acne is not only a teenage problem, in which the hormonal vortex causes this little nuisance to grow by leaps and bounds and turn into a very significant one. Adult adults, adults who have long forgotten about youthful “bouquets” on their faces, suffer from rash.

And although doctors say that such a phenomenon is the result of metabolic failures in the body, and cosmetologists attribute it to insufficient skin cleansing and poor care for it, you will not fool lovers of superstitions — there is no doubt that the causes of rashes are completely different!

Has a pimple jumped on a lip? A sign that is the most common, says: you must immediately limit yourself to foul language.

Those who like to insert a juicy expletive in a conversation suddenly wake up in the morning with this cosmetic defect that often violates daily plans.

If a person is inclined to express curse all the time, he just guaranteed a lush color on his lips. Therefore, the first measure of protection against such «instant karma» is to re-examine your speech habits. It is necessary to carefully monitor your tongue so that “frogs”, who offend and insult people, do not break away from it.

Want to have a clean face? — observe the culture of speech.

Sign: a pimple on the lip - why does a pimple jump out

Other acne habitats

If a person is far from being a clear fan of nasty verbal turns and it is impossible to accuse him of abusing the patience of his surroundings, other explanations for the annoying morning “surprise” come to the rescue.

He may choose an unusual place for himself and, depending on this, point out to his owner the probable causes. They should listen — suddenly these signs are trying to say something important!

  • Inflammation of the upper and lower lips

If the pimple settles on the lower lip, friends or relatives will receive a lot of attention from you in the very near future, since this sign predicts a pleasant meeting and a pleasant friendly kiss to the person.

If the same thing happened on the upper lip, here the affair takes another, love turn. A pimper here signals an unequivocal feeling towards you of a member of the opposite sex, so you should take a closer look at the environment and think: is there a secret passionate admirer hiding behind a friend or girlfriend?

  • Rashes above and below lips

A pimple over the lip can have two explanations. The first reason may be your strong love, which has not yet been realized and is taken more for sympathy.

Take a close look at yourself in the mirror — perhaps the glitter of the eyes, irrational smile and cheerful mood did not appear out of the blue?

If you do not find passionate feelings even in the most secluded corners of the soul, then the reason is different. Perhaps this is how your immoderate ego manifests itself, forcing all attention to devote itself to the beloved and deprive them of the most expensive and significant people.

Think about the fact that self-love is good in moderation and without prejudice to the environment.

The rash that arose under the lip again indicates a meeting with relatives soon, but with the amendment that it does not bode well. Most likely, you have to endure a scandal or a quarrel with the family environment.

Perhaps Mogilev’s great aunt is about to descend, which is pretty much patting your nerves. According to another sign, you have to deal with suddenly arising major financial issues.

  • And what if inflammation originated in the corners of the mouth?

This is a very alarming sign for its owner, as the sign says: you pretty much wash the bones. Consider: did you not say anything or did you not behave in an extraordinary way that would give rise to the spread of gossip about you?

Try to keep your mouth shut, avoid detractors and not tell the opposite person about your affairs, since such information can be turned inside out and presented in a bad light.

  • Very small, barely noticeable pimple

If the morning «gift» does not bring problems, is not painful, and does not arise with it, this is a good sign for you, because in the very near future you will go on a date. At the same time, there is a great possibility that the relations following the meeting will have far-reaching consequences.

Sweep and how long the rash lasts: the longer the pimple does not go away, the stronger the relationship will be, and the union will last longer.

Sign: a pimple on the lip - why does a pimple jump out

Salvation from the bad will

If the morning signs predict something frightening and unpleasant, you can try to cheat and prevent their implementation. To do this, do the following:

  1. find a salt shaker or pepper shaker and sprinkle the tongue. It is believed that such a measure can temper the ardor of talkers and gossipers who spread bad rumors about you. Just do not overdo it — a large number of seasonings will only increase your inflammation;
  2. try to apologize to the person you insult or hurt, admit your guilt and promise to treat people politely in the future. According to belief, this should help — the rash will certainly disappear.

Well, if no one remedy does not help, try to hear a prudent opinion of official medicine and distract from mysticism!

Perhaps the cause of the rash is reduced immunity or excessive use of toxic to the body of alcohol. And if you find yourself having the symptoms of herpes, then immediately put off the pepper jar and go to the pharmacy for a special ointment.

During treatment, forget about dating and kissing, remembering that the infection is transmitted from person to person.

Sign: a pimple on the lip - why does a pimple jump out

Well, when a visit to a doctor or a cosmetologist will give its natural result — here you can already think about such entertainment as fitting for various folk will take.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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