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Omens for June

Omens for June

In antiquity, people with great attention to the events taking place every month. Their observations will help everyone spend June successfully and attract well-being into their lives.

June is popularly called the “grain grower”, which reflects the essence of the month. This is the period when the forest gives us the first berries and mushrooms, the weather is getting better, and people have the opportunity to enjoy the long-awaited summer. With the help will take about the weather and observations of other phenomena, you can lift the veil of secrecy and find out what will give everyone this month.

June signs

  • If in the first days of summer it rains, the rest of the month is expected to be dry.
  • The night-time singing of nightingales heralds days with strong gusts of wind.
  • Warm June nights promise a rich harvest of fruits and berries.
  • Rainbow in the evening speaks of good warm weather.
  • If June is rich in lightning, then the harvest will be rich.
  • People said: what is June, is the harvest of hay.
  • Larks make their nests on high places — by rainy summer, in holes or shelters — to hot and dry.

  • Rowan picks up color late — wait for a long autumn.
  • Abundant dew in June promises good yields. It washed to preserve beauty, health and longevity.
  • The high flight of cranes foreshadows bad weather.
  • Heavy fogs in early summer promise a good harvest of mushrooms.
  • The abundance of cones on fir trees — to a good harvest of cucumbers.

These signs were used by our ancestors to know what to expect from the weather, when to start active sowing, and what promises the coming day. Use popular wisdom to ensure that your life is full of pleasant surprises, and adversity avoided. We wish you all the best, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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