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New Year signs and traditions

New Year signs and traditions

One of the brightest holidays that both children and adults are eagerly awaiting is, of course, the New Year. Perhaps this is influenced by the tales inherent in our subconscious from childhood about the overgrown grandfather, who distributed gifts from his big red bag to the right and left, faith in which gives hope for a miracle. Others believe that the New Year will bring with them changes for the better, since one year’s cycle ends and another begins.

In order not to scare away the approaching happiness, many follow special festive folk signs that tell us how to properly celebrate the coming year and accompany the outgoing ones, what to wear for the holiday, what matters should be completed in the old year, and which ones should be transferred to the new one. We should not forget that any signs are based primarily on the centuries-old experience of our ancestors and are the result of constant observation, which gives them not even a magic, but a real logical explanation.

People believe that the most significant night is the night from December 31 to January 1, since it is borderline, stands directly at the junction of successive year cycles. This is confirmed by the notorious saying: “as you celebrate the New Year, so spend it.”

One of the most important things to be left in the past year completed is debts. In no case, you can not borrow from someone on the eve of the New Year, and already if this happened, you will certainly pay until December 31, otherwise the whole next year you will constantly go to debtors. It is also categorically not recommended to hold someone for the holiday.

You won’t see your money all year.

But for people who have their own business in the field of trade, everything is a little different. It is believed that if, in the first week of the coming year, a merchant delivers his goods cheaply to the first buyer, then a good profit will be ensured for him throughout the whole year.

For married people who care about family life, there is a sign of a magic apple, which, if eaten up for the bells, will protect the whole next year from quarrels, quarrels and negatives in relations with a loved one.

You probably noted that the New Year’s table is much richer than on any other holiday. This also has its explanation. Our ancestors believed that during the period from December 31 to January 14, many spirits descend from heaven to earth, which throughout this time can move freely to people’s homes, observing whether there is wealth in the family.

And if your New Year’s table was sufficiently saturated and decorated, the spirits helped to support the well-being of the family for the whole following year.

Remember that in no case you can not throw out the food left after the New Year’s feast, it will be a harbinger of considerable financial losses in the new year. The same applies to quarrels and whipping dishes at the holiday table.

But to keep financial stability will help the money hidden for the holidays. On New Year’s Eve, it should be in the right pocket of your clothes. Since if you meet the new year with money, then you will live in prosperity the whole year.

And in order for all the signs to bring long-awaited success, it has long been the custom to celebrate the New Year in the circle of relatives and friends. You should not invite detractors to the gala dinner, even if pursuing the goal of reconciling. This will only bring negative energy, poisoning the festive atmosphere of fun and harmony.

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