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Russian wedding traditions are the main traditions and customs

The main traditions and customs of the Russian folk wedding — wedding, redemption, matchmaking

Newlyweds often wish to marry, observing all the traditions of the Russian wedding. Some pursue the goal of giving the outrage to the triumph at the expense of bright, colorful and exciting rituals, others marry, observing folk customs, with a deep understanding of their meaning and essence.

In both cases it will be useful to get acquainted with the rites and teachings that have been kept by the people for centuries, in order to have a successful marriage in the chosen style.

Traditional matchmaking

As in other states, in Russia since ancient times it was supposed to send matchmakers to a dwelling to a chosen bride. For the matchmaking, a certain date was chosen, on which the relatives of the future spouse or the chosen matchmaker went to visit her and her parents.

This role is often played by friends, parents, uncles or godfathers of the future spouse. On the day of matchmaking, a celebration was held with relying festivities — jokes, dances and songs, sentences.

Preparing for it in advance, as prescribed customs and traditions.

Russian wedding traditions are the main traditions and customs

It is worth noting that often the parents of the newlyweds have already agreed on everything in advance, so the young people did not have much choice. The actions that the newlyweds were supposed to perform on the day of matchmaking differed from province to province.

If somewhere it was necessary to shake the flap from the furnace, then in other places it was considered sufficient to sit under the icon of the Mother of God and under the main beam of the ceiling.

There are some tips for proper matchmaking:

  • Parents of the bride are supposed to refuse the offer, the role of the matchmakers is to convince them to agree.
  • Wednesday and Friday are considered days not suitable for matchmaking.
  • To protect the newlyweds from the evil eye and the marriage, matchmaking was held in the evening and at night.
  • After the matchmaking in the house of the bride, all the woman’s pockets and pokers were tied with hemp strings.

Loaf and blessing

Blessing the newlyweds with a loaf helped the young family to bring happiness, wealth and joy. Baking, decorated with fancy patterns, prepared specifically for the ceremony.

The main pattern was considered a branch of viburnum, symbolizing love.

The dough for the future loaf was supposed to knead a married woman who had given birth to many healthy children and happy in marriage. Thus, she gave a piece of her happiness to future spouses.

Another important point — before preparing the dough, the woman had to wash her hands and face, put on a scarf and a cross, and during kneading the dough — pray.

Russian wedding traditions are the main traditions and customs

He also placed a blank in the oven, a married and happy man, who at that moment also was supposed to read the prayers. The more baked loaf turned out, the more joyful and rich life the future couple was to live.

As the customs and traditions prescribed, for the celebratory meeting of the newlyweds, the groom’s parents carried a loaf on a patterned embroidered towel and, congratulating the spouses, while the most respected or eldest member of the clan gave a speech.

To choose the future head of the family, the couple took a loaf, and each bit off him a bit. Whose piece turned out to be more — that was to become the main one.

Then the cake was cut and the child was brought to the guests.

Wedding train

This refers to the trip of the newlyweds to the church for the wedding ceremony. It all started with the fact that the dot that the sun would rise in the groom’s house were people who were to take part in the train.

Among them was a woman who baked a loaf, buddies, boyars, best man, relatives and uncles.

Everyone present was assigned to their own role, which he was supposed to play. To ensure the fecundity of the bride and the material well-being of the future family, a woman who baked a loaf, showered the train (sleigh or carriage) with grain.

The rest of the people — best man, boyfriends and boyars, accompanied the groom to the destination. It was accompanied by fervent jokes and ambiguous hints, dances and cheerful songs.

The groom’s parents did not take part in the train and did not go to church, because at that time they were preparing a feast to meet the guests after the wedding.

As prescribed by the traditions of the Russian wedding, the train was promoted to the bride, and in its head was the main boyfriend. The villagers put all the obstacles in his way, not allowing him to pass.

The gates were locked in front of him, carts or other barriers rolled out onto the road. The residents eliminated these obstacles for a nominal fee — a couple of cakes or a mug of wine, after which the train moved on.

Difficulties did not end in the house of the daughter-in-law — there the bridegroom was waiting for the locked gate or the hidden darling, who needed to be found or redeemed from the elder brother.

Wedding Traditions

The sacrament of the wedding and to this day are many couples, but in the old days this ritual was necessary and necessary. With the help of it, the newlyweds combine their marriage before God, take responsibility for it.

If they later decide to break up — this is considered a serious sin. Therefore, nowadays, it is worth taking a responsible approach to the choice of a partner, and if there is no certainty that love will live for many years, do not get married.

Russian wedding traditions are the main traditions and customs

Wedding at the Russian folk wedding was considered mandatory in the last century. The newlyweds have long picked up clothes and a temple in which the sacrament must pass.

One of the main traditions of the Russian wedding is the embroidering of the towel to the bride. He is part of the dowry that she was given.

After the marriage ceremony, the bench hammer remained in the house of the spouses forever.

Rushniki were used in the wedding ceremony, and they should have been two — on one stood the bride and groom, and the other tied their hands. Today young bread is served on it.

Also, according to custom, the bride is supposed to embroider not only the towel, but also the shirt for the groom.

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