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People signs for August

People signs for August

Every month in the national calendar has its own name and is associated with a lot of signs and superstitions. The last month of summer in Russia attached special importance, since this month began harvesting and preparing for cold weather.

The people of August called «stubble», «pickles», «gather». At this time, harvested, pickled cucumbers and tomatoes, sown winter crops. In addition, August was also called “the glow”, which means cold dawns. The dawns in August are really already cold, because this month the sun is no longer so hot the heat subsides, the water in the rivers grows colder, and the foliage crumbles.

Time goes by the fall.

In August, before, the weather was judged for autumn, winter, as well as the climatic conditions for the rest of summer.

  • If moles start to crawl out of the ground, you need to wait for bad weather.
  • If there are many acorns on the oaks, then the late harvest will be rich.
  • If in August, frequent thunderstorms and rains — this is a good sign, which means a warm and calm autumn, but a prolonged winter.
  • Stars in August twinkle — be a strong wind or a hurricane.
  • A cold morning in August promises a warm and clear day.
  • The foliage began to fall early — winter will come early.
  • Aspen flies — ripe aspen.
  • If the fog lasts a long time in the morning, the day will be clear and warm.
  • Warm and wet weather in August is a good sign, meaning a rich harvest of mushrooms.
  • Many stars in the sky in August — to a warm and dry autumn.
  • On the last day of August, the weather was judged for the coming winter. If it is clear and dry, the winter will be warm. If it rains, the winter will be snowy. If it is cold and windy, the winter will be frosty.

According to national signs, August was considered the time when it was necessary to prepare for winter. At this time there is a transformation of nature, or rather its slow wilt. Arranged off the summer and the meeting of autumn.

Summer was accompanied by songs, bonfires, fortune telling and folk games. And autumn was met with ripe fruits, hay sheaves and a rich harvest. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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