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National signs on a clean Thursday and what to do on this day in 2019

What you need to do on a clean Thursday of 2019 according to signs and folk customs

Consider the signs on a clean Thursday and what to do on this day to ensure the well-being of the family. In fact, this refers to Holy Thursday in the last week of Lent before Easter.

The next day is Good Friday, the day of strict fasting, which, in theory, should be dedicated to the darkest pre-Easter memories, Holy Saturday begins, and on Easter Sunday, the procession, and the announcement of the feast of the Holy Resurrection. And so it turns out that a passionate Thursday is the only possible time before Easter to bring the house in order.

That is why the name «pure Thursday» appeared.

Over 1000 years of Christianity, pure Thursday has become a tradition, customs, rituals and folk signs, partly of their Christianity, partly of folk beliefs and local religions have appeared.

National signs on a clean Thursday and what to do on this day in 2019

Folk omens before Easter in 2019

  • Clean Thursday — the time of general cleaning. It must be done by the whole family, believers and non-believers. You may not believe in the resurrection, do not attach importance to church holidays, but the rites that existed before Christianity did not form in an empty place. In particular, the existing hygiene requirements. Indeed, once a year, all you need to wash well. To do this, a special day is defined — pure Thursday. Do not want to mess around in the dirt yourself — do not worry, call a cleaning company.
  • Cleaning must begin in the early morning. This is a significant moment.
  • We need to get to storerooms, mezzanines, wipe crystal and glass, clean silver, wash windows, throw away worn furniture, knock out carpets, shake up mattresses.
  • Debt distribution on a clean Thursday, in order to enter the new year renewed, is based on the times when the new year began in spring. To take and lend on a clean Thursday is highly undesirable.
  • It is advisable to wash the floors with silver water. To prepare such water, a silver object is dipped into water for a day or night. There are water filters that also use the beneficial properties of silver to cleanse. You can dial the silver water from the filter. Water with silver ions has a mild bactericidal effect, perfectly absorbs and erodes bad emanations. The main task is maximum, sterile cleanliness in the house.
  • The day ends with bath procedures. After hard work, clean well. It is believed that the water washes away all the burden, someone else’s influence, slander and gossip.
  • On this day, children are cut «for good luck.»
  • The next day, you can already start baking cakes and painting eggs — get ready for Easter.

How to cook Thursday salt

The fourth salt is used for poultices, compresses, warming up during the year. Salt is heated, wrapped in a rag and applied to the sore spot.

So are treated sinusitis, bronchitis, joint disease. Traditional medicine is warming with caution.

To cook Thursday salt, ordinary rock salt is baked in the oven or in the microwave. Previously baked in the oven.

After pepekaniya, Thursday salt is sanctified in the church and stored separately from food.

What not to do on a clean Thursday

  1. In the passionate week, in particular, on pure Thursday, it is better not to joke with evil forces, fortune telling, love spells and other occult practices. It is advisable not to gamble, any games for money — you can lose luck a year in advance, not to bet, not to argue for something and not to vouch for your head. On a clean Thursday, you can not lend, even a small amount. It is better to refuse to conclude trade deals for this day.
  2. You can not share products, tools, kitchen utensils, equipment. If a colleague asks you to borrow a pencil, you will have to refuse or wait until Friday.
  3. To conduct ceremonies for marriage in the passionate week is undesirable. If successful, you can get a pass except in the Christ of the bride, that is, in the nun. For unmarried girls these days it is better to stay as modest as possible, not to pay too much attention to yourself, and already at Easter to dress up and start flirting. Easter week is considered the best for tying dating, matchmaking, engagement announcements. In the passionate week of engagement, the announcement of a future wedding, the offer of a hand and heart is quite a risky step. Nothing bad will happen and your love will not shatter like smoke if you wait just a week until the opportune moment.


Signs for pure Thursday have cultural and social significance. Bringing cleanliness and order has not prevented anyone, regardless of religion.

To meet Easter in a clean and fresh home, without debt, getting rid of the old rubbish is an excellent start to a new phase. Spring, the time of the resurrection of nature, flowering — the best time for the realization of the most daring ideas.

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