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People signs for December

Folk omens for December of the year

Every day we are faced with accidents, which are often signs from above. To find out what awaits you in the future, and prepare for important events, ask for help from the people’s calendar will take on December.

It is time for severe winter frosts. However, in December many miracles take place, because it is this month that we are preparing for the wonderful New Year holiday and are awaiting the magic. There are many folk will take about the first winter month.

Do not neglect them: perhaps with their help, fate wants to warn you about something important. The team of the site dailyhoro.ru presents to your attention the December calendar will take, with the help of which you will find out what you can expect in the near future.

Folk calendar will take on December

December 1st. At this point, the birds should already leave the cold edges and fly south. If in the first month of December you see rooks, it means that the winter will be warm.

If on this day you hear the noise of an airplane, expect important news.

December 2nd. A clear sky on December 2 means that the winter will be frosty. If snow falls on this day, then there will be no winter cold until January.

Leaving the house, pay attention to the first oncoming person. If this is a man, love will be waiting for you soon. To meet a woman — to new enemies.

December 3rd. It is believed that if it snows on that day, then on June 3 there will be heavy rain. If on the contrary, the warm summer will come early.

If on December 3 you see an accident on the street, it means that you will soon meet a person who will try to destroy your life. On this day, try to avoid new acquaintances.

December 4th. In Russia, it was believed that it was winter on December 4th. This period was called freeze-up. People were already ready for severe frosts and paid attention to any weather changes.

If this day there are a lot of clouds in the sky, it means that it will soon become colder. A thaw meant a warm and almost snowless winter.

Slip on December 4th is a bad sign. Your plans will not be realized.

5th of December. If this day is severe frost, it means that soon there will be heavy snowfall.

The people believed that December 5 was an unfavorable day. People tried not to leave their homes, and if it was nevertheless necessary, they tried to avoid casual meetings and did not even communicate with their friends.

December 6. Snow fell — expect frosts. If December 6 thaw, then before the New Year the winter does not come.

Cleaning this day is a bad omen. Try to avoid household chores and hard work.

December 7th. To see the starry sky — to drastic weather changes. In winter seldom there are stargazing, but if it will still be on December 7th, it means that snowfall will rarely happen until spring, and since March it will get colder.

If you see a pack of stray dogs, it means that you will soon face financial difficulties.

December 8th. On this day, the weather was determined by the smoke from a pipe. If it goes up, it will snow soon.

If he quickly diverges in different directions, it will be windy.

Try not to quarrel with anyone, otherwise you will live in scandals for the next year.

9th December. In Russia that day they went to the wells and listened to the water. If it was quiet, then the winter will be warm.

The sounds of water — to frost and blizzard.

If on December 9 you see frost on your hair, then a new love and romantic adventures await you.

December 10th. If your pet is restless, expect cold weather and snowfall.

A child born on December 10th will be happy. Learning about someone else’s birth is also considered a good sign — this means that soon there will be an addition to your family.

December 11th. The cat is scratching the door — to the cold. The dog barks and whines — to the severe frosts.

Accidentally collide with your enemy — to the grief or illness of a loved one.

12 December. A little cloudy — to cool. Foggy weather — to snowfall and strong winds.

It is believed that breaking the dishes is a good sign. However, if this happened to you on December 12, expect unhappiness.

December 13th. People said: if it snows on December 13th, then it will lie for about 110 days. If the clouds are low on this day, frost will come soon.

Since ancient times, the number 13 has caused only negative associations in people. Be careful to avoid trouble.

December 14th. In Russia, this day was called the «literate». Boys who are 9 years old are sent to study. A minister came and brought a book and a whip with him.

At first, the boys received a whip, and then began to study.

If you get sick on December 14th, the disease will not pass for a very long time.

December 15th. Rainy weather in winter is a rare occurrence. However, if it rains on December 15, it will last for 40 days.

Unexpected guests — to a new acquaintance.

December 16th. In the old days on this day it was decided to go fishing. If the fish were kicking well, waiting for a warm winter.

If you hear a dog howl, you will soon experience difficulties in life.

December 17th. To determine what kind of weather awaits you in the future, look at the trees. Snow on the branches — the winter will be frosty.

If on December 17 a stranger called you by chance, soon you will have a pleasant acquaintance and a meeting with your beloved.

December 18th. If before this day there were already frosts, it means that a thaw will soon come.

On this day, to get under the snow — to find good luck for the whole coming year.

December 19th — the day of Nicholas the Wonderworker. In Russia, it was believed that on December 19, the Holy Satcher descended from heaven and walked on the earth, dispersing evil spirits and evil spirits.

On this day, it is desirable to rarely leave the house to avoid danger.

December 20. If cats are drawn to the water, expect heavy rain. If during sleep they close their nose with their paws, frost will come soon.

This day is critical for relationships. So try to avoid conflicts and quarrels. Faced with an aggressive person, it is better to avoid talking with him and not to succumb to provocations.

21 December. The sun rose earlier than usual — to the snow. Cirrus clouds are considered to be a sign of a cold snap.

If you see children on December 21 or talk to your child, expect good news.

December 22nd. Snow and clear weather — to a warm winter. Snowfall foreshadows the onset of severe frosts.

It is forbidden to engage in hard work, otherwise the whole year your efforts will be ineffective.

December 23rd. Earlier on this day the Sun was called. For this, they set fires and made noisy festivities.

If the weather is sunny on December 23, then spring will come early.

Avoid participation in conflicts so that your family has less quarrels and disagreements.

December 24th. Birds fly low — to the blizzard and bad weather. South wind means early warming.

Surprise the magpie near his home — to the good news.

December 25th. To find out whether the next year will be fruitful, cut a cherry branch on December 25 and plant it in a pot with soil. If it blooms at Christmas, then the year will be fertile.

Seeing a star in the sky, make a wish, and it will be fulfilled by the New Year.

December 26th. From this day people watched the weather for 12 days. If it was cold, then the winter will be icy.

Clear sky and light frost — to heat.

To cut your hair on December 26th is a bad omen. A new haircut will not please you, and your hair will grow back slowly.

27th of December. If the night was frost, the winter will be cold. Frost in the morning foreshadows snowfall and blizzards.

To see a vagrant, nailed to your house, to a new neighbor.

December 28th. Most often on this day the weather is cold. If, on the contrary, it means that frosts will come at the end of winter.

When making purchases, pay attention to whether the change is handed over to you. If you are deceived, then next year, expect major financial losses.

December 29th. Cold and blizzard — to the long Epiphany frosts. The clouds and the wind — to a sharp warming.

On this day, you can not give alms and engage in charity, otherwise give your luck and wealth.

December 30th. If snow falls all day, it will be cold on New Year’s Eve.

To dress up a Christmas tree before the New Year is a long tradition. By doing this on December 30, you will ensure a happy and comfortable year.

31th of December. Both in Russia and in the modern world, people are preparing for the new year on this day. By this time it is necessary to complete all unfinished business, to distribute debts and, of course, to prepare for the holiday. In the evening, mass festivities and fun begin.

Thus, we see off the old year and thank him for the joy and pleasant memories he received, as well as meet the new one and prepare for new impressions and surprises.

You can not be sad and cry on December 31, otherwise next year you will be chased by failure.

Thank your loved ones for all the good things they have done for you to keep warm relations with them in the future.

Get rid of things that bad memories are about. In this way, you will start life from scratch without any extra load.

The year of the Yellow Earth Dog is coming, and, like other patrons, it has its own desires and demands. To please the new Mistress, you must spend New Year’s Eve correctly, following the signs. We wish you health, love and wealth, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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