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Rain: signs and rites

Rain: signs and rites

It turns out that rain is needed not only to saturate the earth with moisture. With it, you can attract good luck and get rid of obstacles and fears.

Even our ancestors considered rain a good omen. And many shamans have been improving their connection with the world for decades to learn how to cause this natural phenomenon at will.

Rain is water falling from heaven. That is why many give it magical properties. She is one of the four elements with which you can fulfill any desire.

Simply follow certain rules, and then the well-being itself will come to your house.

Signs associated with rain

All these signs are time-tested and known to many, but not everyone pays attention to them. But if you want to change your life and enlist the support of the Universe, you should not ignore such signs from above.

It is believed that if it began to rain on the day of the marriage, the newlyweds were very lucky. This means that heaven itself blessed such a union, and it will be long and strong. As a rule, relations between the newlyweds in such cases are built not only on mutual love, but also on trust and respect.

If you are going on a long journey, and suddenly it started to rain, this is also considered a good sign. Thus, the Universe reports that the path will be easy, and you should not worry about trifles.

Rain, which began on his birthday, promises this man a great success in business. Such a foreshadowing means that all the next year, good luck will accompany you in any endeavors. The main thing is to notice the tips in time and follow the call of the heart.

We remind you that the signs can appear in certain numbers, which are also able to attract abundance into your life.

The rite of purification in the rain

This ritual came to us from shamanic practices. Scientists have long believed that water is an excellent conductor. It also has good cleansing properties.

That is why it is useful to stand under the warm summer rain and wash off all the accumulated negative.

If something in your life is not going well or you cannot overcome a certain stage, just wait until small drops start to drip from the sky and go outside. Such rains can clear not only the body, but also the soul. And to enhance the effect, try to visualize how water flows away from you all the accumulated negative.

At all times, the rain was associated with the beginning of something new. It was also believed that he attracts good luck. To do this, you just had to stand under the drops and speak your desire.

You can fulfill your dreams in different ways, the main thing is to clearly understand what exactly you want. Enjoy each new day, watch the signs. and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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