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Sign: a bird knocks on the window

Sign: a bird knocks on the window

The autumn frost attracted the curious little bird to the heat of the last midges, with which the curious bird wants to pamper its stomach. Sits, does not harm people, bites the midges.

What does the sign about the bird that knocks on the window mean? Signs are so different, often original, that even reading them is very interesting.

Sign: a bird knocks on the window

Any bird is, first of all, a messenger.

In the understanding of people, every feathered creature, according to ancient beliefs, symbolizes the soul of a deceased ancestor. In those centuries when the Slavs professed paganism, the bird’s image was a kind of pass to the other world. Consequently, God’s Bird, which turned out to be close to our home, is a symbol of news, good or bad:

  • most often considered, that a knock on the window of a feathered guest means that relatives who have long gone to another world are trying to convey some news with it;
  • being such an intermediary between the real world and the sphere of non-existence, swallow, for example, bears the key to the heavenly gate;
  • according to other judgments will take, the first joyful bird of spring carries good news, and if there is a woman in the house in a position — soon there will be a long-awaited baby birth;
  • knock tits can be interpreted by interpreters as the arrival of an unexpected, but very joyful news;
  • if the same ptah shows considerable persistence and a knock continues for quite a long time — This is to a whole lingering stripe of success.

In general, knocking on the window of the feathered brethren should mean that our deceased relatives, therefore, bless us with success in undertaking something previously conceived.

Sign: a bird knocks on the window

Pigeon — news honest postman

From the depths of time to our contemporaries it is believed that the blue-winged pigeon can be considered the main carrier of all news. It is considered that it will be a good sign if the window is open upon its arrival. Let’s see what awaits us, if everything develops in this way, or in some other way:

  • if sizokryly handsome just knocked on the glass — This is the arrival of a long-awaited guest or several;
  • it happens that in the beak of the sizar some object is visible, a blade of grass or a branch, this sign is “deciphered”, as the soonest arrival of a guest with rich and generous gifts;
  • not a gray-winged, but snow-white handsome knocks on the glass of the house in which the unmarried girl lives with a beak — to be married to her soon;
  • if the dove has a dark color, but differs in the same perseverance — call relatives, ask about their affairs-well-being, because in this case, according to accept, some of them need to be protected from some evil;
  • There are several options here to ward off trouble, but superstitions and signs require to visit relatives or just to phone them — in this case, the trouble passes;
  • sisar does not knock on glass, but beats on it — This is the disease of the same relatives.

Elementary feeding of a feathered guest or his together with the whole company with bread crumbs can be a good anti action for such omens.. Only for these purposes, the product purchased in the store is hardly suitable, it is better to use your own baking.

It is not difficult to do this, but from the heart the care will disappear. In another case, a special prayer or words of a special spell helps.

Sign: a bird knocks on the window

Magpies, sparrows, cuckoos and other birds

A lot of birds can fly around the house, especially if it is located not far from a strip of greenery, which in the sleeping areas of large megacities are now trying to save in abundance. Come, figure out which of these birds is carrying what news with them. Well, let’s start listing:

  • knocking on the window glass magpie — three positive moments at once, good news and long-awaited guests will soon descend, and if someone is sick from home for a long and hard time — to recovery;
  • knocks on the window sparrow — the news is no less pleasant, since it informs about the winnings soon, that’s just not clear yet — whether in the lottery, whether it concerns a dispute or some kind of gambling;
  • An interesting superstition about our subject is that if a person feels strange excitement at the sound of a feathered knock — it means that someone is going to deceive him soon, you have to be on your guard.

This omen goes back to the biblical tale of the gray thief, who jumped over the body of crucified Jesus with the exclamations “live, live, live, live,” thereby torturing the holy martyr even more.

Sign: a bird knocks on the window

From the succession of disease to ruin — the news is sad

Most often we see sparrows and titmouses near our windows. Rarely does a pigeon fly to the glass.

But it happens that rare guests are near. We continue to list the bird species further:

  • if a gull screaming and knocking on the glass frightens households — it means that your deceased relative, who previously served in the fleet, is inviting someone close to him, this news of the imminent death in the family;
  • the crow knocks on the glass, the sound of an owl, an owl or a jackdaw is heard, what happens very rarely — this is also the sad news about the imminent loss of a relative, and if you also heard the cry of a bird, then perhaps the loss will not be the only one;
  • happens infrequently, but it happens that the window of the house is cuckoo, knocking on the glass of this feathered guest is also not for good, but for a whole series of illnesses, it may well be that the family faces serious financial problems, up to ruin.

It is not for nothing that history has a lot of evidence that for every poison there is an antidote in nature. That is why a bad interpretation of omens should not lead a person to a state of apathy.

In order to take the trouble away from the house, it is necessary to tie the handle on the window with a red thread of wool or silk — this will be a kind of talisman from harm. You can tie a ribbon instead of a thread.

It would be nice to collect all the small coins in a handful, stand at the intersection and throw them over the right shoulder with the words “take the money, save the trouble”. After this, the birds should be given a generous feast of crumbs and seeds.

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