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People signs for April

People signs for April

April is the most ambiguous and unpredictable month in the whole year. Folk omens collected over the centuries will help you to avoid unpleasant surprises with ease and to attract joy and well-being into your life.

Our ancestors were extremely serious about signs and sayings. Noting the behavior of nature from year to year, people passed this knowledge from generation to generation. Thus, the most relevant and proven knowledge has come down to our days.

Be happy every day of any month will help you folk signs of happiness.

Signs about the weather

The April weather is considered to be the most changeable: the bright received sun and warm wind in the evening can be replaced by snow and a sharp cooling. April is a time of active preparation for earthworks, so the weather will take on this month, the most preserved.

  • April — snow drives off, water it with water, meets spring.
  • If April is full of water, grass will be rich in May.
  • April drifts burns.
  • April brooks will wake everyone up.
  • In April, the earth ceases.
  • In April, the snow from the ground runs, and the ice — from the water.
  • In April, clothes should be kept closer to the body.
  • As the willow has blossomed — wait for a quick spring.
  • The first rain in April will feed the whole year.
  • April is neither colder than March nor warmer than May.
  • Since April, the heat goes, the harvest is calling.

  • A lot of water in April — a lot of beer in October.
  • If April is very wet — the year will be rich in mushrooms.
  • Thunderstorms in April — to the warm summer.
  • If in the beginning of April there is an ice crust on snow drifts, there will be a rich harvest.
  • If the ice melts in a few days, the year will be light.
  • If in April the snow on the roofs lies — to be cold in May.
  • A clear April night — frost in the morning.
  • Wet April is a great arable land.
  • Where in April — the river, there in June — dry.

  • In April, you will not put it in the ground — it will take nothing from the earth.
  • April trickster: for one day — seven weather.
  • In April, the hay in a haystack.
  • In April, the fields are black and the forests are white.
  • If the night of April 6 is warm, then the whole spring will be filled with warmth.
  • April 7, swallows can not see — the cold spring will be.
  • April 13 is not audible bird song — there will be more cold.
  • Bird cherry blossoms — the last cold comes.
  • April 14 is a clear night — summer will be hot.
  • April 21 starry and clear sky — to a long, warm summer.
  • On April 25, birch gave a lot of sap — by the cold summer.
  • April 30, rain and thunder peals of thunder — to a cooling and rainy weather.
  • In April, one day the weather is good, and seven days — sour.

April folk signs

April symbolizes the beginning of active work. This month is a time when our dreams can become a reality, if we put enough effort into their execution. The main work for April is sowing and cleaning.

Until the end of the month, it will be useful to completely wash and clean the house, get rid of old unnecessary things, sow the seeds of herbs and transplant room flowers. Our ancestors knew for sure that the second month of spring is a time of arguing work.

  • April does not like a lazy, quick dove.
  • In the land of crumbs — from the land of cakes.
  • April care with the stove drives away.
  • Who left and honey and butter — that holiday.
  • Until the end of April you will not sow — you will starve all year.
  • Like a birch tree, it’s time to plant trees.
  • Leave your sleep in the winter, and in April, grab it.
  • Who does not sow in April — he does not blow in September.
  • Sow on time — the harvest will be generous.
  • Who does not work in April — he does not eat in September.

  • In April, borrow money — do not give it back until September.
  • Who in April drives birds away from the porch won’t see happiness all year round.
  • In April, a long sleep — to emergency poverty.
  • As you work in April, you will spend the winter.
  • In April, trim the hair — not to good news.
  • In April, the way to embark — bitter gain.
  • How many in April you will hide — so much in the winter and you will be warm.
  • Seeds in April land — flowers on the land of June.
  • In April, both the sleigh and the cart work there.

  • From runners to wheels: this April.
  • Learning in April — the fruits in September.
  • Feed the hungry beast in April — to the wealth in the house.
  • From the street in April to take a cat — there will be no mice.
  • How I worked in April — I ate it in February.
  • Lying on the stove, do not bake cakes.
  • April wedding — all your life working side by side and rejoice.
  • Born in April, labor loves and dove.

  • In April, to go to the forest is a rage.
  • The April icebreaker is like an alien threshold: unreliable and unkind.
  • If you make a fortune in April, it will be fulfilled by winter.
  • The words of March need April affairs.
  • In April, you need to heat the stove, as in February.
  • April labor all winter

Our ancestors brought to us not only seasonal signs and warnings: signs of joy, standing on your doorstep, will help to notice and greet in your life well-being and success. We wish you good luck, well-being and warmth. Smile often and don’t forget to press buttons and

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