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Obsessed people: how to recognize and cast out a demon

Obsessed people: how to recognize and cast out a demon

Obsessed people are like crazy during a seizure. Once in a church I happened to observe such an attack. It looks scary, and the relatives of the possessed person are shocked, because in everyday life they didn’t suspect that their loved one was obsessed.

In the article I will tell you how to distinguish a demon possessed person, and what to do if you are affected by such a problem.

Signs of obsession

What to do if you suspect that there is a possessed person in your environment? To get started, read the signs below and try to determine if they match his behavior.

Then you will understand whether there is a reason to sound the alarm.

Obsessed people: how to recognize and cast out a demon

  1. The voice is changing. It acquires a special, incomparable timbre. When you listen to the «possessed», it becomes creepy. He speaks as if in a non-human voice, which is completely alien to him.
  2. Seizures or paralysis may occur in the body. Numb limbs. This is similar to the behavior of a person in epileptic seizure. Twitching face, sometimes visible weak nervous tic on the face.
  3. The possessed person appears to have a remarkable physical strength, which was not previously noticed. In a state of obsession, a person is capable of killing someone who is far superior to him by force, to move heavy objects.
  4. A large belly grows for no apparent reason. Also, weight can dramatically decrease, painful thinness appears. It comes down to anorexia and the threat to life.
  5. There have been cases in history when obsessed people levitated, that is, they rose above the ground. It is not known how reliable these data are, but according to eyewitness accounts this also happens.
  6. A person can begin to imitate any animal, as if this beast had moved into it. He runs on all fours, growls or barks, or makes some more inarticulate sounds.
  7. There is an unpleasant smell — sulfur, which the researchers-demonologists interpret as «the smell of hell.»
  8. Previously educated and highly moral person can start to behave loosely and indecently. His thoughts also change — he becomes very lustful, looks like an animal.
  9. He hates everything that concerns God. It expresses sharply negatively in relation to the church, it can desecrate holy water, crosses, icons and other holy paraphernalia.
  10. Can start writing automatically, without including thoughts. Usually it is incomprehensible scribbles. Demonologists believe that this is the message of the devil himself, which he is trying to convey through the obsessed to the human world.

These signs do not always indicate obsession. They may indicate some kind of mental illness or epilepsy.

Therefore, in the Middle Ages, these possessed people were often confused with simply sick people.

You can also confuse the possessed person with an ordinary person who behaves ignorantly, dissolutely, challenges others and violates all existing rules and regulations.

How does a man obsessed in church

Surely you have seen in the media or read, or heard about the occurrence of obsessed people in the church. Indeed, in temples demon possessed most clearly.

The devil is literally infused into the person, and this essence is experiencing tremendous pain near the holy places.

Obsessed people: how to recognize and cast out a demon

It is enough to show the demon-possessed cross or icon, and he has a seizure. In the church, such people during a church service begin to behave like crazy.

They rush about, howl, cry, swear, shout curses at God.

How to cast out a demon?

If you understand that there is a demon-possessed person in your surroundings, you should try to help her. Moreover, such people themselves dream to get rid of the misfortune that eats them from the inside, destroys the psyche and life.

Obsessed people: how to recognize and cast out a demon

You have two ways — to turn to God or try to solve the problem with the help of esoteric practices. It all depends on your faith and religion.

How is the church rite of exorcism:

  • The priest reads a special prayer, not paying attention to the howl, curses and fit of the possessed. The rite lasts long enough. In the process, anointing is performed, incense is ignited — its fragrance is considered to be the best for exorcising evil forces.
  • During the ritual, the possessed person may squirm in pain, shout, lose consciousness, or rush at the priest. Therefore, the latter necessarily need helpers who, in which case, will keep the obsessed.

If you are for a scientific approach, then you can try to solve the problem with the help of a psychotherapist. It may take several years of psychotherapy.

The specialist will help to work out all the negative, accumulated in the subconscious, prescribe drugs that restrain aggression.

Faith, prayer, and strict fasting are “supportive care,” which will not allow the demon to re-enter the consciousness of the former possessed after healing.

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Causes of obsession

How is obsession with modern science explained:

  • Scientists believe this is a type of mental illness. It is especially susceptible to inspired, impressionable people who are prone to dependencies, which are easily influenced by others.
  • According to Freud, demoniacism is a common neurosis. Man himself invents a demon who allegedly moved into him, removing the responsibility for his own life from himself. With obsession he justifies all failures and problems.
  • Epilepsy, schizophrenia, Tourette syndrome, bipolar disorders are also often confused with «demonia.»

The Church, on the other hand, believes that obsession is a phenomenon in which disembodied entities enter a person, completely paralyzing his will. They prefer people who are not able to resist temptation, immoral, dissolved, on the one hand.

And, on the contrary, very «correct», fixated on observance of moral standards and full of pride, on the other.

And in fact, and in another case, sin already lives in a person, so for a demon to take possession of his thoughts is not difficult.

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