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Orchid — superstitions and signs associated with the plant

Should I keep an orchid at home — signs and superstitions about the flower

Now women have become fashionable when a refined and sophisticated orchid grows at home on the windowsill. Signs and superstitions that are related to the plant exist, despite our technological age. For any hostess, he will be a great gift for the holiday and proudly take his place on the shelf next to other indoor plants.

Orchids admired people from ancient times. She was a symbol of beauty, luxury and worship.

The admirer, who gave the orchid, proved his sincere sympathy to the woman.

Orchid - superstitions and signs associated with the plant

Negative impact on people

Women are always more superstitious than men, and pay much attention. Superstitions and omens related to orchids are different.

Consider for starters those that supposedly have a bad influence on others.

Energy depletion

It is believed that the orchid is able to take the energy of people around. Explained by two options:

  1. Orchids belong to the family of epiphytes — plants that can not grow on the ground, for example, on the trunks of a number of large growing plants, most often trees. They develop and absorb air and water, absorbing and sucking them with their hanging roots. On this basis, they are called «vampires», suggesting that orchids also absorb their energy and strength from a person by their roots. It is most dangerous to sleep next to a flower, as a sleeping person is weaker and unable to protect himself. Signs of such energetic “vampirism” can be fatigue after being awakened.
  2. In certain varieties of this flower, pollen accumulates on the petals, which can act on people as a sleeping pill. This can cause headaches and weakness. The most common type of orchid Phalaenopsis does not belong to these varieties.

Contraindicated for men

Being a fragile, refined and delicate plant, orchid bestows the same properties on other people. That is, men who are constantly near the flower, can become the owners of these qualities.

This plant will be an absolutely inappropriate gift to a man, unless it is a tough, despotic boss who needs to be softer. For boys and men, the constant presence next to the orchid is contraindicated.

Positive impact on people

Do not worry because of the negative effects of the flower. There are superstitions, according to which the flowers favorably affect the person.

Aura Enrichment

Especially revered beautiful plant in India. Indians believe that it saves the house from evil and negativity, helps to create an atmosphere of friendship, mutual understanding and respect.

According to Buddhist beliefs, orchid helps to approach the heavenly forces, to concentrate and enrich the aura.

Impact on a woman

The beautiful half of humanity just need to get an orchid, because it will be a symbol of the attraction of femininity, beauty, charm and inspiration, which is necessary for any woman of the weaker sex. The orchid will protect the feminine health of the body and soul.

Orchid - superstitions and signs associated with the plant

Orchid is not anti-male flower

It is believed that the orchid can scare men away from the woman with whom it grows. This is fundamentally not true.

Perhaps this theory has arisen from the effect described above on the male sex, allegedly being constantly close to a flower can make it a bit effete and vulnerable. But this is the only thing the flower is capable of.

The plant is not capable of scaring away the men of its owner, provided that she takes good care of him.

Good location of the flower

How, then, to start a flower and where to put it to families, if it affects men like a woman and serves as a strong talisman for women? This wonderful flower can be in any house, you just need to correctly choose a place for it.

The most important thing is not to put orchids in the bedroom, especially next to the bed, because at night the orchid is active and can absorb energy. Also that place where the man spends most of all time will not approach.

The ideal place would be a lounge or kitchen on the east or on the west side.

For young unmarried persons you can put orchids in any place you want. The most important thing is careful care of the plant.

Feng Shui Orchids

According to Feng Shui, you can keep plants at home. The most important thing is to take into account its color and place:

  • For health, the flower should be placed in the eastern corner;
  • For a successful career — on the north side;
  • To fulfill desires — in the southeast;
  • Encourage relationships — put a flower in the south-western part of the house;
  • For peace and harmony — in the northwest side.
  • An orange or yellow orchid is ideal for creative people, activates inner strength and energy, predicts an improvement in financial status;
  • Red and purple will help modest indecisive people to gain confidence and courage
  • White and pink flowers will give harmony and tranquility.

Orchid - superstitions and signs associated with the plant

Having learned more information about this wonderful plant, you can safely purchase it for your home, without fear of spoiling life for yourself and others. It will help make your life and your home better, more beautiful and happier.

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