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People signs for all occasions

People signs for all occasions

Omens and superstitions exist as much as humanity itself. Our ancestors knew many will, thanks to which you can avoid trouble and attract luck and prosperity.

Every person faced with events that warned of imminent changes in life. They could be positive and not very good, but they always carried valuable information. The experts at the site dailyhoro.ru have compiled a list of signs for you that will help to avoid difficulties, attract money and love, and in time abandon rash actions.

Carefully follow the changes around you, because the Universe sends you important signs that help in business and in your personal life.

Lucky tricks

  • With the first rays of the sun, you will make fun of it — you will be lucky.
  • Good luck in the house attract horseshoe. No horseshoes — take a picture or bridle hang over the door.
  • Wipe the cloth off the table with a rag rather than paper — you’ll be lucky all year.
  • Luck will not leave the house if there are no broken dishes in it.
  • Salt a pinch over his shoulder throw, if scattered, and luck does not turn away.
  • Do not throw anything out of the window and do not shake it out, otherwise you will lose your luck, but it will not return to the house.
  • A fly or a spider in a glass is floating — you will soon smile and you will receive a good gift.
  • Tea poured on the table — do not be sad. Good luck in the house will come. You pour sweet tea — luck will be in the money.
  • The beetle flies out the window — promises good luck. It flies by — happiness bears on wings.
  • Leave the staircase before leaving my house and house clean so that fortune waits on the way.

Signs of wealth

  • Crumbs from the table in a handful and collect birds lure, so that the money in the house were carried.
  • Show the coin to the young month and hide it in your pocket. The money will be on your heels.
  • Do not borrow money for a growing moon, so that you have to give something and then do not need it.
  • Do not take a trifle on the road: you yourself will be poor and bring someone else’s trouble into the house.
  • Broom house bars up hold, so that the money was delayed and through the threshold to strangers did not leave.
  • The spider stuck to the clothes — soon the money will appear.
  • The money will go to the house, if under the threshold the coin has hidden, and under the tablecloth the bill has hidden.
  • Money is loved. You count them, but add in your mind, so that the profit is always there, but the surrender of the purchases remains.
  • The laces are torn, and the money rushes into the house.
  • The heel breaks — the money from his pocket evaporates.

Signs about love

  • An apple from the table has fallen — love will soon come to the house.
  • Girl elbow bruised — the guy thinks about her, soon send the news.
  • Don’t let your girlfriend look in front of you in the mirror, or else your love will lead you away.
  • On the steps with your beloved do not meet — you will not swear in the relationship will not see.
  • The guy gave me a ring with turquoise — wait for a wedding soon and strong love. To find the turquoise — soon you will meet love.
  • Appoint a date at New Moon, so that love was strong but because of a trifle did not break up.
  • In a dream, a stranger stretched out his hand — in reality you will meet your fate.
  • Ring, donated to loved ones, drop it — read the prayer, and then put it on. By accepting a fallen engagement ring, you need to sprinkle it with holy water so that the demons will not upset the wedding.
  • You are in a hurry for a date — do not look to the north, otherwise you will sit in the girls.
  • The moon is growing, love is growing. With your favorite hand on the growing moon walk and await recognition. He admits to love — he will remain with you forever.

Household signs for all occasions

  • Home slippers cross-wise do not put, and then famously settled in the house, life will change for the worse.
  • Put a cap on the table — money from the abyss.
  • I took a bucket or a plate from my neighbor — return it full. Happiness will come to his house, and he will return to you a hundredfold.
  • Wear clothes from the right sleeve so that trouble does not happen and famously settle in the house.
  • Soap from the hands slips — warns of trouble. Careful be a talisman carry with them so that luck does not turn away.
  • In bread, do not leave the knife, otherwise it will be hungry in the house. Break the bread with your hands so that the house is a full cup.
  • Do not sit on the table, otherwise there will be no money.
  • In jam, two spoons are forgotten — soon to get ready for the wedding.
  • The candle burns and smokes smoke — to an emergency illness.
  • At the window, the crow clears the beak — death clicks. Karknet three times — the dead man can not be avoided.

Signs on the road

  • You are going to go on the road — not my head and don’t wash, otherwise there will be no way.
  • On the threshold do not say goodbye and do not greet, so that there is no quarrel and the path was happy.
  • In the rain on the street pulled — someone for you grieves, bitter tears pour.
  • The funeral on the way — to a good day, the wedding — to the loss of money.
  • Out of the house — do not turn around. Forgot — do not come back. I returned — sit on a chair, look in the mirror, otherwise there will be no way.
  • Gathered on the road on a sunny day — be careful on the way. The rain has gone — the road will be successful.
  • On the way, a man with full buckets met — do not cross the road, otherwise luck will turn away.
  • In the trail in front of a person walking do not step, and then you will take away his strength along with troubles, but you will draw to yourself.
  • On the way, the priest met — expect trouble.
  • In the forest, wear a shirt inside out so that the devil does not confuse traces. Zaplutaesh — the day you will not get.

Signs about the weather

  • In calm weather, don’t cut your hair and don’t touch your nails, otherwise you will storm it.
  • The rainbow rose high — wait for the clear weather. Hanging low — it will be bad weather.
  • Thunder in the middle of winter — there will be strong winds and snow blizzards.
  • On a dry day of rain they ask, the jug is empty on the street. To the rain, the jug is filled with water so that the sun will look out.
  • The chicken stands on one leg — soon the cold will come.
  • Fog in the valley rises — bad weather promises.
  • Dew fell in the evening — to be a clear day.
  • Frogs along the shore jump — the name of the rain.
  • On a clear day, pansies pluck — rain naklishish.
  • On Friday, it will rain, it will be clear by Sunday.

Signs about animals

  • The dog whined — soon there will be a patient in the house.
  • The cat looks out of the window, rests against the frame with its paws — wait for guests soon.
  • The three-colored cat ran across the road — look under your feet, you will find treasure.
  • Frog jumped into the house — luck will be in it.
  • In which direction the dog will howl in that house and wait for trouble.
  • Squirrel will cross the road — get ready to lose weight, look around, don’t tell anyone about your plans.
  • Fox ran across the road — wait for deception and do not believe empty words.
  • The bird flew out the window — wait for the money.
  • Swallow under the roof of the nest viet — the owners of the fire do not worry.
  • Stork nestled on the roof — wait for a quick replenishment in the family.

There will be a great many, and many of them are passed down from generation to generation. There are also wedding signs that teach young people to live happily and to keep their family. Consider popular wisdom, so that in your life there is always a place of joy, and never problems. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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