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Pachistaris — signs, superstitions and features of care

Pachistachis — a beautiful plant of ancient goddesses, signs and superstitions

Pasistahis has his own signs and superstitions in the content of the house. This is a low dark green shrub that requires careful care and crown formation.

In South America, shrub grows in open ground and is often found in the design of flower beds, gardens, parks, used in decorative and landscape design.

Well-groomed pakhistahis is a tender royal plant that blooms with bright yellow flowers. Red flowers are also found, but have less pronounced properties. It is believed that yellow pahistahis is a magical flower, attracting true love, giving special lightness to charm and beauty.

This flower loves wealth and attracts unlimited gold to itself. A red flower does not give charm or love, but contributes to a huge explosion of creative energy.

Acanthus leaves, which include pachistachis, are included in the sacred ornaments of many nations — from ancient Greece to the Mayan pyramids. If you look at the classic columns of Corinthian style — you will see that the capital is crowned with leaves of okanth.

It was these columns that supported the arches of the ancient goddesses, from Astarte to Athermida. Pachistachis is a female flower that exhibits maximum strength exclusively in female hands.

If a man wanted to use the power of a pachistachis, he would have to do terrible things with him.

Pachistaris - signs, superstitions and features of care

The main signs associated with pachistachis

  • Just bought a healthy plant will provide in your family an unprecedented explosion of feelings, new honeymoon. A flower needs to give back, if he does not receive the energy of love in return, for example, if, having felt a flash of passion, the spouses rushed to visit their lovers — the plant would lose some of its strength. But if all is well, the plant will manifest itself. You will begin to generate new and working ideas with incredible intensity, like a working group of geniuses.
  • For choleric people, the plant is especially useful; it alleviates drastic mood swings and sets up a positive mood.
  • Unlike many traditional indoor flowers, pachistachis is not able to protect against bad influence or to provide its protection. The plant only gives support, but surprisingly strong.
  • If a healthy flower receiving good care begins to lose flowers, the leaves fall off and dry out — bad news from relatives is possible.
  • Bright flowers become heralds of an unusually happy event. Something incredible will happen that will fill your life with happiness.
  • The twisted leaves of the plant portend poverty. Drying of leaves comes from drying out air, drafts, and unfavorable energy. Be sure to protect the plant from pests. Put a geranium nearby, which will scare away insects.

Features plant care

  • The average plant height is about 100 cm. With proper formation. Good growth requires proper formation and maintenance of the kidneys. The more the crown is formed, the more luxuriant the flowering will be. For proper formation, perform the first pruning when you reach a height of 20-30 cm. On the side shoots, pinch the third or fourth pair of leaves — depending on the desired height of the plant.
  • Cut the branches exclusively before flowering, pinch — after full flowering. Cuttings 10-15 cm long can be used for flower reproduction.
  • Water the flower regularly, the water should not stagnate in the pot.
  • When replanting, take care of a thick drainage layer.
  • For abundant flowering, plant the plant in a slightly cramped vase. The minimum volume of the pot is 2-3 liters.
  • All the time flowering plant needs intensive feeding. Feed every 2 weeks. Florists claim that the best fertilizer is liquid mullein.
  • Paradoxically, experienced flower growers believe that you need to talk to a flower during watering. Psychics ask for advice, ask for help, a special sign and are ready to carry a flower on their hands for special luck. They say that if you do not talk out loud with a flower, he will not be able to manifest his properties. Do not beg, talk calmly and gently, be sure of a positive result.
  • It is believed that the flower has a special sensitivity. He will wither in the atmosphere of squabbles and hatred. Every rude word spoken next to a plant hurts him and diminishes magical power. Try to protect the plant from any rudeness, sharpness, evil intentions.
  • The plant does not like darkness, soft diffused light is required.
  • Be sure to remove dried or diseased leaves, spray the plant to provide sufficient moisture.
  • If the plant does not bloom for a long time — try to raise the temperature in the room.

When to expect flowering

Pachistachis blooms luxuriantly from early summer to late autumn. Blooming is influenced by the correct formation of the crown, watering, the intensity of light, the length of daylight.

Magic properties are actively manifested during flowering. According to signs, in an unlucky house, a capricious plant will not bloom.


At present, we are unlikely to be able to restore the rituals that were conducted by the priestess of Astarte, the composition of potions, which included leaves and flowers of pachistachis. Perhaps this is for the better.

The ancient goddesses, judging by the information that has come down to us, have always demanded an exorbitant price for any intervention in fate.

Refusal of pleasure, long fasting, many hours of ritual dances and night vigils are common for ancient magic. Modern women hardly liked the ancient mysteries, they simply do not have time for this.

But they can gently talk to the flower, as if by chance ask for good luck for themselves and loved ones.

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