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People signs for October

People signs for October of the year

October has long been considered one of the most difficult months. Understand what is waiting for you and proven national signs will help to avoid difficulties this month.

People signs were checked by generations of people. Noting the weather phenomena, the prerequisites of sad and joyful events, people passed from mouth to mouth what was noticed and understood, and as such, the surest signs of happiness and troubles have reached our days.

October is considered to be a transitional month between a warm autumn and the onset of prolonged rains and cold. This affects both energy and people’s lifestyle:

  • If rowan has given many fruits, then autumn will be full of rains, and if very little, it will be dry.
  • If there are very few mushrooms or not at all, then the winter will be very cold.
  • Birches turned yellow from the top — to be early spring, and if from the lower branches — then late and cold.
  • If the oak leaves in October have fallen completely, then be a cruel and harsh winter.

  • If the sun in October is rare, then the winter will be cold.
  • If in October there were thunderstorms with thunder, then the winter will be short and warm.
  • If on the first day of October cranes fly to the South, then frost will hit by 15 already, and if they do not fly away, then until November the weather will not change.
  • If you see snow on October 7, it means that winter will come by November.
  • On October 10 it will rain mixed with snow, then it will warm 3 times in winter.

  • If in October there are a lot of cones on coniferous trees — it will be a long and snowy winter.
  • If the viburnum has ripened, and by the end of October its leaves are green, like in summer, then it will be late and warm in winter.
  • If there is a large layer of fat under the skin of a hare killed in October, the winter will be frosty and harsh.
  • A big crop of dogwood — to the harsh cold.
  • If at the end of October it froze to frost on the ground — the spring will be early and warm.
  • If the sunset in October is golden, then the next day will be warm and clear.

  • If there are rare cumulus clouds in the sky during the week, then the next October week will be dry and warm.
  • To feed a stray dog ​​or cat to feed — to find wealth in the winter.
  • On October 18, you need to start weaving or knitting: this will attract happiness and wealth to the house.
  • On the 19th day any sickness can be relieved with bread, which you need to bake with your own hands.
  • If from October 20 at night the sky is clear and the stars shine brightly, then the winter will be frosty and snowy.

  • On October 26th it is possible to evaporate any ailment in the bath.
  • On the 28th you cannot collect the roots of the plants: they fall asleep for the winter and will no longer be useful.
  • On October 29, it was possible to exorcise evil spirits and evil spirits by ventilating the house and freezing things outside.

People signs will help you to predict what to expect both in October and later. The wisdom of the ancestors will tell you when to prepare for the cold and what the coming winter will be.

Signs from the past often help us in the present. Monetary signs are considered to be especially true, since they were carefully checked and not carried out of the house until the sign was confirmed three times. We wish you warmth in the shower in any weather, good luck in everything, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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