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People signs for baptism on January 19

People signs for baptism on January 19

On the night of January 18-19, the Orthodox world celebrates a great event — the Baptism of our Savior Jesus Christ. How to celebrate this holiday, where to draw holy water, how to congratulate your family and what to set the table — these questions arise for every worldly person who has decided to honor this significant day.

Folk traditions and rituals come to the rescue. After all, Orthodox Russia has long since celebrated the Baptism of the Lord, and therefore rites have already taken root both in the ages and in the memory of the people.

Bathing at Baptism January 19

About the ablution in the consecrated ice-hole know, perhaps, everything. On the night of January 18-19, mass bathing in polynyas specially made and consecrated on this occasion is widespread. It is believed that having plunged into the hole, even a person with weak health will not get sick — on the contrary, he will get stronger and will receive the blessing of the Lord in the fight against ailments.

However, sometimes this tradition turns into a public walk, the fun of «walrus» — people practicing bathing in the winter for hardening and health promotion. And this is not bad — after all, the positive charge of emotions does not overshadow this date. But it is still important to remember the essence of the holiday and the sacral sense that carries in itself an immersion in the ice hole.

Signs on the baptism of January 19

Folk omens associated with this day are mainly addressed to agriculture, the state of nature or to the seasons. And this is not surprising, because the life of our ancestors depended precisely on the time of plowed fields and the timely start of planting.

  • How many baptisms in the sky of stars — so much will be in the forest and in the garden of berries.
  • How much snow fell on the baptism — so much will be the harvest.

These are the most basic signs that the wisdom of the people has kept for this day. Look once again at the window on January 19 or raise your head to the sky, returning home in the evening. The laws of nature noticed by our great-grandmothers remain unchanged to this day.

Noting baptism, remember that gluttony is not encouraged by heaven. First of all, the food must be spiritual. Do not neglect the prayer, try to cook it for the whole family. And if you learned something new, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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