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Popular signs about wedding rings and engagement rings

Signs about wedding rings: what to look for

Wedding rings have always been a symbol of love, loyalty and trust of partners. Therefore, a couple in love before choosing rings gives particular attention to omens.

Superstition about wedding rings is useful to know not only the future spouses, but also those who have been married for a long time.

Charm for marrying or how to choose rings

From the times of paganism, wedding rings were considered a strong talisman for the newlyweds. These decorations kept spouses from external misfortunes and troubles, defended the family hearth.

But it was possible under one condition — the rings should not be removed from the hand of the wife and husband.

Popular signs about wedding rings and engagement rings

Girls who are planning to get married, you should not succumb to the entreaties of friends: try on your ring, donated to the engagement. A bad prediction is waiting for the owner of the jewelry.

It can push away your woman’s happiness, condemn to your confusion with your beloved and ruin your plans.

If you agree with the adventurous offer — to exchange rings for a while with a close relative, then exchange them, putting them on the table. We are talking about those decorations that are presented as a sign of love by your fiance.

So you will avoid the hassles associated with your future family happiness.

Dropping the precious attributes of a wedding before fitting does not promise good changes. On the contrary, a young couple should prepare for intrigues and negative influence from outside.

This impact may be from relatives who are against your love affair. You can stop this reaction and future consequences by passing a white thread through the rings.

Even after they are not afraid to wear for fitting. The thread must be burned by the one who dropped, saying the words: «Burn, fire, all my troubles and sorrows.»

One of the signs reflects the rules of fitting a wedding ring for a girl. You should not do this on a glove, even if this accessory is sewn from thin guipure.

Be sure to wear a ring finger that is connected to the sun, the creative energy of good and well-being.

Losing this symbol of matrimony before the wedding and after — a bad sign. Quarrels, deceit and quarrel face such a sign.

Marriage of many couples becomes short-lived, and the beginning of a showdown will be the first sign of divorce.

Signs for those who want to bring their marriage day closer

Some beliefs concern not only the future bride and groom. Unmarried girls who want to wear a wedding dress can accelerate the approach of this event.

To do this, you need to be at a wedding party close friend or relative. Touching the wedding ring on the bride’s finger, you can happily hope for your own wedding in the near future.

In another embodiment, the sign concerns a box of rings, which must be taken by an unmarried bridesmaid or witness. That lucky girl is certainly waiting for a marriage proposal.

But the box has a positive effect only once. She does not promise anything to the next one who takes it in her hands.

What to look for when buying wedding rings

Even in the times of our grandmothers, the prerogative of buying rings for a wedding was with men. He had to buy two identical rings at the same place at the same time.

This promised prosperity and mutual understanding in the future life together.

Now, according to tradition, the newlyweds go to the jewelry salon together and also follow certain rules. A good sign would be to opt for a homogeneous metal. The product should not be catchy and arrogant.

Not welcome carving and engravings with inscriptions.

If you want a smooth and harmonious life with your spouse, trust to accept our grandmothers, buy smooth and simple wedding rings. The classic product is not encrusted with precious stones and has the usual and even color of gold.

It is these symbols of marriage that help to preserve love and devotion for many years.

Brilliant — a symbol of wealth and material well-being. But he enters the positive symbolism of rings for engagement or other events in the life of a woman.

As for the wedding, the knowledgeable girls try to avoid it, considering it as a “stumbling block”.

Popular signs about wedding rings and engagement rings

An old tradition to keep jewels that came from our ancestors. If you prefer to save money and put a ring on your grandmother’s wedding ceremony, then make sure that it has positive energy for you.

If you are sure that your ancestors were not happily married, constantly quarreling, quarreling, sharing property, not sharing a common family budget, differing in views and tastes, then you know, you should not wear such a thing for your celebration.

Those products that belonged to truly happy couples who have been married for more than twenty-five years will endow well-being. The propping power of those decorations in which the couple celebrated their golden wedding is unique.

The jewels of a widow or divorced woman should not be considered as an option to decorate your hand at your own wedding. Remelting or somehow changing the shape of the product is also a bad omen.

Over the years, these things have retained in themselves the negative charge that can bring a series of troubles and ruin the fate of the new owner.

To borrow wedding rings from friends is to miss your family happiness. Even if this couple lives long and appreciates family traditions, you will not find peace from a home with such an attribute.

The material of wedding rings is traditionally considered gold. Its color and variety does not matter, but you need to remember that the expensive metal is not set to give you warmth and joy, if it was bought by people who want to show their wealth, and not the sincerity of feelings.

Popular signs about wedding rings and engagement rings

Signs on the case of engagement — how the ring should look

These products can afford to be uncommon and design bold. Best of all, if such a thing will be decorated with precious stones — it symbolizes luxury, wealth and financial stability in the future life together. The stone should be of good quality and without strange impurities.

A diamond that not only personifies love, but also gives good protection to the owner from external negative is ideal.

Old Russian omen prohibits to remove the engagement ring before the wedding. This personifies the seriousness of the girl’s intentions and constancy in relation to the man.

It is customary to pass it from generation to generation, it also keeps the experience and that invisible pithiness, which was the secret of family happiness.

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