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People signs for happiness and success

People signs for happiness and success

There are a huge number of signs that warn against bad events. But these national signs — about happiness, which is knocking on your life.

Happiness is the most important thing for any person. Everyone dreams about living happily, and for many centuries many sages and shamans gathered and formed the rules of a happy life, and the people noticed and passed from century to century happy signs:

1. If the fly falls into your mug — this is an unexpected cash gift.

2. To see a rainbow in a dream — to great luck in life.

3. Found a horseshoe brings happiness to the house. If you hang it above the door with the ends up, then the house will be a full bowl, and if you make a wish and throw it behind your back without looking, then the thought will surely be fulfilled.

4. A rusty nail will be a good find: they can “beat” happiness in your home.

5. To pick a clover with four petals or a lilac flower — with five, means to find a way to fulfill the desired. A plucked petal or flower needs to be swallowed.

6. Did you break a plate or mug? Do not be upset, it is to great happiness.

7. Accidentally step into the manure — catch the luck by the tail.

8. Stroking the belly of a pregnant woman — call for love and joy.

9. Sneeze over dinner — lure happiness to the conversation.

10. A daughter who looks like a father and a son who looks like a mother will be happy.

11. A mole outside your visibility without a mirror is happiness and protection.

12. Awakening at sunrise promises a good day.

13. Finding a chicken god on the shore (a rounded stone with a through hole) is a great success.

14. A stork in the sky is for love and children, and if you are lucky and storks nest on your roof, then be your family always strong and happy.

15. The ladybug that has sat down on you with an odd number of points is lucky, and with an even number of points to luck.

16. To meet a woman carrying full buckets — to catch a good day. The same thing awaits you if a man meets with an empty bucket.

17. Get ready for a journey when it rains — for a peaceful and easy journey.

18. Find a key covered with rust — open the way to luck.

19. Tuesday and Saturday are the best days for traveling and traveling. And in order for the path to be easy and pleasant, everyone should sit down for a few minutes before the road and keep silent.

20. One of the recipes of youth and beauty of a woman is an acorn, which should be carried along.

21. The most intimate desire to make a shooting star: it will surely be fulfilled.

22. The right ear begins to itch when it is said about you well.

23. The left palm is itchy to receive money.

24. If the bridegroom and the bride squint, the family will be happy.

25. A cat sneezing near the bride promises her a happy married life.

26. A cuckoo nakukuet you fulfillment of desires, if you think them out loud, until she pauses.

27. Throw a leaf of laurel into the fire and hear its loud crash — good luck.

28. Hide the bay leaves under your pillow — see a good dream.

29. Swallows nesting under your roof will bring understanding and love to your home.

30. To meet a fox — to attract luck.

31. The frog, itself jumped into the house — to the money.

32. To feed the stray dog ​​that ran after you — to prosperity.

33. Remove the big furry caterpillar from you — to luck: the bigger the caterpillar will be, the more luck.

34. Bow to the new month in the sky — to monetary gain.

35. Before going on a long journey, you need to burn old shoes: it will bring good luck on the road.

36. A child who was born on the 1st day will live a very long time.

37. Born on Sunday, children receive strong protection from devils.

38. If you gather the seeds of a forest fern on the night of Ivan Kupalo, then mutual love awaits you.

39. Bubbles on the surface of the tea in your cup — for a kiss.

40. If a husband and wife, without saying a word, pour themselves a cup of tea, then soon they will have a child.

41. Get wet in the rain going in bright sunshine — to great happiness.

Happy omens surround us everywhere, you just need to see them. For example, tea in your mug can learn about happy love. We wish you always be happy and joyful, and do not forget to press buttons and

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