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Room ivy: is it possible to keep at home, signs of positive and negative

Indoor or decorative ivy, aka heder, bindweed: what are the signs associated with this plant

You ask yourself: a peaceful bindweed that is green on your window sill is room ivy, is it possible to keep it in the house, the signs attributed to the plant notoriety … But is it true? Esoteric ivy is considered bad or good, and is it worth throwing out this unpretentious “bush” if it is already “registered” in your house for more than a month?

Room ivy: is it possible to keep at home, signs of positive and negative

What energy does this plant carry?

Believe it or not, this “mini-liana” is a real energy vampire, nourished by the “life-streams” of the owners of the house. But at the same time, the bindweed can give people a sense of self-confidence (not narcissism and not egoism, but faith in themselves).

Esoteric advise: to keep indoor ivy stands in families where emotions are constantly raging. The plant will smooth out the pranks of a hyperactive child, the frantic rhythm of a too emotional person (for example, a purebred choleric person), the passion of «Italian love» in a pair.

Green leaves will absorb all the excess emotions — especially “to taste” their negative experiences.

Positive signs about ivy

Room ivy: is it possible to keep at home, signs of positive and negative

  • Ivy is a powerful source of peace. Since the green twigs collect strong energy, they can “absorb” the harmful negative left after quarrels.
  • The plant discourages the evil people who come to visit you, and also cleans the atmosphere of the house from the evil thoughts left by these guests.
  • Ivy “grows” very well, growing near the working computer in the office. Wise people advise to keep him in the office (especially if you got a particularly harmful, noisy boss, or you are trying to build a career).
  • If a girl dreams of a family, but she still can’t get along with “the same” guy, the “grandmothers” are advised to buy a bindweed. It is believed that he can help her not only to interest, but also to conquer the heart of her beloved, or finally to get acquainted with his fate.
  • If a married lady lands a heder, the plant will become a shield from family quarrels.
  • In addition, the plant is advised as a panacea for insecurity. Are you too timid, quiet person? Try to make friends with ivy — and maybe, at the time when its “creepers” will braid one of the walls in your dwelling, you yourself will begin to “rise” high in this life.
  • If you plant a plant not in the house, but on the street (say, on the balcony, but so that the branches twine around the balcony door and window), you will create a reliable shield protecting your home from any energy evil coming from outside.

Negative signs

  • Omens say: decorative ivy dares men from home. Therefore, it is not advised to plant it to young girls for extradition, who often invite a boyfriend to themselves, as well as to young women who have recently created a family and who fear for its durability.
  • If a seemingly healthy, overgrown ivy branch falls off (does not break off, but it falls off), you can suffer serious material losses.
  • If a pot with a bindweed is in the living room, he can constantly steal the life forces of all family members.
  • Hedera is completely contraindicated for people of a melancholic type of character; it oppresses them.
  • If, after planting ivy, you do not care enough for it (constantly forget to water it, do not feed it), it will begin to feed on your emotional forces, pulling them out more than the norm.

Other interesting ivy magic data

Room ivy: is it possible to keep at home, signs of positive and negative

  1. With the help of ivy, a guy or man can tell fortunes to his beloved. Late in the evening tear 10 leaves, of which 9 send under your pillow, and take the last one out onto the street. After this manipulation, your future darling will come to you in a dream, with which you will join life. This rite works best on All Saints Day.
  2. Roman women who wished to stay young and beautiful for many years wore a sprig of ivy on their chests. They did not hide him in his bosom, but pinned him to his clothes as an ornament. By the way, this green also gave its owner a success.

Can it grow in your home?

If the convolvulus grew up in a house (apartment) for many years, remember: what atmosphere reigned in the family all this time? If you feel exhausted, deprived of strength, try to get rid of the pot — maybe it was he who “woke up” all this time.

If, on the contrary, peace and quiet reigned in the house, continue to care for your pet, because perhaps it was he who helped create the right “weather in the house” all this time.

An interesting moment! Fans of houseplants consider: a twig can be bought or begged from a friend, but if you really want it to take root, you need to steal it.

You can sneak it out of the pot in the corridor of a public institution (after seeing ivy in a hospital, office, or state institution), or, being a guest of a friend, ask her: turn away, I will now steal the escape. But do not forget: this should be done as carefully as possible so as not to damage the «mother» plant.

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