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Palm Sunday: folk signs and rites for happiness and well-being

Palm Sunday: folk signs and rites for happiness and well-being

Palm Sunday is the most important Christian holiday, celebrated by all Orthodox every year. On this day, our ancestors conducted special rituals, attracting the well-being and a comfortable life. Some folk signs and rituals are preserved and have reached us intact.

Celebration of Palm Sunday is tied to the holiday of Holy Easter: on this day, the broken willow twigs act as a symbol of palm branches at the entrance of the Lord to Jerusalem. By tradition, people on that day break a willow and bless the branches in the temple: it is believed that the bouquet of the consecrated plant can save the house from fire, and its inhabitants from evil and witchcraft.

Folk omens on Palm Sunday

Long since people on this day noticed the weather phenomena and judged how the whole next year will pass. The most faithful of them in unchanged have survived.

  • If by the Palm Sunday melted snow on the roofs — May will be warm and sunny.
  • If you want health for the whole year — tap on the body with a willow bouquet.
  • To eat the consecrated bud of the willow is for good luck in business.
  • Feed the birds on Palm Sunday to wealth.
  • To plant a new flower in the morning of Palm Sunday is to attract money to the house.
  • Weave hair willow — get rid of headaches.
  • An odd number of willow twigs to break — to health, and even — to the trouble.
  • The rain on this day — to the dank summer, and the sun — to dry and hot.
  • To feed the stray dog ​​is happiness in the house to lure.

  • Hide the willow over the entrance door — to protect the house from thunderstorms and troubles.
  • Throw plucked willow twigs — call for a failure. The remaining willow from last year must be burned or put into running water.
  • If the birds sing at dawn on Palm Sunday — the year will be successful.
  • Find on the road an abandoned willow and take it in hand — to the disease.

Rites on Palm Sunday

Orthodox Christians celebrate this day by attending a festive service. But in addition to the canonical celebration for a long time there are folk rituals and beliefs, and now having considerable force. Our ancestors believed that Palm Sunday was a good time for happiness rites, love spells and welfare rituals.

Love spell for betrothed

It is believed that to attract the love of a person destined for you by destiny, you can with the help of unconsecrated willow. For the ceremony you will need:

  • red wax candle;
  • two willow branches with an odd number of buds;
  • Red thread;
  • matches;
  • fine needle.

First you need to stay alone after sunset. Put everything you need on a clean tablecloth and make sure you are all alone in the room. Think of the person you would like to see next to you. It should be understood that we are not talking about a specific man or a specific woman: the ceremony is aimed at attracting a man prepared for you by fate.

Think about what you can give your future partner and what you want in return. Imagine that the person you need is already there, and remember the emotions caused by this image.

When the desired state is reached, light a candle, saying these words: “The fire in the candle, the fire in the eyes, the fire in the soul. I light a candle, so I call for love! ”

After take the willow and twist the twigs among themselves with the words: “Just as a willow is broken in the morning, so fate is turned towards me, as the branches intertwine, so do fate twine together, as I twist the willow, so I will tame fate!”

Wind the twisted branches with a red thread, firmly tying them together. After it is necessary to prick a finger with a needle and drop three branches of one’s blood on the branches, saying the words: “In my name, by my kind, by my blood, by my fate I call you, destiny, I want to know your name, to see your Rod, to accept your blood! Let it be so!»

Spend willow over the flame of the candle, completing the rite. The twigs must be placed under the mattress or bed and the candle allowed to burn out.

Rite of happiness and wealth

Palm Sunday is also a great way to change your life for the better. A rite of well-being can help make everyone happy and get rid of problems.

For the ceremony you will need:

  • a bunch of consecrated willow;
  • three church candles;
  • paper and pen.

First, think about three things that you do not have enough for happiness, and write them down on paper in as much detail as possible. After you need to divide the willow bouquet into three parts, having spoken to each: “As the willow grew, it stretched its branches to the sun, and then it turned out in my hands, and my happiness grows, stretches, it will turn out in my hands!”

After that, place the willow’s enveloped parts under the three candles and light them with the words: “As the candle burns, so does my luck fly! As the candle burns out — luck will rise near the shoulder. ”

Next, you need to give the candles to burn out, watching their flame: which candle burns faster, then the desire must be fulfilled in the first place. When the candles go out, you need to combine the cinder into one and collect the willow in one bouquet. Willow twigs and candle stubs must be kept until the desired is fulfilled.

You can begin a happy life by fulfilling the seven spiritual laws of success. We wish you joy and only a good mood. Smile often and don’t forget to press buttons and

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