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Omen yawn: why does a man yawn at different times of day

Why does a person have a yawn on popular belief

What value is attributed usually to yawn? According to the ideas of many nations, including the Slavic, yawning does not mean drowsiness, it is a signal of danger. It is very difficult for a person to resist the desire to yawn, and if you yawn, you have thus opened the way for unclean spirits that can penetrate the body and harm your soul.

Hence the frequent recommendation to baptize the mouth, or simply cover it with your hand.

Other nations believed that the soul could leave the body during yawning, so you should not open your mouth widely or you should protect it with a hand or a sign of the cross.

On the other hand, in some other nations, the sign of yawning is associated with positive values. The Chinese, for example, believe that when someone yawns, he thus calls for help from a higher power.

Omen yawn: why does a man yawn at different times of day

Goodbye negative!

Esotericists believe that yawning has a different meaning. This action begins when there is not enough oxygen in the blood, and the body seeks to replenish energy. But where does the lack of energy come from?

Why does a person often yawn? Mystics suggest that the evil eye or damage is manifested in this way, so if you yawn often, it may cause fear that they have jinxed you.

Although, of course, the case can always be a simple lack of sleep!

There is also a point of view according to which a person is yawning when the negative leaves his body, therefore yawning is often found during healing sessions, including among the healers themselves.

In the East, it is widely believed that in real life, yawning may indicate that you are currently dealing with an unpleasant person, perhaps an energy vampire, and your body, feeling weak, tries to fill the lack of energy in this way. Thus, the sign of a yawn can be connected, among other things, with the fact that there is someone in your environment who “pulls” out of you.

Also interesting is the fact that yawning is “infectious”, while not everybody is affected by someone else’s yawning. What is the reason?

Here there is such an explanation: we “become infected” with the yawn of other people only when this person is close to us, when he is somewhat similar to us and there is sympathy or good relationship between us.

Omen yawn: why does a man yawn at different times of day

Meaning omens yawn accurate to the hour

Collections of folk will offer their values ​​that will take up to an hour on different days of the week. According to such collections, the range of this omen is very wide: from negative (for example, receiving very bad news) to remarkable.

If desired, you can check the meaning of the action on such collections. Interestingly, it will take a lot connected with love relationships: yawning can report someone’s interest or, on the contrary, loss of interest.

Omen yawn: why does a man yawn at different times of day

The bad news

Yawning in the early morning on Monday, from 7 to 8 in the morning, predicts the arrival of bad news. Tuesday from 10 to 11 am and Friday morning, from 7 to 8 is also not the best time, the folk oracle says that this sign is not good.

If you started yawning on Monday from 16 to 17 hours or on Tuesday from 7 to 8 in the morning, this warns: you have given your heart to a person who is not worthy of you. Of similar importance is the sign of yawning at midnight on Monday.

Time from 17 to 18 on Wednesday is not the best value: your body tells you. what’s cheating on you

Meeting a new love

Very often, popular superstition binds the sign of yawning with the advent of new love. This can predict yawning in the next time:

  • From 7 to 8, from 11 to 12 in the morning on Monday
  • From 18 to 19, from 20 to 21 on Monday
  • From 8 to 10 am on Tuesday, and also from 11 to 12
  • From 9 to 10 on Wednesday
  • From 20 to 21 on Wednesday
  • From 8 to 9 on Friday
  • From 6 to 7 am on Saturday
  • From 7 to 8 am on Sunday

About the future conflict can talk yawn from 12 to 13 on Monday, as well as from 21 to 22 hours. Tuesday from 12 to 13 is also not a good time, the sign of yawning speaks of possible quarrels and quarrels.

The following time periods are also not very successful: on Wednesday from 13 to 14, on Thursday from 12 to 13, on Friday from 16 to 17.

We wish you a successful solution to the true cause of yawning! Do not forget that a lot depends on your attitude to a particular phenomenon.

If you sincerely believe that your yawning is a good sign, then it will be so!

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