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Nickel wedding: traditions, signs and rites for a happy family life

Nickel wedding: traditions, signs and rites for a happy family life

The twelfth anniversary of the nickel is not accidental, because this material in ancient times was considered precious along with gold and silver.

After 12 years of marriage, matrimonial relationships become so strong that they can easily withstand any adversity. Like nickel, a noble material that was previously mined with great difficulty and risk to life, the experienced couple passed many trials in the course of life. However, the spouses should remember that the relationship sometimes needs to be polished, like dishes from the same material, which acquires a noble silver shine.

Signs and traditions of nickel wedding

Celebrating nickel wedding traditionally taken after the expiration of 12.6 years of marriage. This date is located exactly in the middle between the wedding and the silver wedding.

Traditionally, nickel wedding is celebrated in a narrow circle of the closest people, and polished appliances are laid out on the table to shine. However, you can hold a celebration in a big way, remembering your own wedding, or arrange a first grand celebration for yourself, if you just signed.

Spouses preferably on this day to go to the memorable places in which they were happy. And guests can repeat the entire marriage ceremony to help the spouses remember the happiest moments of their lives and re-feel like young lovers.

At the end of the feast on this anniversary, it is desirable to put a real samovar in front of the guests, which reflects family well-being, comfort and hospitality. His polished sides will attract good luck and material well-being to your house.

Nickel Wedding Gifts

On this day, any gifts containing nickel are welcome. This may be dishes, home appliances, lighters and other souvenirs.

As an original gift, dishes made of nickel silver are welcome. Friends can give spouses personalized glasses with a beautiful engraving and date, so that they enjoy the attention and care of their loved ones for many years.

Spouses can present a picture painted by the artist depicting a married couple.

The symbol of this anniversary is a dagger or a saber, therefore such a souvenir gift will be appropriate for the head of the family.

Rites for family happiness

Spouses on the approach to the table are greeted by guests who showered the heroes of the day with coins, wishing the family well-being, harmony in relationships and a further happy future.

Another ritual that allows spouses to fulfill their cherished desires is the exchange of nickel rings.

Spouses can try their luck, and according to ancient custom, cook their own love and well-being. To do this, together they have to cook their favorite dish in a nickel dish. It is important in this rite to help each other and do everything in high spirits.

Treat your loved ones with a magical dish at the holiday table, or share a meal between yourself and the children.

A nickel wedding is half the way to true happiness traversed by a couple. It is important not to lose further positive emotions, gleam in the eyes and complete mutual trust, thanks to which your love does not fade, but, like wine, acquires nobility. We wish you good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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